Islamic Terrorism and the Injustice Myth, Part 1

November 16, 2006
Muhammad Hussain

When four young Muslims unleashed a suicidal terrorist attack on a bus and underground trains that crippled the London transportation system and killed 52 innocent commuters on July 7, 2005 (7/7 attack), Muslim leaders of UK came out in force to blame the UK government's foreign policy for the horrendous carnage. The leftists and liberal intellectuals and political leaders quickly joined the chorus of blaming the injustice in Afghanistan and Iraq for the attack. When PM Blair summoned a meeting with the Muslim leaders (in which he had obviously pressurized them about their violent tone over the years), overnight they changed their tune that there is no justification for terrorism. What was today a justified action in Islamic ideals, the next day became totally unjustified. They even found a verse in the Koran to discredit the horrendous terrorist attack which was a creditable act a day earlier.

Over one year on, when the chief of MI5 in the UK published an intelligence report on the 10th of November, 2006 about the massive terrorist plots being pursued by the homegrown Islamic extremists in the UK, the media again became flooded with commentaries and expert opinions on how the injustice of UK government's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan is putting the country at the wrath of these homegrown Muslim terrorists. The message one gets from these commentaries is that the UK government is at fault and these terrorists have a justifiable cause to avenge the injustices unleashed by the US and UK lead coalition in Iraq and UN-lead forces in Afghanistan .

Indeed, Muslims from all walks of life - educated or illiterate, moderate or fanatic - keep harping about them being oppressed in America, Europe and Australia, in India, China, Philippines, Thailand, Russia (Chechnya), Nigeria, Serbia and of course in Israel. As a rule of thumb, wherever Muslims are a minority, they are being oppressed there by the majority ethnic or religious groups. In this unsubstantiated blame-game (explained below), Muslims have found a number of well-known Western activists, namely reporter Robert Fisk, UK MP George Galloway, US professor Edward Churchill and Noam Chomsky, London mayor Ken Livingstone and many more. These Western liberals, who come from the leftist and/or communist background, constitute what are called the 'strange bedfellows' of the Muslims because these staunch lefts and liberals, many of whom are atheists, agnostics or skeptics, are the most hated enemies of the faithful of Islam. The Koran, the Muslims' holy book, says about this group of people: " The worst beasts in Allah's sight are the disbelievers" [Koran 8:55] and when given the opportunity, they will be dealt with by the Muslims in the harshest way, as evidenced in the way such people are being treated in Islamic Kingdoms of Iran, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan etc. It should be recalled here that the naive Leftists and Communists joined the Islamists in the Iranian revolution to ouster the secular dictator Reza Shah. When the Islamist Ayatollahs got into power, these strange bedfellows were handed out the cruelest of treatments in which tens of thousands of them were exterminated by the Mullahs. We must not forget also how the body of Afghan communist leader Najibullah was dragged across the streets of Kabul after the Taliban militias swept into power.

After the 7/7 attack in London, PM Blair defiantly confronted the long-standing myth of Muslims being oppressed by the West and in particular by its ally in Israel. He declared no "oppression is taking place against the Muslims". In reality, a thorough analysis immutably establishes the fact that there is no injustice being caused on Muslims by the non-Muslims anywhere in the world. Instead, it is the Muslims who remain the greatest perpetrators of injustice and violation of human rights of the non-Muslims all over the world. This two-part commentary will analyze every grudges of the Islamists' allegations of injustice from Afghanistan to Iraq to Kashmir to Palestine .

Oppression by Israel in Palestine

Coming back to the issue of injustice against the Muslims, a careful look into Islamist complaints of injustice in hotspots like Kashmir and Israel does not substantiate those claims but instead the opposite appears to be the case. The United Nations (UN) approved the creation of Israel in the 1940s and yet, the Arab world started a war against Israel the next day after the creation of Israel was declared in 1948 and a few more times subsequently. These wars were supported whole-heartedly by the entire Muslim world. Palestinians never believed in the existence of Israel until recently (~1990) when only the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), seeing no hope of destroying Israel, abandoned it's original aim and started negotiation for two states. Then again, PLO is a minority in Palestine. They were overwhelmingly defeated by Hamas alone in the latest free and fair democratic election; the latter's aim is still to destroy Israel. If other prominent militant groups like the Islamic Jihad and Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, also intent of destroying the Jewish states, join Hamas - the PLO will be washed away. Under such circumstances how does one guarantee security to Israel?

There is a lot of hatred against America amongst the Muslims and majority of the leftists, communists many liberals worldwide for her standing up in favor of Israel in the UN by resisting dozens of resolutions against Israel over the years. How could the UN pass resolutions against Israel one after another before the Muslim world and the Palestinians agree to UN's mandate of creating the state of Israel? If not for the United States, the state of Israel would not exist today.

Creation of Pakistan vs. Israel

The State of Pakistan was created in 1947 because of the sole insistence of the Muslims under no justifiable reasons or compelling circumstances. Muslims came from the Arab world, ruled the Indian subcontinent with intimidation and murder of people of indigenous religions and massive enslavement and rape of the local non-Muslim people, albeit with some limited periods of respite. And when the Hindus saw the hope of taking the destiny of their land in their own hands after so many centuries, the fanatic Muslims divided that country to create the state of Pakistan for the Muslims. But the Hindus of India never wished to destroy the Pakistani state nor did they ever send suicide bombers for killing innocent people. Neither did the Hindus from other parts of the world wish to destroy Pakistan nor did they send suicide bombers to kill innocent people in Pakistan - unlike the two British Muslim suicide bombers who went to Israel to kill the Jews.

But instead, it is Pakistan who started aggressive wars against India on a couple of occasions to divide that country further starting with Kashmir. Indeed, Muslims worldwide have overwhelmingly supported the separation of Kashmir from India. Indians are being killed regularly by the Islamist terrorists and separatists. The creation of Israel was much more justified in that, that land belonged to the Jewish and Christian people, which the Muslims forcibly occupied in the early days of Islam. Also the WWII and Holocaust experience made it an urgency to create a state for the Jews to give them a respite from centuries of oppression and persecution by Muslims and Christians. Pakistan was created under no such compelling urgency but for the sole reason of Muslims' unwillingness to co-exist or to live under non-Muslim rule, even if the latter were the overwhelming majority in the land.

So much has been said about the occupation and cruelty of the Israeli Government. But has any Muslim ever condemned the occupation of East Timor by Indonesia, a Muslim country? In their 24-year occupation of East Timor and in ensuing guerrilla war, the Indonesian army killed an estimated 200,000 people. Did we ever hear a single word of condemnation from any Muslim Government or Islamic leader? Has Israeli conflict resulted in that many killing and death in 5 years despite the extreme hostility shown by the Palestinians and the entire Muslim world?

The Hindu population has been reduced from ~15% to ~1% in Pakistan and from ~30% to ~10% in Bangladesh since 1947. But in Israel, the Muslim population has risen at a great pace that they are poised to be the majority in a few decades, despite the active migration of Jews to Israel from all corners of the world. Although some discriminatory regulations may exist in Israel given the extraordinary circumstances it faces, Israeli Muslims are still known to enjoy better life, human rights and freedom than Muslims in the entire Middle East. We must also put in perspective of the fact that Muslims living inside Israel are also intent on annihilation of the Jewish state. A Muslim member of Israel parliament (Knesset), Azmi Bishara, recently joined voices with the radical Iran president Ahmedinejad that Israel is the Greatest Robbery of Century and should be moved from the Middle East to Europe. In another instance, Knesset Members Mohammed Barakeh joined with Azmi Bishara to rally Arabs to support and strengthen Syria, which alongside Iran is most intent on extirpating the Jewish state, and declared: "I will never recognize Zionism even if all Arabs do [Bishara] ".

Plight of non-Muslims in Muslim Countries

In truth, Muslims remain by far the most discriminatory and oppressive people against their minority populations. Even a casual look at the plight of the non-Muslim people in Muslim-dominated countries will certify this claim. In Saudi Arabia, one will be beheaded if one preaches Christianity or another religion. Recently British Airways have banned passengers from carrying Christian Bibles and Crosses on flights to Saudi Arabia in order to avoid offending the Muslims. In another instance, a Christian woman employee was fired by British Airways for wearing the Cross but wearing an Islamic veil was allowed. Yet, Saudis are investing hundreds of millions of dollars for preaching Islam, building mosques and madrasas in the non-Muslim countries including in the West, which analysts believe is the major cause of unfurling Islamic radicalism and terrorism around the world. It is almost impossible to build a new Church in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Yet, the latter country has been recognized as a model moderate Muslim state. Although preaching other religion is not banned in these countries, thanks to the pseudo-democracy and secularism in these countries, which is a gift of colonial rule. Yet, preachers of other religions are targeted and killed by the Islamic fringe groups, emboldened by the connivance of the state's law-enforcing authority which makes such missionary activities virtually impossible.

Malaysia has received world-wide recognition as a modern and progressive Muslim state, including from the West. Former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Muhammad in the World Economic Forum in New York (2004), declared, "Malaysia is a modern, secular and progressive Islamic state - not despite but because of Islam". Yet, the minority non-Muslim citizens (mostly Chinese and Indians) in Malaysia have faced a situation of apartheid designed by the state over the decades. Non-Muslims are barred from Government educational institutions, jobs and business ventures through positively discriminatory measures. Yet, these minority Chinese and Indian non-Muslims (~35%) are the life-line of Malaysian economy despite the severe discrimination they face. It is the Muslims who get all Government-funded local and overseas education whilst the non-Muslims have to settle for local private schools, Universities or overseas education supported from their own pockets. In the religious front, non-Muslims cannot preach and seek converts from amongst the Muslims whilst the Muslims have created elaborate programs for converting the non-Muslims to Islam. Even then, without the contribution of the hard-working non-Muslims (non-Bhumiputras) population, Malaysia will be like any other impoverished and anachronistic Third World country - not a modern and wealthy state which Malaysia and the Muslims worldwide always keep boasting about.

Is there a single country in the entire world dominated by the non-Muslims, where the minority Muslim people are discriminated like this? Such is the true color of a modern secular Muslim state! The fact that the Muslim population is increasing disproportionately in countries dominated by the non-Muslims, whilst non-Muslim population is decreasing in Muslim-dominated countries, including in Israel clearly demonstrate that Muslims' crying foul about the injustice against them is without foundation. Instead the opposite scenario is the glaring reality of today as has been in the past. Yet, this fake "trump card" of injustice against Muslims has been used effectively by the Muslims to draw sympathy and sometimes staunch support from amongst the gullible non-Muslims in the Western world and elsewhere.

British Colonialism

There are immense grudges and resentment amongst the Muslims about the British colonial rule of the past centuries in Muslim countries, which they hold responsible for creating all sorts of on-going problems there. In the weeks of violence by the immigrant Muslim youths in France in November 2005, the same excuse was brought forward repeatedly in the media. Some prominent Muslim immigrant activists even demanded an apology from the France Government for its past colonial legacy as a cure to the violence. We must be bear in mind here that the British, French and other European colonialists were not the sole imperialists in the World. In truth, it is the Muslims who made the colonial rule a fashion starting a millennium before the colonial activities of the European nations. In reality, the British and other European nations, taking their cue from the Muslims' centuries of colonial and often ruthless and barbaric rule in foreign lands, mastered the art of colonialism.

Yet again, the British did not only rule Muslim countries - they ruled Hindu and Buddhist countries as well and those people are not sending suicide bombers to UK or accusing the Britain for all of their problems. Many of those former colonies have established excellent bilateral relations with the UK instead of keeping themselves busy in making such complaints about the past. The Muslim world's making UK the scapegoat for all of their problems is absolutely baseless.

Part 2 of this series deals with Muslims' allegations of injustice in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Muhammad Hussain is a researcher and freelance writer.
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Islamic Terrorism and the Injustice Myth, Part 1


Author: Muhammad Hussain


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Gope Lalwani
November 16, 2006
12:33 PM

There are not enough psychiatrists and psychiatric hospitals
in the world to treat the anger of the Islamic societies.
Once they would be cured of this anger instilled in them by
their religious fanatic and their leaders, the Islamic societies
would see the light of their anger and really turn it towards
their real oppressors, their real tyrants and abusers: their
leaders who have been poisoning their minds.

Perhaps then they will also realise that their own outspoken
writers and free thinking people, historians and people who
could make a real change in improving the quality of their lives
and improving the status in regarding world wide progress.

The people who could make a change for them are either in
prisons or have been assassinated.

November 16, 2006
06:25 PM


there is a lot of truth here mixed with lots more untruths...reminds me of gen zina-ul-haq's quote from 60 minutes:

take a lot of hotch-potch and mix it with more hotch-potch and it wil remain hotch-potch

good luck with deconstructing cobwebs in your mind



Alamgir Hussain
November 16, 2006
09:54 PM

[there is a lot of truth here mixed with lots more untruths]

What are those untruths? We may have an open discussion about it.

November 17, 2006
03:37 AM

Very strong opinions in this article, Alamgir. Am also intrigued by the "untruths."
Temporal, what are they? And this is a sincere question - I really would like to know.

November 17, 2006
04:48 AM

Greetings Hocus man

You have enough manure in that article than a local farm, most of the points you have dwelled on can even be contradicted using western propaganda media's such as CNN / FOX and the BBC let alone the real fact factories that exist. Its a shame you have such feelings may you one day regret the lies you write.

Evening Hocus man

Walter Weidner
November 17, 2006
10:51 AM

Any religion is good, but the dumbest is the best - this is an alledged statement by a Pope of long ago.
Religion is usually conducted by a very small, smart minority and practiced by the less educated and in many cases poor majority.
Education is the answer. However, since stupidity will always prevail, there is not much hope that the masses will ever wake up.

November 17, 2006
11:17 AM

Sometimes, I wonder if the victim/aggressor mentality of Arabs is brought on by genetic problems associated with poligamy. It's like the whole population needs bipolar medication. Or, maybe the bottled up rage could be assuaged by taking up the bottle.

The Buddha Smiled
November 18, 2006
05:07 AM


Alamgir, interesting article. I guess the question I have might be answered in the second part of your article, but I'll ask anyway.

Your article points out what the facts are for the situation, but I am also more curious to know what the driving factors and motivations are. Perhaps this is something we can discuss here?

Temporal - echoing sentiments - what untruths do you refer to?! Please do illuminate me, so that we can debate this further....

November 18, 2006
02:07 PM

alamgir, anamika, buddha:

perhaps should have refrained from commenting here:)

the reason why i avoid these debates is manifold - without being facetious and in no particular order: lack of time, motivation, lack of depth in knowledge about hermeneutics, recognising or sensing wastefulness of my time and the reader's time ..plus more...

one of the reason such debates... if they can be called debates... remain inconclusive is the preponderating reliance on source/s...

of the younger major religions islam is the most well 'documented' one and one can almost go to the source of any action in the prophet's life...yet there is an inherent dichotomy in these written words....both in qur'an and in the body of narrations called sunnah...in the former particularly...with its un-chronoloigcal final compilation, abrogation of what came earlier, etc...disagreement over meanings of some core words between the ulema in the past... a critical mind can deduce a meaning suiting their p-o-v out of those very written words...(at the perill of ignoring the egalitarian spirit and intent)...imho this is one of qur'ans greatest asset too...to draw newer meanings from changing times...but it is also open to subversion...khair have said enough

so thanks but no thanks:)


November 19, 2006
01:27 PM

Hmm. a very legit question. .but a twisted and non commital answer. That is the way it has been always... anyway.. khair have said enough :))
Great article Alamgir. Really admire the soul searching that you have intended to do. Every religion has to do that... and get out of it rejuvinated and refreshed.

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