Perceptions and Culture

June 11, 2008

It is interesting to observe how different societies react to art. The other day I made a presentation called "Paint, My love" and posted it on both Slideshare & our Company intranet portal "Pied Piper".

This show was even highlighted on the Home page of Slideshare.

The reactions from Indian & foreign viewers, especially the women, were diametrically opposite.

What I thought was a beautiful work of Body Art evinced apoplectic reaction from my colleagues.

The key descriptive words were "embarrassing", "awkward", "objectionable" etc.

But reactions from Slideshare viewers who happen to be mostly westerners were completely complimentary.

Here are some comments made on the Slideshow:

 (Female) spiderweb99 said :

  I think this will be our clothing in the very near future... they better hurry because I 'm not getting any younger. Beautiful slide show Avalok. 

 (Male) grahairs said 1 day ago (slide 15)

Fascinating form of art!! Nice show Avalok. Best wishes for a great week, Graham

 (Female) doina said 1 day ago (slide 15)

 Something new, good work!Hugs,

 (Female) Helga: said 2 days ago (slide 9)

 Unpublished ! Curious ! really good.Thanks for sharing

 (Female) vili48 said 2 days ago (slide 1)

 Thanks that share this beauty!!! Sunny day, dear friend!

 (Female) CMP said 2 days ago (slide 15)

 Avalok thanks for sharing this slideshow so beautiful its a complete art.Blessings

 ?  amimar77 said 2 days ago (slide 1)

 This is the most esthetically beautiful body art I have seen in a long while-


 I guess such differences in perception of art will always exist unless "Art Appreciation" programs are aired and broadcast by the all powerful global media on a regular basis. Otherwise creative artists will have to brave the varied reactions of various cultures on the same piece of art.

M F Hussain will have lot to say about this, I reckon.

I am a lifelong seeker& learner. Currently serving an Infosec company - 22by7 Solutions - in the capacity of Chief Business Catalyst. My interests are - painting,writing,Badminton & books,books,books.
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Perceptions and Culture


Author: avalok


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June 11, 2008
06:10 PM


welcome to desicritcs

you art is good and i can see why anal-retention will inhibit its appreciation;)

there are some good slides on your blog

all yours?

June 11, 2008
09:17 PM

very nice work avalok! are the images superimposed, as in first a pic of some patterns, then the body? or was body paint used, as in the slides on "asian body art"?? Great work, thanks for sharing it with us! (And no, I'm not "western" but a regular desi babuji)

June 12, 2008
01:04 PM

These photographs are stunning! The human body is a celebration of lines and shape, just as anything else in nature. and this interplay with "human' expression on the "ultimate" canvas- the human skin is stunning! How long does it take an artist to paint this stuff?

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