President Bush's Impending Announcement on Iraq: A Premptive Analysis

January 10, 2007

In the widely leaked/anticipated announcement to be made from the White House President George Bush will once again be playing the Emperor who has no clothes.

Announcing an increase of approximately 21,000 more American troops in the fray he will tear to shreds the remnants of Rumsfeld Doctrine which the fired Secretary wanted to leave as his Pentagon Legacy. Recall the RMA (Revolution in Military Affairs) - less soldiers, better equipment that might ostensibly be translated into a leaner, meaner fighting machine?

Reverting to the Powell Doctrine he will also reply to James Bakers's Iraq Study Group Report (also known as Baker-Hamilton Commission.) thus reinforcing the lingering neoconzix influence in his lame duck Presidency. It is suggested that he preferred to listen to Frederick Kagan of the American Enterprise Institute and his plan, titled Choosing Victory: A Plan for Success in Iraq.

Look out for the following from the President's speech this evening:

* Train and transfer power (and more blame) on the Iraqi soldiers. Let them patrol and let Iraqis kill each other (No the report never said this in as many words - my conjecture.)

* Assign more US Troops in key Baghdad Area. On US Networks, at least Baghdad area should appear less violent. Embed US troops with Iraqis. Let us show them Iraqis how violence can be curbed.

* Dangle re-establishment of 'security' to be followed by economic development and reconstruction of the infrastructure that we destroyed and annihilated in the first place (no the report made no such admission, again my conjecture.)

This lame duck President is 'under the influence' - not of alcohol which he has reputedly quit - but under the influence of unabated bad advice from the neoconzix.

His ignorance of common sense, his ignorance of ground realities, his ignorance of geo--politics is of imbecilic proportions.

NPT non-signatory Israel has leaked Plans for a Nuclear Attack on Iran aimed at NPT signatory Iran's Uranium Enrichment Plants citing Israel's survival.

President Ahmadinejad is shouting about wiping away Israel.

President Bush has already ordered USS John C. Stennis strike group into the Persian Gulf with nuclear armed missiles and minesweepers. The connection between aiding Israel in its quest and overcoming the possible blockade of the Persian Gulf by Iran is obvious. The Persian Gulf is the oil bloodline for nearly 35% of world' oil shipment.

Instead of acting as an statesman and calming the turmoil in our world, this puppet President is lobbing incendiary bombs in an already volatile region of the world.

If he is allowed to get away with this scheme he will ensure a bloody heritage not only for today's young GIs but also the incoming Administration.

love people who are in awe of words. words are the sole arbiter and the final survivor. desicritic editor, slave and slave-driver.
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President Bush's Impending Announcement on Iraq: A Premptive Analysis


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January 11, 2007
12:58 PM

This is what he told the nation last night "Failure in Iraq, would be disaster for the United States". What about the disaster in Iraq, Mr. Bush ??? He is ignoring the November elections, the bipartisan Iraq Study Group recommendations and suggestions from some of his own Generals. Now, what next ??

January 11, 2007
06:41 PM


the US business and politics thrives on adversarial it internal or external....this is the core that gets overlooked often...(and unfortunately it is embraced in degrees by other western countries too in their external dealings)

after the fall of USSR the US needed an adversary in a hurry


the conservative think tanks successfully and almost single handedly managed to manufacture one ..... thanks to an ex cia planted beard

the other long beard had intoned 'workers of the world, unite'... and it nearly succeeded before failing abysmally in the soviet union...someone could change that to 'disenfranchised of the world, unite'

if you can visualize - on one side we have laser guided missiles, uranium tipped cluster bombs, night vision, and high tech battle ready troops - and on the other we have ramshackle militias armed with rifles

paint the latter with any color you want - red, green, white
assign them any symbol - hammer, sickle, crescent, axis, cross

in the end this is the realisation - the struggle and the fight is between north and south - between the first and last world - for independence, to be left alone, for dignity, for survival, for existence - nay make it co- existence

the north cannot force the south to become subservient - greenback, force, alliance nothing works or would work

co-existing is the key - if we can learn it in time or we'll all be glowing in the dark soon


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