Bob Woolmer: Not Murdered?

March 29, 2007
Zainub Razvi

Either Mark Shields is nowhere close to finding Woolmer's murderer (if there is such a thing) or he has a tendency to be oft misquoted. The Cricinfo report here says quite clearly that the police have ruled out the Pakistani players as suspects and were now treating them as witnesses.

Turns out the next day Shields is being quoted by Guardian as saying this is not the case; in fact he describes PJ Mir's "claims" to that effect as being "inaccurate", repeating that "nobody could be ruled out".

Well, Shields, if that is the case, why did you say only 24 hours earlier that, "It's fair to say they are now being treated as witnesses"? Does the 'they' in that statement not refer to the same Pakistani players?

Also, several news agencies have reported the results of the first autopsy were not accurate, but Guardian added that he might not have been murdered at all. In that same Guardian report linked to earlier, an unnamed PCB official is quoted as implying that the Jamaican police had acted 'hastily' by declaring Woolmer's death as murder:

"We believe that the autopsy by the pathologist may have had error counts and [the police] are now considering having a second autopsy to confirm the cause of death," said the official. "The feedback we have got is there are some contradictions in the version of events after Woolmer was found unconscious. But we will get a clearer picture after our manager briefs the board on what took place there."

This has now forced Shields & Co. to order a second autopsy, though he maintained that the police was confident the first one was accurate and he in particular was 'sure' that Woolmer was murdered. He conceded, nevertheless, that it was an issue that might be brought up by the defense after they make arrests and trial is held.

Meanwhile, back home, our players have returned, half of them in Karachi, half in Lahore, and obviously, they weren't exactly welcomed back with open arms. But still, the way its been reported in the media has disappointed me (Cricinfo says the ones at Karachi were "heckled by a crowd of around 100 people" some of which chanted stuff like "go to hell").

In Lahore things were calmer, but only because the players were let out secretly through the cargo section. One waiting fan there reportedly said, "We didn't want to hurt them, we just wanted to vent our frustration". Yeah right, venting out your frustrating by shouting out stuff like "go to hell"? How civil is that?

Sad to see that even the tragic events of last three weeks has brought back very little perspective into the psyche of the obsessive cricket fan here. Very sad indeed.

Zainub is an opinionated dreamer, intermittent blogger, massive sports fan and aspiring journalist recently liberated from studying boring dentistry. She blogs at Kaleidoscope, freelances for Spider and Sci-Tech World both part of the Dawn media group, and also writes at ezines Desicritics and Chowk. She is currently majoring in General History and minoring in International Relations and Mass Media Communications/Journalism at the University of Karachi.
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Bob Woolmer: Not Murdered?


Author: Zainub Razvi


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March 29, 2007
12:33 AM

Terrorist apologist Zainub is once again showing her veil-blinkered sense of reality with her belief that Woolmer committed suicide, was sucked away by aliens, or generally anything other than murdered.

March 29, 2007
01:00 AM

Sanjay - how is she a terrorist apologist? And by the way, I heard today that an Indian bookie might be the man to watch for. So what does that mean?

Zainub - this investigation is so hampered with all the media attention, its hard to see what's going on. I guess we'll all find out by the time the cup is over.

March 29, 2007
01:57 AM

Sanjay - sorry to disappoint you, but I not once in that article have I said *I think* the Woolmer was not murdered - the point of this article was merely to recap the latest being reported about the article in the mainstream media - I do not my self think Woolmer was not murdered, or that he committed suicide or either that he was sucked away by aliens, like you imply, I just know that he died, and the reasons for this we shall probably know more clearly some time in the future. If you had read the post carefully enough - you'd got known as much. But I guess if people have preformed notions about how others are supposedly terrorist apologists its is not hard to jump up the gun and take them to say things they never said.

ijaz gul
March 29, 2007
06:24 AM

These coments by an investigator need to be seen and evaluated.
"The maid reported that Woolmer's body was against the bathroon door and she could not open it"
In any case, such investigations should be carried out sans passion and bias. Everyone should be presumed innocent till found guilty, and every one should be discreetly treated as a suspect till cleared.

March 29, 2007
09:04 AM

Zainub - let us face some hard facts.Both India and pakistan are highly imperfect societies.India has at some point also supported terrorism-LTTE.What one finds objectionable is your uncritical support of all things pakistani come what may.No right thinking human can support your country's royal asylum to Dawood because he bombed unarmed hindus.Match fixing and murder spring from that.To somehow imply that Woolmer was not murdered is mendacious.To dispute such a hard fact chuavinistically and then act aggrieved infuriates.

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