Movie Review: Iron Man

May 03, 2008
Vijayendra Mohanty

More than one superhero's soul has been sacrificed at Hollywood's altar. So I was unsure about how "Iron Man" would turn out. One thing I was sure of was that I would watch it. I did, and I'm glad.

Redemption is a frequently revisited motif as far as Marvel heroes go. Be it Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, several of the X-Men, or even Iron Man. Marvel Comics have shown, time and again, that the true hero's path leads  through the murky waters of pain and remorse. Marvel heroes have always learned from their mistakes and that is what makes them what they are.

Iron Man, played in the movie by Robert Downey, Jr. is the latest Marvel avatar to have walked down that road.

Moral motivations apart, the movie is a pretty much solid block of glee for anyone acquainted with The Invincible Iron Man. And remarkably gripping entertainment for first timers too.

Industrialist Tony Stark lives the unaware life of a millionaire. Until one day, after a weapon system presentation to the US military, he is kidnapped by terrorists and forced to build a missile for them. This is where he meets Yinsen, a fellow prisoner, who becomes Tony's saviour in more ways than one. Yinsen pushes Tony to take another look at his life and make some tough decisions.

What follows is the story that has entertained Marvel fans for decades now -  the story of Stark donning the red and gold armour and becoming Iron Man.

Downey is fantastic (as was expected) as Stark/Iron Man. Gwyneth Paltrow fits in as the responsible and reliable Miss Potts. Terence Howard is perfect as Stark's future wingman Jim Rhodes. There is a scene in which Howard looks at an Iron Man suit and goes, "Later, baby..." (or something like that). Hopefully a sign of things to come!

Jeff Bridges works well as the formidable Iron Monger. Although, I preferred the desert terrorist-bashing and the jet plane-racing to the one on one hero-villain fist fight towards the end.

Iron Man is good because it doesn't overdo things, stays true to Stark, and keeps things where they belong.

Vijayendra Mohanty thinks positive thoughts, reads good books, and writes a great blog (even if he says so himself).
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May 3, 2008
07:54 PM

I just came back from watching Iron Man, and enjoyed it. RDJ easily eclipses his co-stars with his charismatic style. Only Jeff Bridges holds his own in screen presence opposite RDJ, producing a worthy opponent and evil villain. And also Shaun Toub, as Stark's savior and perhaps only real mentor in the film.

The special fx were great too, with incredible over-the-top action scenes that will keep your eyeballs riveted to the screen. Some of those cool moments happen so quickly that you'll miss them if you blink.

Iron Man has some ironic moments, such as Stark being injured by his own weapons. Also, the Urdu-speaking terrorists in the early part of the movie soon give way to a bigger American godfather. Given the US support that went into creating the Taliban in real life, it's quite a cutting commentary.

One final tip -- if you go to see the movie at the theatre, stay until the credits are fully over, and you'll get an extra scene as a bonus treat.

mark b
May 3, 2008
09:16 PM

My wife and I just saw IronMan, and it kicked ass! I've always just kinda liked him a little, but after the movie I wanna say this blew Spiderman 1 & 2 out of the water. RDJ absolutly kicks ass! An instant classic for all.

Nikhil Narayanan
May 6, 2008
07:34 AM

I consider this movie a waste of time and money.
It gave me hope with Afghanistan and all initially.
Then , dunno, it went else where.

May be I am not a cartoon fan.

May 6, 2008
10:26 PM

Iron Man was practically flawless as a super hero flick; it drops pretty obvious hints that would indicate a sequel as well... i'm thinking the next one should be equally great

May 6, 2008
11:58 PM

Marvel will be producing a CG-animated TV series, "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" for Nicktoons.

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