Poetry: it is written on the clouds

February 27, 2008

credit musuf

it is written on the clouds
how you'd smile today
dress tomorrow

                the heart
of the mirror of Truth
broken in pieces
ensconced and cherished
reflected collective sighs
grins, groans and grunts
on the floating ships
seen in the possessed shards

the conundrum - why
are you angry with me
one day and smile the next
you say that too is decreed

the fog of fall
with its abrahamic colors
shrouds un-heavenly judgments

the smoke of saffron
lets no wails through
nor does the miasma of fire
or the smaze of voices

gods are invented
through the haze
much to their amusement

love people who are in awe of words. words are the sole arbiter and the final survivor. desicritic editor, slave and slave-driver.
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February 27, 2008
01:51 PM

Hmmm, nice, seems to flow nice with your name, temporal.

I too, prefer to write about weather as an opener to my stories. I don't know about it creating gods, but it sure acts like an unpredictable lover at times, at least that's the direction I thought you were going.


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