The B-C-O of American Politics - Through Children's Eyes

June 07, 2008

Ever since Super Tuesday loomed, here in California, my otherwise politically ignorant elementary students wanted to know if I would vote for Obama and if not, why. For the interim, I was able to ward off such questions explaining that I do not have the vote as I am not an American citizen. That worried them further- if I was not an illegal immigrant! I had to explain the concept of the Permanent Resident status aka the Green Card.

The way Obama has captured the imagination of the children is unparalleled in the 14 years I have been working with students. I have been through 3 presidential elections prior to this and I have certainly not seen this phenomenon before. Strangely, most of the children in the middle school grades preferred Clinton. They felt she was a better leader and just didn't TALK as much! I thought this was certainly an interesting point of view, worth analysis.

The children were unanimous on their opinion of their current president, Mr. B, who shall not be named! They openly wondered why it was okay for him to fight when they got to sit in the principal's office for barely raised fists! No wonder the kids are not allowed to vote. I think every democracy in the world will be better off if the age of voters was limited to 18! There certainly will be more honesty in the system!

The cable channels got a lot of viewership, playing out the ultimate reality show on TV starring C and O. Clinton could have certainly charged some royalty and got some of her debt written off! Oh well, that makes for another essay! Obama became an overnight star with him smooth deliveries and poise.

We are now heading toward Reality Show Part 2 starring Mac Cain and Obama. May the best man win! The political commentators and pundits will continue their incessant, running commentaries while I rest, grateful I do not have cable! I can take a break until November.

As I type this BCO story, I find that the word "Obama" gets a red line underneath it, as the text editor does not identify this word. It is time to update the text editor.

Blokes aka Meenakshi enjoys writing along with being a mom, a school teacher, a musician and an Art of Living teacher (of meditation and breathing)
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The B-C-O of American Politics - Through Children's Eyes


Author: Blokesablogin


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June 8, 2008
10:43 AM

Perhaps parents spewing far-left liberal mantra are teaching their children how to demonize and swizzle kool-aid. Just a guess.

Ciao, Guido

June 8, 2008
12:10 PM

You have a point there blokesablogin, children should be given the vote.

June 8, 2008
01:05 PM

only after they are born, though

June 8, 2008
01:22 PM

LOL! just like many women believe that the world will be better off with them in positions of power, we extend the rhetoric with kids! Simple!! At least they are more honest! Thank you all for your cool comments

June 9, 2008
03:52 AM

power to the vote. but then aint that limited to just that - the vote?!!

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