Poetry: Bush and Ahmadinejad - On the Internets

September 28, 2007
Sonal Panse

The Iranian President once started a blog
Mr. Bush read it after a good, hard slog.

Everything you write is so darned long, he said.
Your 18 page missile, you know, went FAR over my head

Missive, corrected Ahmadinejad, it was a peace missive
I ducked, chuckled Bush, and, gee, wasn't I dismissive

But then you went and started your blog
Endangering the world now with virtual smog.

But God's watching your anti-American rants
And everyone's going to hell wearing burning pants.

America and American threats, said Ahmadinejad,
You people would made the climate in hell go bad.

I'm saddened truly by the situation in your Homeland Block
Healthcare cover nil, and one percent population doing Jailhouse Rock.

Your approval rating is dropping and loathing level is rising
Change your behavior, open a new window, or, why, just sink.

Heed my message very carefully now, bro,
Misbehave more, and you will have to go.

When I have to go, said Bush, I hand Condi a note,
And then analysts world-over analyze what I wrote.

Ahmy, tell me, how do you know Chinese anyway?
Bushie, came the answer, that's Farsi, by the way.

And so on and on and on and on they went.
Isn't it great that you can just click and comment?

The Internet is truly priceless and beyond par.
The two new addicts will now never go to war.

I run an Art Studio called Maysun In C, specializing in Illustration, Graphic Design, Web Design, Fine Art and Content Writing.
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