Overcoming The Terror

August 26, 2007

Abhishek was rather happy. His first semester mid-terms just having ended at his engineering college, he and a bunch of friends had taken a long train journey to Hyderabad to enjoy the frills and thrills of a big city. Life in a rustic small town in the state of Maharashtra can get rather dull, without too many sources of entertainment. They all need a getaway. A chance to see traffic, high-rises, to savour pizzas, and to ogle at pretty women sashaying in a mall. Even a ride in an amusement park is a fair deal. And there was a laser show lighting up the sky - what luck!At the same time Sheila felt a craving for aloo tikki. It had been such a long time since she crossed the Narmada and made her home in a place where she could not find roadside chat vendors, who would charge a pittance for a mouth watering snack. Having gone to Koti Bazaar to buy some GRE books, she always inevitably landed up at a chat vendor to relive those moments, that taste.

Abhishek and Sheila were both excited, and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Hardly did they know that their luck had just run out. Some SOB had made sure that it was the last time they were amusing themselves with such trivialities. Who would tell them that it is safe no longer in India to walk around on an idle weekend.The two blasts that ripped Hyderabad yesterday terminated Abhishek. Ctrl + Alt + D, as he would have learnt so early in his engineering lessons. And mutilated Sheila - she who had high hopes of studying abroad, of liberating her family. Smashed.

The Times of India writes:

The killing just doesn't stop. At least 40 people were killed and scores injured in two powerful blasts in Hyderabad, one at an amusement park packed with weekend holidayers and another at a landmark eatery in the heart of the city on Saturday evening...

Weekend holidayers ripped open in a blast. The sad part is (via The Hindu):

A group of 45 students from the Amritavahini engineering college in Sangamera town, Maharashtra, on a sight-seeing trip to Hyderabad, took the brunt of the massive explosion at Lumbini park.

When I think about it, I cringe. Barely a year ago, I was myself in an engineering college. And since it was in a village setting, we often made trips to a big city (Calcutta) to satiate our thirst for city lights. And who doesn't crave for chat? Those mouth watering snacks you can get for a pittance?

Even if we forget the suffering of the victims, the unbearable agony of their families, and the rude shock to their friends, forget about individuals and stare at a larger perspective:

Such vicious attacks prove that cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore, emerging icons of a vibrant nation, are firmly in the cross-hairs of terror groups which have made India a country with perhaps the highest number of civilian victims of terror (leaving aside war-torn countries like Iraq). [TOI]

I am not sure what our reaction should be. We mourn for those who suffer, but we need to show the perpetrators that we are not affected by them. Our lives should carry on — we flinch but we fight, we are devastated but determined. The growth phase that we have been celebrating lately — which has obviously been an eye-sore for many — can not slow down — not because of a bunch of freaks. We need to push further, undeterred, unrelenting, unwavering. The elephant, pulsating with energy, must show empathy, but not slow down. For that is what the freaks have been hoping for. For that is why she should not succumb. For that is why the country needs to learn from Bombay. For India is more than geeks, nerds, corrupt politicians, baniyas and snake-charmers. For it is also the land of milk and honey children extol. For it is that India for which we live. And fight. And, we shall overcome. Someday.

[Of course, the stories are made up. But not the reality]

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August 26, 2007
02:08 AM

Call the enemy by his true name: ISLAM

August 26, 2007
03:05 AM

That's pure speculation - further, this was doubtless a mixed crowd, and the enemy is people like you who divide by association.

Aditi Nadkarni
August 26, 2007
03:23 AM


As a resident of Bombay I am all too familiar with the terror of bomb explosions in public places. The commercial capital has been the target of quite a few attacks in recent times. The lifeline of Bombay, the local railways were also hit last year, sending a new wave of panic and unrest.

Nonetheless I would still choose not to conscientiously blame Islam for the violence. People who make these terrible and destructive choices are responsible for the crime not the religion. Blaming the religion would take away the blame from the few twisted and evil minded miscreants.

Placing the brunt of individual actions on religion is a very easy, oversimplified and irresponsible way of assigning culpability. The real challenge lies in looking beyond this seemingly obvious correlation towards the other societal and individual factors which can be controlled and changed for the better.

By blaming Islam we will only further this divide and more lives may fall through this chasm.

August 26, 2007
03:56 AM

The media projects these blasts to be linked to the one in Macca Masjid few days before.
It is really difficult to understand what point these people are trying to prove, the downfall of the congress government or the discontent of islamic fundamentalist,
Well if the incident is politically motivated the culprits will never be brought to justice. It reminds me of those really bad incidents during riots of 90's in hyderabad

August 26, 2007
04:45 AM

If there is a "foreign hand" as the CM has suggested, it is high time we did something about it.

We cannot be sitting ducks for ever and watch helplessly when more and more lives are shattered. Being indifferent is not the answer. If our country has something called collective conscience, it encumbers us to do something about it.

August 26, 2007
05:05 AM

where is law enforcement? where is intelligence? why were the other recent terror act (macca musjid?..am not better informed on this - were they apprehended? and if yes, what happened?)

they should be caught, tried through a fast tracked court and publicly hung. (yes - am all for capital punishment in selected instances - terror, rape, premeditated murder....)

while terror acts would not dissipate anytime soon we (people and govt.) must show grit and resolve in dealing with the perpetrators

August 26, 2007
05:09 AM

If there is a "foreign hand" as the CM has suggested, it is high time we did something about it.

And if there's a foreign hand, the CM better tell us which foreign hand and WHO exactly instead of issue vague statements about a mysterious "foreign hand" or some foreign thigh bone being responsible for it.

B Shantanu
August 27, 2007
07:03 AM

Dont know about the hand but the
"Finger of suspicion points to Pak, B'desh"

Unfortunately this is a sickeningly familiar pattern. Here is what I wrote almost two years ago - it feels as if it was yesterday:

"There may be yet another terrorist attack

Pakistan will once again condemn it...

There will be a strong "official" reaction and promises of strong action against the "culprits"

...but Government will also appeal for maintaining communal harmony and peace

Police will claim "leads", suggest Pak role in the attacks...

A few LeT operatives may be arrested

A few weeks later, the police will unearth evidence that Pakistan was indeed behind the attack...and things will move on.

Time, I would have thought, to say, "Enough is enough"?

Not really.

August 27, 2007
12:09 PM

I don't agree islam is true enemy. But muslims can put a brake on this chain of cowardly acts. All of these "twisted and evil minded" are from muslim communities. So muslims should approach police if they see any suspicious activity going on around them.Also, if they see anybody hanging pictures of osama bin laden at home; they should inform about these people to police. As bin landen is an international criminal; admiring him makes a person similar criminal.

August 27, 2007
06:17 PM

B Shantanu, why don't you tell us whom you think was behind the blasts? Without any theory of your own, you're only trying to muddy the waters.

19 bombs set to go off simultaneously is hardly the act of an isolated disgruntled person. It could only be an operation handled by a sophisticated organization.

So why don't you tell us who this powerful organization is? Are you going to pathetically claim it was the govt of India? Give me a break.

This was clearly the work of Pakistan. Musharraf is the one with the strongest motive. He is on the ropes, fighting a losing battle for survival, in the face of onslaught by all other forces in Pak.

Musharraf has already staged incidents like the bomb attack against a PPP rally in Karachi, and blamed it on Islamic suicide bombers. He is a very desperate man, and he is desperately flailing at any target within reach, in the hope that some reaction can be produced that will help him to extricate himself from his dire predicament.

India is certainly a target within reach of Musharraf's bomb-makers abroad. Any Indian retaliation would only help Musharraf to claim the need for a state of emergency, allowing him to conveniently block the return of Benazir and Nawaz. That's what he wants, that's what he's looking for.

August 27, 2007
06:35 PM

India is a giant Sleeping creature.
Ants tried to bite it. First bite no move, second bite no move, third bite no move and so on...

They presumed it dead and got spread across its whole body.
They joined hands with the parasites already present in its body and started sucking its blood. It became a regular feast for them.

It was just common Indian blood as the premium quality blood (our politician's) was hard to get. One time they tried to taste that Supreme blood (on 13th December, 2001), but the giant creature shook its body and made it clear that its alive and its premium quality blood is not for them.

So the ants and parasites are living on just regular quality blood.

The choice is with India; it can either wake up or die in sleep.


At this moment my whole hearted Sympathy goes to the victim families.

No doubt, Shivraj Patil will be remembered as the worst Home Minister we ever have/had.

God Save India from such eunuch Ministers...

August 27, 2007
08:21 PM

A lot of terrorists when imprisoned fight for elections out of prison. You can try your luck too..please come back. Damn the red alert notices. We cops don't mind if alleged terrorists fight elections from our prisons

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