Comparing Notebooks: Dell vs. HP vs. Sony vs. Others

October 05, 2007

In this post I’m listing pros and cons of major laptop vendors which should help a prospective buyer of notebooks to compare various brands in the market. Contents in this post are based on my observation made during June 2007. Specification and pricing may change without prior notice. Please check with respective companies for latest information.


Legendary Direct sales model, favorite vendor for corporate houses due to aggressive pricing, Cheapest option for any given configuration and excellent customization. (detailed analysis of Dell: )


Relatively cheaper than competition for a given configuration
Prices may drop further once Dell’s India plant in Chennai becomes operational
Configure and customize as you wish
Only vendor who gives original OS media (With others you need to create recovery discs)
Only Vendor from whom you can ask Windows XP instead of Vista (Not available in Dell website, you need to ask for this manually later with Dell Representative.)
Available in Multiple colours (Inspiron and XPS series)
Blu Ray writer available optionally (Rs 28k extra!!!)
Prices can be negotiated


You need to pay 100% in advance and wait for few weeks for delivery
No showrooms No Service centers
You can not see and feel the product before purchase.
No finance options arranged
Dell has no tablet PC as of now (Expected early 2008)
Trouble shooting can be a headache if you’re a computer novice.

Hewlett Packard (HP)

Quite popular among domestic consumers-Competitive pricing, good sales and service network, lots of features and occasional promo offers


Lots of value added features: Like Remote Control, Fingerprint recognition, Webcam etc, not available in most of the competition models of similar configuration
HP liveperson chat is quite useful (Available only during US hours-You can chat with a sales executive who will answer your queries related to HP products and services
HP promoted lightscribe technology available in most of the units (Read this post for more on lightscribe technology- )
Decent sales and service network
HP imprints can give good look to your unit (it is a sticker kind of thing with attractive images/scenery etc which you can stick to back of monitor)
Excellent collection of Accessories


Latest processors are not incorporated.
No option to make any changes in the specifications
Not so robust compared to Dell and Sony.


Some of the most expensive notebooks available (Highest one costing INR 1, 99,990), can be seen in most of the movies, more as a style statement.


High resale value and excellent brand recognition
Good build quality and attractive colours
Latest processors incorporated readily (In June, while most of HP notebooks had Dual Core processors, Sony Vaio were powered with latest Core 2 Duo (T5500 onwards))
Blu ray technology (Blue ray writer) available
Sony gives official 3% discount on MRP
Finance arranged through Bajaj Finance.
Excellent screen clarity


Relatively expensive (Starts Rs. 50k INR onwards)
Blu Ray drives not available in entry level models
NO Tablet PCs
No option to make any changes in the specifications.

Other brands:

Sub 20k notebooks are available only from Acer. Nothing exciting about other models. Ferrari fans can go for their flagship Ferrari notebook, but I didn’t like the configuration.

Chinese firm Lenovo bought IBM’s PC and notebook unit few years ago. Their license to use IBM logo expires soon. Only brand to have face recognition. Legendary ThinkPad series starts 90k onwards and beyond the reach of common man. Y and R series are doing good business.

They’re not focused on notebooks. Just have X-note series in their portfolio besides hundreds of other products in consumer electronics. Pricing appears to be expensive for the given configuration.

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Comparing Notebooks: Dell vs. HP vs. Sony vs. Others


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October 5, 2007
11:04 PM

Thanks....We need to get a laptop, and I'm going to use your input as we check out the market.

October 7, 2007
07:40 AM


Visit fdor details -

October 7, 2007
07:45 AM

Thanks for your comments. Will check that rugged notebook

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