Another Day, Another Terrorist Blast - What Else Is New?

August 26, 2007
B Shantanu

Please excuse the unstructured format of this post…My anger still has not subsided enough to write coherently.

Yesterday evening in Hyderabad, a cowardly act of terror claimed almost 50 lives, injuring as many (possibly more).

These were the reactions from our eminent leaders:


Rajasekhar Reddy, the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, appealed to the people to maintain calm and not spread rumours.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressed deep concern over the blasts.

Sherlock Holmes aka Shri Jaiswal (Union Minister of State for Home) said, “One terrorist group or the other is certainly involved in the blasts in Hyderabad”. 


TOI began its report by saying: “The killing just doesn’t stop”. Right, let us get the obits out in advance for the next round then.

An outside “hand” is suspected

“Central security agencies said that the banned Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islami militant outfit of Bangladesh was possibly behind the twin blasts in Hyderabad on Saturday in which 30 people were killed.”

But we continue to maintain cordial relations with all our neighbours.

“During the recent meeting India wanted the military-backed interim government to dismantle the Islamic religious schools near the common border, inside Bangladesh because these were allegedly providing training facilities to anti-Indian insurgents. Bangladesh once again denied the presence of such facilities…”  

Oh, OK – maybe our intelligence agencies were hallucinating.

But wait: Finger of suspicion points to Pak, B’desh !

And yet not one of our leaders will come out and say, “They will hand over the terrorists, or they will share in their fate.

President Pratibha Patil said the attacks were aimed at disturbing harmony in the city which has a mixed Muslim and Hindu population.

The people that were killed were merely collateral damage, stop moaning. (my words)

It appears that the Bomb was timed with the national anthem.

“The bomb in Lumbini Park was timed to go off while the national anthem played at the end of the laser show. And as the audience stood to render the anthem a powerful blast rent the night.” (From Deccan Chronicle)

Another reason to hide under your seat rather than stand up during the national anthem.

I just hope and pray that today goes off without any incident:

“More than 30,000 marriages are taking place on Sunday on an auspicious muhurat coinciding with the birth star of Lord Venkateswara. Police has tightened security in view of Saturday’s bomb blasts, and has asked people to report suspicious objects. The day’s highlight would be the marriage of Nara Lokesh, son of Telugu Desam president N. Chandrababu Naidu, with Brahmani, daughter of film actor Nandamuri Balakrishna.” (Deccan Chronicle)


Here is a chronology of major terrorist attacks in India since 2001. Hyderabad now shares the honour with Mumbai and Delhi as the city to have been hit by two terrorist attacks in the last 6 years. I wonder who next?

Yet, few people remember the forgotten terror victim (and here)


Ok, enough said. “Kuch nayee baat batao yaar…

Bedtime reading:

Bangladesh: Next terror frontier? and “Hyderabad Blasts an Unprovoked Act of War” 

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As an aside (and something to ponder), someone called Kati posted this on Bharat Rakshak. While I cannot verify it, I have no reason to doubt the information:

Post on Aug 26; 338am :

“Once in a while I get in touch with a B’deshi guy who has contacts in their DGFI’s lower level. About a year and half ago he warned me about the vulnerability of shopping malls and academic centers like IITs. (Well pretty much all places in Bharat are vulnerable.) Within two weeks, the attack at IISc took place. Probably his mentioning of “IIT” meant all high value academic institutions. Two years ago this fella mentioned about possibility of hijacking in eastern part of the country prior to 15th Aug. Nothing happened though (fortunately).

He thinks that there are enough sleeper cells already in India to cause havoc. And most favourite target remains crowded trains, especially the ones used by upper middle class.

The point is - local police is so corrupt that it is very easy to bribe them and get all fake documents under their nose.

If you think Kati was exaggerating, read this: Rs 7500 is all it tales to get a genuine passport and Indian Citizenship for Sale (and for cheap) 

Aside - II:

On the Indian Muslims website,  Sahil Khan has made a great suggestion:

“Dear Muslim Brethren,

Lets come out in full voice and condemn this act.

If this act is committed by a muslim then he is not fit to be called a muslim hence forth….he should be hanged….let us voice this before anyone says that muslims are always quiet when such episodes happen….Sahil


Bravo Sahil.

Until about three years ago, B Shantanu was like any normal, middle-class Indian - long on debate/discussion and short on action. Something happened two years ago that changed all that for him. He still has to work, eat and sleep like most of us but for the past three years, he has been trying very hard to change a few things. A lot of that effort comes through his writings http://satyameva-jayate.org/ but the pen only goes so far. Someday, he hopes to be able to do a lot more to bring about fundamental and lasting change. To read more of what he writes on, please visit http://satyameva-jayate.org/
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August 27, 2007
06:26 PM

B Shantanu writes:
And yet not one of our leaders will come out and say, "They will hand over the terrorists, or they will share in their fate."

Ummmmmmm, to do stuff like that, you need actual state power. You need unequivocal military superiority over your terrorist-sponsoring neighbors, which liberals like you always bleat against.

India lives in a rough neighborhood, and the price of weakness is death -- the kind of death we just saw in these Hyderabad bombings. Therefore having military superiority is not some predatory desire for aggression and greed, as potrayed by our liberal nutsacks. Having military superiority along with its deterrence factor is a necessity for survival and peace.

But our Lefty nutbags won't admit that. It's only when the sh*t hits the fan, like with this latest incident, that they'll go running around like chickens with their heads cut off, finger-pointing blame at everyone except themselves.

These bombings occurred because India has no effective military deterrence against the state sponsors of this terrorism.

So next time you bleeding-heart liberals get an urge to wail and beat your chests in your typical chaotic panicked way, you can remember what's been told to you all too many times in the past. You've been told that we have predatory neighbors, you've been told that our neighbors are ruled by thugs who will prey on the weak, so when these bombings happen you can stop living in denial of these things.

B Shantanu
August 28, 2007
01:06 AM


I am usually accused of being a "conservative hardball", not a "liberal nutsack" :-)

You mistook my sarcasm for faint-hearted liberalism...Nothing could be farther from truth.

Anyways, have a look at my main blog http://satyameva-jayate.org/ to get a better flavour for my thoughts ... I am with you in this fight.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

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