Website Review: Spiffy Drawings with Gliffy

June 29, 2006

One of the recent sites that caught my eye was Gliffy. Gliffy is another one of those tools that Web 2.0 has given to us. It is an ingenious site that is still in its beta. Gliffy is all about diagrams. The word "diagram" is a bit too dangerously school-like for me. Well, the idea is to mean technical drawings.

You could be designing a web page for someone in the UK. It would indeed be a long process to create a prototype on your computer and send it over to him for approval. You could be wanting to ask your sister in the USA as to how to rearrange the furniture in your bed room. You might want to show a simple process flow to a colleague in Delhi. A quick conversation on the net can only do so much to convey pictures and visuals. Well, how many of us can draw a square on Yahoo Doodle IMvironment? It is in these occasions that Gliffy will come in handy.

Gliffy allows you to create diagrams on the fly without the need to download any software. Certainly one more of those Web 2.0 wonders. It gives to you a number of premade symbols and shapes which you can incorporate in your drawings. You can create a comprehensive process flowchart with available shapes and connectors.

You can create a complete home with furniture, wall colours, floor patterns and upholstery. Gliffy allows you to manipulate the distances , the spaces between objects. There is a grid (removable) for proper measurement of sizes in your diagrams.

It is possible to create the prototypes for an entire web page or software interface, with Gliffy. It contains object models for all components in a user interface.

You can create graphic representations for abstract concepts such as "data flow" or "network security". The best part however comes only after all these. The "Share" option enables you to publish your diagram to your blog or web site. You can download the images in different sizes and send them across to people you may want to show them to.

Gliffy interface is extremely user-friendly and fast considering it is still in its beta. We can look forward to more features and functionalities in the successive versions.

Mathangi is a Masters in English Literature based in Chennai. She enjoys blogging, reading, writing and polemics. She dabbles in psychology and philosophy and works as an elearning Content Writer at a leading software company.
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June 29, 2006
03:58 AM

This sounds like a cool Visio replacement - too bad Google didn't think of it first

June 29, 2006
07:59 AM

good research buddy, it was really spiffy to work on and i did a spiffy drawing too..

June 29, 2006
04:17 PM

Its really easy to use. Thanks for bringing it to our attention

June 30, 2006
07:36 AM

If google didn't think of making it, Google might be already thinking of buying it then..:)

June 30, 2006
10:07 AM

wait next to see whether it was google or was it yahoo who bought it .

Mathangi, keep a tab on this and update on your article with this :-)

June 30, 2006
10:16 AM

Sure. :)

November 5, 2006
03:16 PM

I've been using Gliffy for a while and really like it. There's a competitor out there called Cumulate Draw. It doesn't have the features as Gliffy but doesn't need Flash. I've just written a review at my blog. My blog is to uninstall ALL applications from my desktop and replace it with online tools. Check the review out at:

Debi K
November 14, 2007
07:10 PM

Thanks for the review of Gliffy--we really appreciate it. If you havent been using Gliffy on a daily basis--you should really come check us out as we've made some really great improvements with our new website release. Thanks again for the mention!
debik at gliffy dot com

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