Book Review: The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

November 01, 2007

We often hear recruitment ads say that they want people who think outside of the box. Well, if you want a crash course in the subject or are a fan of out of the box thinking you should get your hands on The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

You might have heard about the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, which is only one part out of the Ultimate guide, since it has been made into a movie. Now while I haven’t seen the movie myself I don’t think any movie could do justice to Adams' style of writing. I do plan to watch the movie at the first opportunity I get, but I seriously recommend this book.

I went crazy with this book. I mean he can take the most mundane fact and create a whole new dimension to it. For example, more often than not, when we book a table at a restaurant we turn up much later than the time we specify. He takes this to the extreme of saying that the time we specify is the exact time that we will not turn up at the restaurant and hence become the basis for metaphysical calculations that should take place on a waiter’s notebook. Or mice being the most intelligent species on earth and they are actually observing us while leading us to believe that we are observing them. OK. I am getting ahead of the story here.

Basically the book revolves around a book (please note the irony here) called the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. DON’T PANIC is printed in bold on the cover page because you would probably only refer to the book when you run into trouble on your inter stellar travels. Mr. Arthur Dent is the lone survivor of the demolition of earth for an Inter Galactic Hyper pass and is thrust into this journey with a humanoid alien life forms.

The story line itself is vague and contradicts itself in places. So if you are the kind who likes a well defined story line and slow build up of facts and figures to a definite conclusion you shouldn’t really consider this book. You would find it a waste of money. But if you are looking to expand your horizons of thought and are ready to laugh at the idiosyncrasies of the human race, pick up your copy the next time you see it in a book store.

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November 1, 2007
02:29 PM

Welcome to DC :)

November 1, 2007
02:53 PM

A terrible review by a hideously ignorant person on one of the most fabulous books in the history of contemporary literature. And absolutely no editing. Form the glaring punctuation errors at both beginning ("ad's"?! etc etc?! ) and end (The period before 'You' qualifies this as a standalone statement - "You will find it a waste of money". Shit.) and between; the obvious lack of any actual critique OR literary knowledge, this reads more like a ramble at a shady bar after one beer too many. Idiots. I'd rather read one of the 651 reviews at Amazon. Oh and trust me, this is not a personal. REALLY, this IS one of the worst reviews I've read.

November 1, 2007
06:44 PM


thanks for pointing out the ad's and etc. bit

it has been fixed

if you are not a desicritic, why not join and write?

November 4, 2007
05:20 AM

Ha ha ha ha the fierce world critics and critics of critics :-) I love it ...

any way why are people so uptight about things - guess another reason to read the book "loosen-up" ...

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