ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 - Bangladesh’s Man of Destiny

March 18, 2007

Admittedly Bangladesh’s superlative bowling performance put them in the driver’s seat in their opening encounter at the World Cup against India today. Mashrafe Mortaza is known enough that the Indians must have been expecting him to bowl well. But Syed Rasel's first delivery, a beauty that beat Sourav Ganguly all ends up, set the bee buzzing in the ears of the batters. And after the two seamers had done early damage to both the Indian innings and confidence, the spinners bowled with verve and enthusiasm – allowing no backdoor from which India could mount a comprehensive recovery.

And yes, Mushfiqur Rahim and Saqibul Hasan’s 84 run partnership for the fourth wicket was the one that bought Bangladesh to the doorstep of victory.

(c) AFPBut the most important hand in this historic event for Bangladesh was played by Tamim Iqbal, barely 18, who played a crackerjack innings of 51 off only 53 balls.

When Bangladesh came in to bat, their win was by no means certain. Perhaps the wicket would prove difficult enough to now bother the Bangladeshis as well. Perhaps a steady procession of wickets would ensue. Maybe this was about as far as they would get. In a situation like this, someone needed to believe that victory was there for the taking. Someone had to stand up to the considerable experience the Indians brought to bear on the game.

And someone had to take the innings by the scruff of its neck.

That person of destiny for Bangladesh was Iqbal. Early on he was nailed on the throat by a kicker from Zaheer Khan. Off the very next ball Iqbal did something ghastly and immature – he jumped out and flailed wildly at a delivery well outside the off stump. It looked ugly and immature. And you got the feeling that Bangladesh’s lack of winning experience might get in the way.

Someone with more years under his belt might have paused. Jitters would have run through his hands and he may even have talked himself into settling in for the long haul. Instead Iqbal upped the ante and launched a blistering attack on the Indian seamers. Zaheer and Agarkar were dispatched summarily, almost arrogantly from well in front of the crease. Munaf, the pick of the Indian bowlers, was hooked for a six. When Munaf tried to rattle him verbally, Iqbal talked right back to him instead of looking away.

It’s always absorbing to see a young gun like Iqbal being hunted by experienced players who’ve done it before. It’s positively thrilling to see that person buck the odds and come up spades. His knock put runs on the board so quickly that it allowed the remaining batsmen the luxury of time to build partnerships with extreme caution.

It was the cornerstone of the victory – a very important one. Because a new generation of Bangla players will grow up believing they will win, instead of dreaming that they might.

Aspi grew up in India and lives in Chicago. He is average at everything, except Math, at which he is terrible. He blogs on a variety of topics, including cricket.
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ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 - Bangladesh’s Man of Destiny


Author: Aspi


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ijaz gul
March 18, 2007
01:43 AM

Both indian anfd Pakistani media and public have to stop icon building. Both have to throw away foreign Coaches. The plight on the face of John Wright as former coach was clearly visible, so was the packing of Woolmers laptop. One irony and the other dramatic irony.

March 18, 2007
06:14 AM


You are absolutely right. But the problem is the junta as much hype over our players most of the time. The other day Dravid scored a century and some guy in DC went all over the place showing his admiration for his great batting prowess.

Lastly, more than our players and crowd the source of our teams poor performance is the BCCIPCB. At the end of the day, their coaching system, selection system, quality of grounds etc contribute significantly to how the team has been developed and performs. Clearly board the boards are lacking on that front. The Indian board is generating tons of money and have no clue how that could be used to develop talent within the country. While all this will be forgotten if India beats SL and makes it to the Super-8 one needs to focus on restructuring these boards and making them more accountable.


March 18, 2007
07:59 AM

Anand Vasu at Cricinfo gives the verdict:

"Bangladesh have slowly, steadily, doggedly worked at their cricket to the best of their ability for years now, and the fruit of that is this win. But, they have won matches like this so many times now, prompting people to say they have finally arrived. The point is that they have been around for a while now, it's just that not too many have taken note."

One has to give credit to Dav Whatmore, who has built this team brick by brick and for making them believe they can do it. With the good domestic structure of the age group crickets, in the coming years you will see more technically perfect players who will become stars eventually.

March 18, 2007
12:05 PM

please spell check your blog before you post

March 18, 2007
01:03 PM

Thanks for writing this inspiring article. As Bangladeshis our love of cricket is no less than our fellow south asians. We just need the encouragement and not negative remarks as we have been subjected to many times in the past.

Yesterday was a day of pride for us. As underdogs we try harder just as Pakistan and India did after independence and Sri Lanka in the 60's. Someday we hope to win the World Cup too and that wouldn't be possible without moral support from other cricket loving nations and their people. Thanks once again.

March 18, 2007
01:28 PM

@Anonymous: Spell check for which words?

@Samiur: I hope you enjoy the victory. Any true fan of cricket - even a die hard Indian fan like me - left the impressed with Bangladesh.

@Chandra: you are right about how we build our heros up - and then quickly tear them down. A more even keel would be a sensible approach.

March 19, 2007
02:22 AM

Aspi, first of all thank you for this blog that you wrote about Bangladeshi cricket and their progress. I would also like to add, we as Bangldeshis don't hate India, in fact you'd find a lot of admirers of Indian cricketers in Bangladesh, but its the arrogance of Indian cricketers and their press that we find hard to stomach and this win against a strong Indian team in the grandest one day cricket event was a proper answer to that I feel.

March 19, 2007
03:42 AM


One swallow does not make a summer!!

Have patience with your team and as dave Whatmore says, 'we have been doing more wrong things with BD cricket than right things'.

Our media like all media always tend to hype things. None of us can do anything about that.

The biggest reason why we lost the last match was because of fear, your team on the other hand showed no fear at all, Tamim for example. Having said that taking 48.3 overs to score 191 against a team that showed almost very little guts to fight or any startegic though process and poor body language shows how much the BD team has to go.

Like most indians i wish the Indian team were what you think they are - Arrogant and over confident. Unfortunately, that is not true, they play with so little confidence in their skills sometime, they look like fools. Who can forget the recent test series against SAF.

I am not very optimistic (unless they can improve their confidence) about the team for the world cup. I believe we need significant structural changes and hopefully this defeat will lead to some of them (hopefully).


March 19, 2007
07:12 PM

I am sorry, but do you want us to say India great Bangladesh is an excuse for a country and stuff like that???? You obviously have an agenda against Bangladesh, why wouldn't you, in a one day series India can Bangladesh much more consistently Bangldesh beating India. We admit it, we know its true, but In a world cup match where it mattered India fell, short, TELL ME I AM LYING. The only thing I see is that, India lost to a team comprised of young kids mostly and of course a team that is by no means is on the same level as the Indians. But what you seem to have problem admitting is that Bangladesh won the match fair and square, who cares about what happened and what is going to happen, we know come May, India may most likely win the tour in BD. But what seems to be a problem is that losing to an inferior team is really hitting you where it hurts. IT is just one game we know, we did do a lot of wrongs, we know, but we are not ashamed to admit it, why are the Indians ashamed to admit it? May be because we are not Australia or South Africa, is that the reason for all that one match just one game comments. Save it. BANGLADESH JUST BEAT INDIA FAIR AND SQUARE. India is a better team, but may be they should acting a like contender before pretending like a Champion.

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