Fiction: A Fight Between a Woman and a Feminist

May 24, 2006

Sunita, a member of a woman organization, goes to meet her school friend Asha. Asha is married with a one-year old son. Sunita is single and ready to mingle with her own kind. She strode in her two-bedroom flat, excitedly hugs Asha meeting her after a long time and says, "Wow, you look great". "Thanks" Asha replies cheerfully, "You too look great."

"Good flat. I am sure you must have designed the interiors yourself", said Sunita happily. Asha held Sunita's hand and sat on a brownish velvety couch next to each other almost ready to play a clapping game. Asha remarked, "Sunita, you have not changed a bit."

Sunita gasped and depressingly replied, "I guess you have changed a lot. You are married; you are now a mother and you are...I hope happy."

"But you haven't changed a bit. Haven't you found a guy to settle down?" asked Asha seriously.

Asha playfully interrupted sensing this not to be a good time to chitchat on sensitive issues and asked, "Hey, what are you doing these days? I have just become a housewife, taking care of my baby." Sunita pretend to look at the crystal vase placed in the middle of a table and said reluctantly, "I have joined a woman's organization. I am fighting for women's rights."

Asha squirmed and said, "Sunita, you should begin thinking about your future. Why do you want to waste your life on such petty issues?" Sunita had already snubbed her parents several times on the same issue but she was pleased to explain Asha about her motive.

Sunita explained gravely, "Asha, in college, when no guy was willing to accept me, I began to resent men, which has now developed into anger. I know I don't look as attractive as you, but I too had a dream. I was desperate to resolve my sexual thirst and I began meeting other girls to satisfy me." Asha was stunned to know that Sunita was a lesbian but she controlled her expression so she does not offend Sunita in any way.

Sunita continued, "I know you must be thinking how and why I have become like this."

Asha interrupted, "Sunita, its okay. Don't worry, everything will be alright. But I do like to advise you to get out of the women's organization. You don't have to join them. It's not good."

Sunita, who was calm, a little depressed also, didn't expect such a rude reply from Asha, but she kept her cool and proceeded stealthily. Sunita said, "You know, women are suffering so much, they all need us, they need me, they need you Asha. Why don't you join me?" Asha caringly smiled and declined her proposal.

Asha replied, "Sunita, I am very happy with my husband and family. I cannot go against the whole male gender like your self. And I also want you to do the same. Leave these women organizations." Sunita has been into such a conversation many times and she knows how to turn the tables in her favour.

"I was also like you," Sunita said, "but when I began to resent men, I feel gratified when I see a man suffer."

Asha strongly argued, "That's what I am saying. A woman is not supposed to hate men. Hatred can never be a solution."

Sunita was not ready to give in, "But, if we don't hate men, we can't be happy. To live a life of freedom and independence, we have to make men suffer. That's the rule."

Asha defended her views, "I will never agree to your belief. Men have equally sacrificed and they probably are more emotional than us. Just because nobody in your college days liked you, that doesn't mean you begin hating them all and join a woman's organization to make them suffer."

The argument continued for over an hour and none of them was ready to accept other's belief system. Asha was determined on the values she learned from her parents and life's lessons from her caring husband. Sunita was stubborn to remain revengeful and wanted to ruin men.

The exchange of words was way out of the realm of a friendly conversation. It had become a brutal fight between two strong gladiators, one using the weapon of peace, harmony and love, the other using hatred, resentment and jealousy.

Eleven years of friendship came to an end between Asha and Sunita when Asha rudely said, "Get out of my house, right now. Women like you can only ruin people's life. And I won't allow you to ruin mine. You continue your hate for men and I will see who will stand by you when you need somebody in life."

Sunita replied scornfully, "To hell with you. Women like you, talking about love, peace and harmony are the ones who suffer. If you don't hate men, you can't be happy."

Asha yelled, "Get out of my house, you FEMINIST."

P.S: Reading this, Feminist in DCs would utter a word "Ouch."

I am frantically independent and rebellious by nature. Profoundly philosophical, have also written hundreds of poetries, short stories, quotations on philosophy. Author of two books, five others in process. Exceedingly private person. Favourite place in the World - Home and Library.
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Fiction: A Fight Between a Woman and a Feminist


Author: Rebel


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May 24, 2006
04:52 AM

Looks like the feminists prefer to ignore it!

May 24, 2006
05:13 AM

More than anything else it just putforths the author's fantasy and inner-most squirming desire of wanting to see "Women on top of other Women"...in a sexual way ofcourse.

As for being ignored by DC women bloggers...Mayank tell me seriously you think...this shitty piece of male fantasy is actally worth commenting.

Righta - I get your point...ya I do...no seriously I do...ya I know ...you aint getting any. You have my sympathies...no serioulsy you do.

May 24, 2006
05:45 AM

keep it ignored!!

May 24, 2006
06:02 AM

There is nothing really wrong in joining a women's organisations.

There is nothing really wrong if some spread hatred against men/boys(in literature, in blogs and in advertisements etc).

Nature always creates both polarities. Whatever you do, its just the matter of time the opposite polarity develops.

If there is hatred against men/boys, then soon there will be hatred against women/girls.

May 24, 2006
07:07 AM

Righta became pointless.... but y?

May 24, 2006
09:15 AM


May 24, 2006
09:40 AM

moronic... ur turn now

May 24, 2006
10:05 AM

Wow, the editors of desi critics have started publishing fiction found in the likes of Women's Era.

Please don't dilute the standard of posts.

May 24, 2006
10:32 AM

Dilution is happening in the society, so it has to be here too

May 24, 2006
12:31 PM

lol. "Exceedingly private person." Mounsieur, I can assure you that if you continue to subscribe to this chain of thought you will be forced to remain said private person.

The Hissing Saint
May 27, 2006
08:37 AM

Whats the point here??


A Indian Husband
September 2, 2006
07:24 AM

Read the writer article,
Asha yelled, "Get out of my house, you FEMINIST."

September 2, 2006
01:43 PM

I am not against feminists per say, because everybody has right to group for any idea, how so ever great/foolish it may be and then lobby for it. The grudge I have is, you should fight for equality, on principles and based on rationales and not by sitting on sympathy, devoid of any rationality and full of bias and hatred.

None of the causes pursued by feminists would have achieved its goal, had there been no male sympathy existing. Why these feminists hate males so much, when it is because of the males that they are what they are today. Males wanted females to come up and they created atmosphere to do so.
Females should understand that their (smooth) struggle upwards till now has been in a way supported by males. Success does not come as simply as you may have been conditioned to believe (in you efforts this far), because males were still assisting you.

But if you pit yourselves against males, instead of along with males, it is going to be roller coaster ride ahead. Never to under estimate males. They have stood the test of time taking up challenges.

On another note, why do some feminists consider that they have been drubbed too much by male dominated society so far so long?
Please realize that today(and even yesterday) a status difference between a rich and poor, urban and rural, is probably 10 or more times than that what exists between man and a woman staying in the same house.
In fact in a lot of houses, I would see females enjoying better position than men.
Feminism grudge that they are treated unfairly will go for a toss when they will realize this truth.

Why has feminism become orthogonal to males?

September 2, 2006
01:48 PM

Or is it that you have inherent personal bias towards the author. A few weeks back i saw you cribbing on your own post that you should criticize ideas than persons. Was that what is popularly known as pseudo secular approach?

September 2, 2006
02:21 PM


A Indian Husband
September 4, 2006
07:30 AM

Hardy, some writer/bloger think , whatever they say is right and all reader should accept her view.
But the reality is whole world are not ready to get fooled, as a result thier fustration observed in this comment section itself.

September 4, 2006
03:06 PM

i am just amused.

what a fantasy! thanks for letting me know the envelope of fantasy!

what aasha. what suneeti!

rebel what are the books published, i wd be interested in buying.

and the poetry of course.

A Indian Husband
September 5, 2006
03:11 AM

Read the book of Feminist Sobha de....
Blind and devoted women will never ever ready to accept the reality.
Men hater and family breakers are getting exposed day by day and in turn forced to live a prostitutes life , no other option.

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