Munnabhai Goes to Jail? Sanjay Dutt Sentenced to Six Years

July 31, 2007
kamla bhatt

Lage Raho MunnabhaiIn what has been described as stunning and surprising news, Munnabhai aka Sanjay Dutt, the actor, has been sentenced to a 6-year prison term for his role in the 1993 Bombay blast case. This has come in so swift and quick that people are just beginning to realize that the unthinkable has happened.

Sanjay's appeal to the court to give him a few days before he goes to jail has reportedly been declined.  Reports are trickling in that he has also appealed to the Supreme Court. Sanjay needs time to tie up his loose ends etc.

The sentence being reversed appears to be slim at this point. It is ironic that the hallmark dialog from his Munnabhai film come was this:

"Ek kahani khatam toh dujee shuru ho gayee...Mamu."

Here is a timeline of Sanjay's involvement in the 1993 blast.

For the past few months there has been heightened drama around Sanjay's involvement in the 1993 Bombay blast. For the past few days what will happen to Sanjay Dutt was the dominant news in many TV Channels. TimesNow.TV had this video clip about Sanjay's superstitions.

The clear message that is coming from the judiciary and the government is that there will be no middle ground in how they treat people involved in such cases. The court and the judges through this legal and tough sentence have clearly not treated Sanjay as a celebrity. Instead, as the news media is reporting Sanjay was treated as an equal in the eyes of the court, and that his celebrity status was not considered. I wonder how this news will go down with the film fraternity and the film industry wallahs?

I wonder how the next couple of days will pan out and what will be the reaction of his fans and public? Will they make a distinction between Munnabhai and the actor Sanjay Dutt or are the two people fused into one? Does the public see Sanjay in the same way it sees Munnabhai? A Munnabhai who fought for the have-nots, and who showed them what love is? Or, will they  look at him as Sanjay Dutt, a person and not an actor?

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Munnabhai Goes to Jail? Sanjay Dutt Sentenced to Six Years


Author: kamla bhatt


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July 31, 2007
06:11 AM

Why should he get any sympathy or extra time - treat him like anyone else who would be found in possession of an assault weapon supplied by a gangster/terrorist - namely 'reckless support of terrorism'.

July 31, 2007
07:25 AM

"In what has been described as stunning and surprising news, Munnabhai aka Sanjay Dutt, the actor, has been sentenced to a 6-year prison term for his role in the 1993 Bombay blast case."

Why surprised & stunning ?
he commited crime , it is provd & he is jailed.
whats wrong in it ?

July 31, 2007
09:03 AM

agree with #1 ...look at the facts objectively...treat him like any other citizen

July 31, 2007
10:08 AM

I wonder how this news will go down with the film fraternity and the film industry wallahs?

Still asking? They'll react the usual way -

"He was a wonderful human being.

A great actor.

The court was too harsh.

He has done a lot for the country, unlike our corrupt policemen and politicians."

Etc. Etc. Etc.

The most ridiculous excuse they give is - there are thousands of criminals in the country. Why not arrest them and put them in jail too? Why Sanjay Dutt?! The sheer ridiculousness of that excuse prevents me from even considering it.

Some people even suggested he put the AK56 rifle in his house solely for self defence and so should be let away. And what kind of self defence will an automatic assault rifle provide? Everyone around the world uses a 9mm pistol or a revolver for selfdefence but there's special man named Sanjay Dutt in Mumbai who keeps assault rifles.

He's a great actor no doubt but real life is not a movie. In movies, Sanjay Dutt is a great man. In real life, he's someone who has broken the law. I feel for his daughter and his family. Its very hard to digest for them. Unfortunately, this is real life and not a movie!

July 31, 2007
11:01 AM

A guy committed a mistake 14 years ago. He bought an assault rifle for the purpose of defending himself. Sure, that sounds ridiculous. But did he kill anyone with it? Nope. He spent 18 months in prison. He's come out, repented and gone straight. Now that he's out on bail, is he a threat to society? Has he bought any more guns, knives, swords? Yet he is being imprisoned for 6 years. He's a movie star.

Now cut to another scene in Mumbai. Another dude mows over 7 poor people with his Corolla under the influence of the juice. Does not regret it, saying he did nothing wrong. And guess what? He gets 6 months, and is out on bail. Sure, he is a common man.

Now that's some justice!

kamla bhatt
July 31, 2007
01:31 PM

AnArch: Yes, you are correct in asking the question: Why should Sanjay Dutt be given special treatment? Indeed, he should not be.

Paras: I guess people were initially stunned and surprised by the news because the general perception and trend in mainstream media (our main source of information) was that Sanjay Dutt probably will not go to jail. And when the verdict was handed...people were surprised. At least that is what I seem to gather from watching various news channels. Perhaps, there should have been a clear debate laying out the facts or issues. Instead what we got to see is how Dutt was spending his birthday, how there is Rs.100 crore at stake and how he is praying. Where was the analysis especially after the verdict for others involved in the case? Was Dutt acquitted partially? There are some many questions...

AM: Yes, he should be treated like a regular citizen.

Atalantean: Yes, it is important to make that difference between Dutt, the actor and Dutt, the man, the person and his role in the 1993 Bombay blast. But those who support him do have a point about the other criminals who are walking around scot-free? Dutt supporters are going to point fingers at others who apparently did not go through the normal channels of legal procedure?

Surreal: You make a telling point in the difference between a celebrity and a common person and what kind of legal pronouncement or verdict was given to them.

I suspect we have not heard the last on Sanjay Dutt's legal verdict.

Thanks all for sharing your thoughts and comments.


Rahul Mehta
July 31, 2007
03:23 PM

PLEAS STOP IT - what non sense how can some one quote sanjay dutt inocent. whats happening to we indians. is celebraty status jamming our senses of WISE judgement. I am sure people quoting him innocent must have not even given a fraction of there thoughts on the families of 300 ppl who died in mumbai bombing. We all know he was actively involved in the bombing by keeping active relations with bombers. He was bloody 30 years old at tht time and person is sane enough differentiating the blacks and whites for Society and self. On top of that Media is acting biased just because Priya and Namrata Dutt are thanking Media and trying to gather Undue SYMPATHY and ATTENTION.
Dear Sanju, Lets be wise - ppl died were also humans. Someone must have had a daughter called trisha

July 31, 2007
04:46 PM

After Sanju Baba, now its turn for Sallu Baba.
I'm sure he must be feeling the heat by now!!!

It would have been better had the Judgment come in 1 to 2 years time-frame instead of 14 which is too long.

July 31, 2007
07:30 PM

Well, I don't think the sentence was good. Six years is a long time for a guy who was acting foolishly, but not with a terrorist intent. There's no point in crushing the guy.

But he should be barred from portraying or promoting any violence in the movies. He should be required to do community service, and use his celebrity status to promote civic values.

The greater problem is the culture of above-the-law behaviour that Bollywood has been promoting. Their industry should be held liable for glorifying gun culture and thuggery onscreen. They can pay a sin tax, just like the tobacco and alcohol industries do. Those found engaging in money laundering or racketeering, particularly in connection with mobsters like Dawood, should be given severe penalties.

July 31, 2007
07:46 PM

#9.he should do this ...he should do about he should cool his heels for 6 years...a fool deserves that

July 31, 2007
11:28 PM

I do not think hhe should have been jailed 4 6 years.After all he has done so much 4 the country.I think he has realsed his mistakes. 6 years is bit harsh.

kamla bhatt
August 1, 2007
02:09 PM


The thinking that he is innocent is has to only read the details of the case.

AK Rathor:

Yes, I wonder what will happen to Sallu baba now. How will he be judged? I am sure he will have no problems removing the rough shirt that Sanjay apparently complaned about. Sallu, the shirtless wonder, will simply remove the offending garment!


There is a middle ground approach,where people are pointing out that the sentence maybe way too harsh. I like your suggestion that he should not portray violene in his film...for instance, I found Shootout at Lokhandwala way too gruesome for my taste.


14 years ago he certainly was foolish as many people have pointed out and point out that he has matured and changes his ways and behavior. The nay sayers point out that he was an adult who was in his early 30's when he was involved in this issue. The question then becomes is the sentence too harsh? Or, does he deserve it?


Hard to say if it was harsh or not.

Thanks all for sharing your thoughts and comments.


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