Movie Review: Aisha

August 06, 2010
Kaushik Chatterji

I have not read Emma, the classic whose adaptation Aisha happens to be, but from what I've gathered, it is the fluffiest of all Jane Austens. I am not the greatest fan of romantic comedies either - I do appreciate the comedy and that too only at times, but the romance, almost never. Clearly, I was not the target audience for Rajshree Ojha's debut directorial venture, toplining Sonam Kapoor and produced by daddy Anil, his other daughter Rhea as well as the Bijlis of PVR fame.

Yet, I was somehow drawn to this one right from the start. Maybe it was because my expectations were raised due to it being an adapted screenplay, maybe it was just the irresistible combination of Abhay Deol and Amit Trivedi (the brand new music directing sensation maintains his enviable success rate with a formulaic yet immensely enjoyable soundtrack). Whatever be the reasons, I went in to see the tale of an upper-class Delhiite who thanks to her unfounded belief in her cupid-playing ability wreaks havoc in the lives of the fellow members of her swish set, and that one person from outside her high society whom she was hell-bent on turning into a BTM.

Down to business. Sonam, you are naturally squeaky, giggly and everything that was needed to fit the role of Aisha Kapoor to the T, so there was no need for you to try and act out your part. Ira Dubey, if not for those godawful moments with Aisha, Pinky Bose was quite likable. Amrita Puri, thanks for making the stereotypically written behenji role of Shefali such joy to watch. Cyrus Sahukar, never mind the fact that you've played the bumbling idiot over and over again - no one does it better than you. Abhay, why in heaven's name did you have to spoil it right at the end? We went from loving Arjun Burman (esp. when you managed to tick off Aisha almost every single time) to wishing that the damn ladder would snap.

Aisha is a joy to watch on a select few occasions, a pain on most others and absolutely cringe-worthy at some of the most crucial junctures. It's probably a good movie for a first date, but I wouldn't know that. Me, well, not only have I not read Emma, after seeing this I am definitely off all literary classics written by or centred around females, other of course than that evergreen genre of film otherwise known as the rom-com. Then again, if I had L'Oreal, Fortis et al giving me crores to make some ads for them, I'd probably make into a film just like this one just in order to try and earn even more. Greed is, after all, a basic human desire.

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