Movie Review: Metro

May 12, 2007

Did the whole world change while I was on vacation? Or maybe I am just nave. When did the singular motto of every married person become to try and have an extra-marital affair? And even if that happened, do we really need to blame a city for our promiscuity? However, once you get past these two basic plot premises, you begin to appreciate the performances and the flashes of clever dialogue.

The most remarkable achievement of the director and the actors is the chemistry between each couple, whichever part of the triangle they are. Be it - revulsion, indifference, love, intimacy - all emotions convey (at most times) what the character feels. Also, the characters are pretty consistent, which is an achievement in itself.

Irrfan Khan and Konkona Sen Sharma playing comic relief is so refreshing! They keep the mood light whenever the other characters start taking themselves too seriously, giving the required impetus whenever the pace begins to slacken. Shilpa Shetty gives an elegant performance and Kay Kay Menon plays to perfection the-guy-you-would-love-to-hate. And we are back to a suicidal Kangna Ranaut, but at least this time around, she looks good. Sharman Joshi's talent desperately needs to be treated with meatier roles.

The movie starts off with some brilliant lines that almost sound like poetry, but soon enough doze off to inane-land. Thereafter, the brilliance is pretty much sporadic.

Similarly, the lyrics are a welcome change from the nonsense we have been served in the name of poetry, of late. They reflect the mood of the characters and flow well with the overall situations. However, all the songs sound like they have been composed by a rock band. Which would have been tolerable but for the picturization. In an attempt to avoid lip-synching they went overboard. Give me the unnecessary songs, with barely-clad men and women dancing for me, I will take that. But, three men - none of whom have seen a comb or a razor in the past year, but know a lot about greasing curly locks - coming at me like objects do in a 3-D show, in every single song. Not done! Even in the name of fashion.

It is the climax of movies that do not have any particular purpose in mind that can make or break the movie. And the culmination fails here big time. It feels like the writer got bored towards the end and just wanted to get it done with one way or the other. If not for the cumbersome climax, the movie might have been well worth a watch. But, alas...

Rating: Wait for video release

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  • Must see - on the big screen

  • Watch for sure, preferably in theatre

  • Wait for video release

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  • Switch channels if it's on cable!

  • meetu is a Chartered Accountant and an MBA but shed rather not keep books or run a business. She deployed her analytical skills to reviewing movies instead and, along the way, rediscovered her sense or humor.
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    May 12, 2007
    12:50 AM

    well, that's disappointing :( with a cast like that I expected more even if the trailers werent making me happy.

    May 12, 2007
    01:03 AM

    Well all I can say is at least the cast doesn't disappoint. Its the climax that they completely messed up and that's a shame.

    Shaan Khan
    May 27, 2007
    11:03 AM

    When Kangana speaks it is as if angels speak on her behalf. I doubt if there is any actress in Bollywood today with the voice quality of Kangana. Juhi has good voice modulation (Tabu generally is very flat, except Namesake), but when it comes to voice quality, it is Kangana all the way. I know people have liked the Irfan/Konkena track best, but I liked Kangana. When she smiles....she rearranges the beats in one's heart.

    OK Irfan & Konkena were good too. I found Irfan's compliments for Konkena (she being very beautiful) kind of the only hollow thing about the movie, I mean when you have Kangana in a movie, how can you praise anyone else, but then it occurred to me that we are talking of transposed axis. It is a different playing field. In the land where Irfan, Lil C and likes reside, Konkena is beautiful. Nonetheless there is no doubt that she is a fabulous actress.

    Dharmendra spooning Nafisa has put me on a diet (I am officially off sex now). Don't get me wrong, their track was cute and it was great to see Paaji, but that spooning bit was DISGUSTING and should have come with some warning. I was traumatized. One moment you are on cloud nine with Kangana and the next moment, bang, there is Dharmendra spooning Nafisa. I have to see an ophthalmologist and get my eyes washed.

    Shiney just does not have star qualities. To begin with a lot of Shiney/Shilpa track was lifted from Adrian Lyne's "Unfaithful". Unfortunately Shiney is not a Olivier Martinez or a star and his shortcoming is fatal for the BO prospects of the movie. Just imagine what Hritikh Roshan in this role would have done for the movie. Talking about HR, I want to put a word in about how good Kay Kay was in the scene with Shipa where his insecurity is pricked. Compare Kay Kay with Lil C in a similar scene in KANK. Once again we are reminded how deficient Lil C's acting skills are.

    Another party pooper was Sharman Joshi. Someone with more star power, and charm was needed in this role. Imagine if i) we had Shahid Kappor in Joshi's role ; ii) HR (perhaps in a special appearance) in Shiney's role; and iii) Paresh Rawal as the doc next door. The movie if that had happened would have rocked at the box office. Next time Anurag please take such projects to Adi.

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