Being Passionate

May 15, 2006
Sandeep Kalidindi

Not long ago, someone asked me what I was passionate about. I wasn't expecting the question, so I kind of eschewed it. I didn't know what to say-- rather I was never clear for myself as in what I was passionate about. After thinking for days I came out with a list of things I am passionate about.

I am penning down my thoughts because I discovered being passionate is so important. At the least as important as wearing clothes.

I fear the list is rather big. Nevertheless I want to pour out my heart.

It's true that I am passionate about good work-- not just good work, remarkable work. Whether it's the cut and stitching of a shirt or a fantastic website, an oil painting or another Apple product, an incredibly well-designed car or a perfectly taken movie, great work - remarkable work - is something to be passionate about.

There's life, for one. Before you can be passionate about anything, you have to be passionate about life--otherwise, what passes for passion is little more than addiction.

Also see dependency.

Also see projection.

To be passionate about life is to be passionate about all things. It means having the curiosity of a child. It means holding on to as much innocence as you can for as long as you can. It's the only vaccine against bitterness, apathy and the death of the spirit. Life is a fragile but powerful gift. Life is a mystery. Life is worth being passionate about. It's our largest and finest canvas. It is the vehicle through which we change the world.

There's love too. Love. There's a word taken for granted if I ever heard one. I'm not talking about my love for Sania Mirza or that yummy looking 300ml Coke bottle or Pink Floyd albums. I mean LOVE. A child's love for her mother. A man's love for his wife both at the start of the courtship and at the end of their lives. A woman's love for her child. The love of a dog for his master. A soldier's love of country just before running into battle. I am talking about the kind of love that fills you with a thick sticky heat and puts a lump in your throat and makes you want to cry. The kind of love that makes you roll down your windows, crank up the volume and sing at the top of your lungs. The kind of love that inspires you to create something beautiful. A painting. A sculpture. A symphony. A photograph. A novel. A life.

I am passionate about having good friends. I am passionate about my love for my parents, even if I don't always have the courage to let it show. I am passionate about honouring the courage of my grandparents and about keeping their memories alive.

I am passionate about every day. About discovering new places any chance I get. About meeting bright minds and generous hearts. About the kind of simple beauty that sometimes come in solitary fleeting moments.

I am passionate about making the world better, one little piece at a time. One smile at a time, one product at a time, one encouraging word at a time. I am passionate about helping people with talent and vision see their dreams come true. I am passionate about truth and justice and the beauty of the human intellect.

I am passionate about being true to myself. About replacing the average and the mediocre with the extraordinary. About planting the seeds of change and hope and progress.

I am passionate about probing mysteries.

I am passionate about good food. I mean seriously good food. The kind of food that takes all day to prepare. The real deal. Catch it or pick it in the morning. Work lovingly on it all day. Enjoy with friends that night.

I am passionate about a great story.

I am passionate about synchronicity. About synergy. About people having fun while making something great together.

I am passionate about grinning enthusiasm.

I am passionate about photographing the essence of a moment. Of a thought. Of a heartbeat.

I am passionate about the magical gift of small unexpected moments. The kinds of moments that pass through you like the slightest shiver but stay with you forever. Like the first time you actually feel nature swell and come to life just before dawn.

The first time you discover, standing over a stunned bully, that you are stronger than you thought you were.

The first time you find yourself humbled and completely taken by a cause greater than yourself.

I am passionate about art. About truth. About scaring myself to death on roller coasters. About speaking out against injustice.

I am passionate about great writing.

I am passionate about great design.

I am passionate about any conversation that starts with "what if?"

I am passionate about the word "yes".

So yeah, I am passionate about great marketing and cleverly crafted ads and watching companies become the market leaders they wish they were-- but that's just one branch on a very full and unruly tree.

That's what I have in my mind. Shall see how I shape my life around these passions.

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May 15, 2006
03:13 AM

Passion is the driving force of life for me. Yes...Passion.

Good one:)

May 15, 2006
10:13 AM

If you stop feeling Passion, it's time to be doing something else

May 15, 2006
12:09 PM

@Aaman - plzz be more specific..

May 15, 2006
12:48 PM

what aaman said in 12 words sandeep is what you said in 870

to wit--if there is no passion - no fire in the belly - no cinders in the mind - one might as well be dead

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