Movie Review: Om Shanti Om - A Time Pass Movie

November 17, 2007
Rajen Nair

The hoop and hoopla that went with Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om had no doubt raised expectations quite high. So on seeing the movie on the second week after its release, I came out of the theatre with rather mixed feelings.

In all his promotional interviews, SRK has rightly emphasised that the movie is an outright entertainment and in that context that movie has to be judged. Here is where the disappointment sets in. The movie falls short of its attempt to fully entertain us. But then whatever flaws or short coming the movie throws up are compensated with SRK’s superlative performance. In spite of the vain attempts at humour, SRK demonstrates that he is equally at ease playing comic roles compared to his romantic or Devdas screen persona.

His mimicking of South Indian actors like Rajnikant and Kamala Hassan had the audience in splits. And the comical portrayal of the role of yesteryear heroes like Rajesh Khanna, Manoj Kumar and others is hilarious. It has raised some controversy too. The once forgotten actor Manoj Kumar is back in the lime light by taking strong objection on his spoof played in the movie. I didn’t find anything objectionable about it.

The problem is that we are not good in humour so sometime our display of humour has negative overtones and becomes objectionable to some. We have to first learn to laugh at ourselves if this nation has to develop any sense of humour.

OSO’s plot is an inspired take of an old hit Karz, the usual Hindi movie theme on rebirth. There are also traces of old haunting Hindi classic Madhumati in the ending part.

The first half of the movie is more enjoyable to watch taking you down the memory lane, bringing the old magical touch of the movies made in the seventies which was then not corrupted with the formula type of movies made at later in eighties onwards.

The first half was more true to its entertainment value till the plot took the serious turn of re-birth and revenge in the second half. What saved the movie from a drab second half is some scintillating dance songs, the Deewange songs wherein half of Bollywood was roped in, and not to mention SRK’s six packs display.

OSO revolves around SRK and he successfully carries the movie on his shoulders till the very end. Deepika Padukone comes as a refreshing face and rightly reminds you the dream girl of the seventies Hema Malini. Deepika has all the ingredient of becoming a successful star, a striking face and svelte body, a good dancer and also can act (those emotional scenes were good).

Shreyas Talpade proves that he is an immensely talented actor by ably supporting SRK. Hopefully we will see more of him after this movie. Kiron Kher really drives you mad with her portrayal of delirious and hysterical mother of SRK. What a waste of talent here. Arjun Rampal is dull in the first half as a couch casting producer but makes a good comeback in the second half with some ghoulish expressions as villain. The camera work is excellent with some scintillating shots. The costumes and sets of seventies depicted in the movie are near to perfection.

I reserve the last word for Farah khan. As a director she lacks in imagination and directorial skill because at times one is confused with the shooting takes and the reality. I was not impressed with Farah khan’s first movie, yet I think she was a tad better off in it than OSO. For die hard fans of SRK it is an outright entertainment movie and for other do not expect much but see it as a time pass movie.

A freelance photographer and writer from Mumbai.
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November 17, 2007
09:48 PM

Eh? He wasn't imitating Kamala Hassan (who doesn't play roles like that). Rajini Kanth and Vijaya Kanth, actually.

asha dhody
November 26, 2007
01:10 PM

I happened to see Oso only yesterday what was not surprised at what I saw.I was not impressed at all by the promos so I had nothing to look forward to as far as the movie was concerned.The comedy was very amateurish, I couldn,t evan laugh.An actor like Sharukh should seek support of props of talented actors of yeterday by making them look like bufoons was anything but funny.Potraying comedy is an art more difficult than tragedy and Farah has certainlly failed miserably and Sharukh has only overacted.I am shocked at the audience who can laugh at the so called entertainer.Deepika's plastic smile does not promise much she cannot replace Hema as the dreamgirl.Sharukh when the going is good, fortune is on your side evan rubbish like Oso become super hits and good films fail to get a decent opening.

November 29, 2007
12:29 PM

the imitating of south indian stars ar so pathetic. To start off, he didn't gt the language right, the only words he got rt ws "pati" and "poda" the first word means dog in malayalam translation, and some tamil dialects have this translation too. Nevrmind, imitating rajini's style and mentioning actors names in tamil cinema. Not gting the language rt shows illiteracy on the directors, the dialogue writers, and the producer(srk) part. This shows bollywood is slow to learn tht and likewise their audiences are quick to criticize mohanlal's hindi accent in his hindi movies.

Deepti Lamba
December 11, 2007
10:07 PM

Samiha, mutiple IDs are not allowed, stick to one ID

December 11, 2007
10:43 PM

jeez, and if you're going to try to get away with using 2 nicks, at least make it a bit less obvious. LOOOOOOOOOOOL!

Aditi Nadkarni
December 12, 2007
06:28 PM

samiha/rayeda: No you cannot use "whatever you want". Multiple Ids and/ or foul language are grounds for being banned. Dee (who you asked to stick to her reviews) is one of the editors and actually can check you for breaking rules. Your IP addresses are locked in when you leave a comment and editors can see who is commenting. If samiha/ rayeda are not nicknames then make up your mind about which one really is your name. Cause we see the same IP address for both your "names". Quit making a fool of yourself.

December 12, 2007
06:56 PM

they are RIP now

December 12, 2007
11:04 PM

lol wow, this is crazy! i just have one question for you people, who are you talking about? because i do not see any samiha/rayeda here lol. anyway, man! i thought the movie was great! and from now on, OSO is my faveourite!

December 12, 2007
11:04 PM

lol wow, this is crazy! i just have one question for you people, who are you talking about? because i do not see any samiha/rayeda here lol. anyway, man! i thought the movie was great! and from now on, OSO is my faveourite!

Aditi Nadkarni
December 12, 2007
11:43 PM

narveen: interesting that you wouldnt know samiha and rayeda...they both commented from your IP address! :) and yes, your comments under those aliases were deleted by temporal here.

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