A Tale of Two Suicides

April 30, 2006

Indian Actress Rekha starred in her first Hindi film, Saawan Bhadon, opposite Navin Nischol. This movie was released in 1970 and is apparently Navin's first movie. Actor Navin Nischol acted in many other movies and also in famous TV serials like "Dekh Bhai Dekh".

A few days back, his second wife (aged 48) committed suicide in Mumbai. Let's follow the events. (As I could not find his exact age, so I guess he must be above 60).

TOI reports that Navin Nischol finds himself homeless

"Bollywood is witnessing the makings of another dramatic story. Yesteryear star Navin Nischol and wife Geetanjali have allegedly been thrown out of their ‘own’ house by film producer and younger brother Pravin Nischol.

Navin is currently living in a small house at Mahim which belongs to his mother-in-law."

Navin and brother Pravin have been living in the same house since the 80s. “My husband is a man of few words and doesn’t like to fight. But then problems began. Pravin, who is a successful man today, didn’t like to be told how to live his life and began looking for an excuse to throw us out. This despite knowing that our financial condition was not good at all.’’

After Navin Nischol's wife committed suicide, TOI reports here and here that,

Due to the differences between the couple, Nischol used to stay in Pune and rarely visited her. Geetanjali, who was childless, stayed in this flat with two servants.

"Navin, an alcoholic, is useless and is torturing me and that is why I am ending my life,"said her suicide note written neatly in English on a piece of paper found in her bedroom.

She alleged that the flat was actually financed by Navin when he was a hit in 80's. Navin brought the flat in Praveen's name to avoid tax laws. However, Praveen had refuted this allegation.

"Our officers are busy with the VIP bandobast at Hinduja Hospital. Once we (get) the time, we will impose various sections of the Indian Penal Code on Navin." said Jeo Gaikwad, senior inspector at Mahim police station.

Her brother Sukul says in Mumbai Mirror:
"The police say they didn't find any jewellery in the house when they made a panchnama following the suicide. Where has it all gone? My sister owned a lot of antique jewellery — both gold and silver — gifted to her by her first husband, Ashok Narbheram. She also had this Hussain she was so proud of," Sukul told Mumbai Mirror on Friday. "It was estimated at a crore upwards," he added.

Now the questions are:

1) How much land does a wo(man) need? - from Leo Tolstoy

She had a Hussain (painting) costing more than a crore(Rs.Ten million) and yet she allowed herself to be homeless?

2) Navin used to stay in Pune. Then, how the hell he was torturing her?

3) According to Gitanjali herself, "Navin is a man of few words and does not like to fight." Can such a man torture anybody?

4) Has the handwriting test been conducted on the suicide note to find if it was written by Gitanjali or it was planted by someone else?

I do not want to draw any conclusions. Nobody should. Now, let's trace the first line of this post and follow second story below.

"Actress Rekha starred in her first Hindi film --Saawan Bhadon, opposite Navin Nischol."

Tribune India reports:

There was also another puzzle in her life, the "arranged" marriage to Delhi industrialist, Mukesh Agarwal, who some months after the wedding committed suicide by hanging himself with Rekha’s dupatta.

Rediff reports:

"Her marriage to businessman Mukesh Agarwal plunged Rekha into a dark phase after he allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself with Rekha's dupatta. "

It is reported that Navin Nischol is arrested under various sections including Section 498a. What is happening to Navin can happen to any other man.

Finally, we take a look at the behaviour of media. It started with "making of another dramatic story". So, media is interested in dramatic stories and not in lives of people. So, media and journalists must stop considering themselves as altruistic social reformers.

Sumanth is specialist in Soft-Computing. He is also a researcher in the area of Cognitive Science, Complex Dynamical Systems, and computational sociology. He manages software projects for enterprise printers in an MNC firm. He blogs at SIF website.
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April 30, 2006
02:00 AM


you will not even grant a woman dignity and respect even after she is DEAD.

What more evidence is needed other than the fact that she KILLED herself over the disgusting behaviour of her husband and his brother?

Something which you are intentionally avoiding to disclose, Navin Nischols previous wife is Neelima, the sister of Shekhar kapur and neice of Dev anand who has come on record to say that 'Navin caanot keep any woman happy"

He has deserted his daughters from that marriage for the last 30 years!! All this is in the papers too.

And now Geetanjali gives up her life..Yet you people will prefer to twist, turn and mal-inform every bit of information.

Shame on you!!


April 30, 2006
03:30 AM


"What more evidence is needed other than the fact that she KILLED herself over the disgusting behaviour of her husband and his brother?"

This above statement by people like you and feminists made us create SIF and distrust feminazies.

You say, if a woman is dead, no evidence should be collected and no questions should be asked as well. People have to be judged without investigation or trial.

Fine. Say, I accept your arguement. They why the same is not applicable, when the dead person is a man?

Nothing in this world happens one way.
There are no one way streets.
Life is a mirror.
If there is summer, then there is winter as well.

There is a difference between respecting the dead and torturing the innocent people who are alive.

Why there is a difference (in our attitude) when the dead person to different genders?

Finally, I see something is "edited". Can not you people talk in a "rational", balanced, logical, moderate manner (unlike SIF)?

In year, 65000 men committed suicide compared to 43,000 women. Why people only beat the chests and indulge in extremism when the dead person is a woman?

Why there are double standards (where as so many are preaching us about gender equality)?

A man is not supposed to protect and provide for women and family (single handedly). I will not believe the story of desertion of his first wife by him as Media/society never allows a man to tell him side of story and believes everything a woman says as true.

April 30, 2006
05:09 AM

I'm surprised that a comment of mine has been edited.. In fact it was so mild that I cannot recall what it was. It is fine if the moderators have begun all of a sudden combing thru posts . All I can say is they are targetting the wrong ones. More than words some content as a whole has been objectionable, and nothing has been done about it.

Perhaps the spirit of a post should have more relevance.Anyways since it is at their cannot be argued.

You have not responded to the contents of my post directly Sumanth. Just used it to take off on a different note. You have intentionally not revealed important aspects of the story.

We are not discussing a suicide by a man over a marital dispute. So where is the sense in bringing it here?

It is such a waste of time to discuss with someone who first writes a post on a womans suicide, then quickly tries to divert the attention to a 'what if a man had died' logic. This too when his fake story is exposed. You cannot even stay on your own topic..just go flitting about.

Very conveniently the SIf disputes all stories by the media when it does not suit them , at other times quote it .. extensively, as in this case. Either quote or then disbelieve.. as a whole. Dont express so openly your confused state of mind.

You are not fooling anyone.. All have read the story.. your interpretation of it is for the SIF blogs only..circulate it privately..

By the no of posts it is very obvious, no one is even interested in your rants anymore.. so predictable and boring.

April 30, 2006
05:41 AM

"What is happening to Navin can happen to any other man."

Sumanth Uncle, we have to achieve the Gender Equality ..this is step towards that path.

April 30, 2006
05:46 AM

Rita auntie, I agree with you.People do not know how to respect a the woman, they only know how to respect thier wives.

I think DC, getting a lot of pressure from feminist group to stop such story.

April 30, 2006
06:37 AM


You wrote:
"We are not discussing a suicide by a man over a marital dispute. So where is the sense in bringing it here?"

[Edited] The title of this post is "Tale of Two suicides".

We are discussing about suicide of a woman and also suicide of a man. There are two stories coincidentally connected here. The post is about both.

[Edited] I am in DC (not for any 498a issue), but to experiement on "hardwired" mentalities, who claim themselves to be open, moderate, logical, balanced, tolerant, sensitive, shameful, liberal and still write such stuff that requires frequent editing.

I pray the efforts of such open, moderate, tolerant, sensitive, balanced, shameful, liberal, logical people must lead us to creation of a great society and culture.

April 30, 2006
07:07 AM

Look who is talking.. someone who is seriouly in need of psychiaric treatment..

Was navin nischol the one who committed suicide or his wife???

Was the story I quoted about dev anand and neelima not about geetanjalis suicide??? And about navin nischol??

You quoted the Press liberally in the whole article and when I did , you shamefully state that press is not to be believed and quickly go on to your next unconnected disjointed story about Rekhas husband suicide 20 years ago?? where is the connection and the relevance?? Just because one is a man and another a woman.. let me help you further and provide you with a link to the suicide of a eunuch too. That will complete your gender based scraggy, mindless post.

It is disgraceful that men such as you are allowed to write here. And the mangement dare edit this out after he has written

"I never knew, feminism can disable a portion of someone's brain. I am in DC (not for any 498a issue), but to experiement on "hardwired" mentalities, who claim themselves to be open, moderate, logical, balanced, tolerant, sensitive, shameful, liberal and still write such stuff that requires frequent editing.

I pray the efforts of such open, moderate, tolerant, sensitive, balanced, shameful, liberal, logical people must lead us to creation of a great society and culture."

I have serious reservations about the editor of dc who has edited one sentence of mine, and let the above rant go..

What is happening on DC??

This cannot be the handiwork of Aaman..

Who has done this editing??

justand fair
April 30, 2006
09:10 AM

it is a disgrace to hide behind such a name as save indian family and bash women. they are just women haters homos who got screwed by their wives because she couldnt take their shit anymore.its hard to ignore their attituide here, i feel sorry for the woman whose lives got affected by such idiot men.they give bad name to all men.i checked out about SIF,it is nothing but propaganda.just very few frustrated men trying to make something out of nothing.they have no credentials and are just a bubble in the virtual world full of evil.they are too scared to do anything in realty, so they give us ahard time here.ban them from deviating from the topic in discussion.

April 30, 2006
09:43 AM

Rita, Navratna Oil is good to cool ur frayed nerves... try it(complain to SRK if it doesn't cool u enough)

Justand Fair: Excellent investigation and judgment about SIF: Are you the one who they call Cocksure?.

Truth will come out later, why fry each other's brains now. Till then try seeing this article as a balancing act with respect to all those reports which crucify Navin Nischol with a lot of speculation and cocksureness.

April 30, 2006
10:30 AM

Thanks to this gentleman author, who took time and investigation into so-called GREAT Indian newspapers/media and their stories.

There is one serious thing which person like you and many Indian minded patriarchical mind set men do not understand is that "SUICIDE IS AN OUTCOME OF MENTAL DISEASE".

Forunately, bravo to Western minds, they are very transparent at looking issues as issues are.


We need brains. Brains are lacking in this country, particularly this media brains are dead. They need too much tutoring and training from western media.

April 30, 2006
10:35 AM

To justand fair,
you should be insane to fool everyone here. I only say to improve your patriarchical mind set.

Dumb tools of India everywhere.

April 30, 2006
10:44 AM

Rita and all,

So, according to you every suicide bomber must be given respect.

Its like saying "Mohammed Ata" needs respect because we need to respect dead and dead must be believed 100%.

How does mind work?

Mind does not understand the difference between self and others. This simply means, what we scheme to do to other, we do it to ourselves as well (unknowingly).

So, there is no difference between a person who commits murder and a person who commits suicide. Thats the same so far as mind is concerned.

Thats the reason why so many terrorists recruit female suicide bombers. There are cases, where women threaten their husbands that they will kill the child (infant) and kill themselves as well.

Many in fact do that. ie. They kill (strangulate, poison, stab) the child before killing themselves.

Finally, a person who commits suicide does so to remain "self rightous". To prove s/he is right and whole world wrong, s/he commits suicide. So, no wonder such destructive people can make sure that the other people suffer as well.

The issue is, today the man/husband is implicated in almost every case of mysterious death of the wife. Then media and so called sane, psychologically healthy, balanced people term that guy a bastard, a moron and create hell for that person (without finding if he is responsible or not).

The facts in the post clearly show, how a judge investigates a case and draws the conclusions. Highly inconsistent/conflicting story/statement will prove that the person is not guilty.

The property dispute was between Navin Nischol and his brother. How the hell it impacts the lady?

If she has financial problem, then why the hell she did not work? Why the hell she did not claim maintenance? What was she does with her huge assets including a husain costing Rs.1 crore?

Husband's property is not wife's property. If the property is resgitered in Praveen Nischol's name, then it belongs to him (according to Indian Law). Full stop.

A man has every right to throw out anybody from his property. Say, A woman takes a house on rent from a man. She fails to pay the rent for many months. The guy legally throws her out (based on rental agreement). Now say, the female commits suicide and someone plants a "neatly written" note in her room saying that she did it because of the landlord.

In this case the landlord will be considered not guilty.

Are people investigating and debating on what punishment women get for driving a man to suicide?

If not, why not? Is a man's life cheap?

If Society feels a Man's Life is Cheap, then there is no way such a society will improve even 1%.

Indians lack orginality and prefer to go with what the "average society" thinks and considers correct. Since ages, such people(men/women) supported dowry, Sati, untouchability and many more evils because they were socially fashionable. Today, the same kind of people advocate lynching of men and elders because that is fashionable in media and literature.

So, I do not find the difference between Female Chauvinistic pigs(FCP) and "moderate" sex-starved Male Chauvinistic pigs who disguise themselves as male feminists to get a bit of attention from "female bloggers".

If you disagree, then remain silent for 5 minutes and ask your inner self.

April 30, 2006
01:00 PM

log martay haiN
log martay rahaiN gay
humaiN kya?

this is the great single point agenda of some


or disagree at your

April 30, 2006
09:03 PM

If we want gender equality, then the spouse of the person who committed suicide should be in jail or should be treated "guilty until proven innocent".

If a man commits suicide, he was coward.
If a women commits suicide, she was tortured and forced to do it.

Hypocrisy, eh??

April 30, 2006
11:14 PM

Guys, following are my thoughts, to improve your gender equality:

As long as women organisations keep getting funds from developed
nations govt. or international organisations, they can't avoid
spreading against Indian men and suffering of Indian women by Indian

These women organisations are fed by millions of $$ by these countries
mainly because Indian media humdrumming to the world about women saga
and fate, dowry deaths, rapes etc., by Indian men (infact commision % goes to media). This is a cycle/pattern for last 20 yrs.

Women organisations can only stop ranting against Indian men when this
fund stops or very much reduced, BUT again fund reduction raises large
slogans into media from these organisations.

So, 498a gets amended when fund to these organisations gets affected.
These organisations, NCW and corrupt politicians get scare of blogs,
forums and article writings by many men. One's their image goes
gradually dead their funds get affected.

They do not want that to happen. The moment they see large articles on
the topic of their funds and financial gains, they think better amend
498a and send most of us guys from internet into our own business
(making us keep quiet).

So, guys...pls. write articles much about to stop funding women
organisations in India in relationship with 498a. This works fastly
over articles against 498a.

Awareness of misuse of funds by women organisations and politicians in
internet articles will also work excellent.

So go by my idea and LEAVE US alone here.

May 1, 2006
12:01 AM


So, you feel only feminazies should have single point agenda and they have a right to hijack every social issue into a man-vs-woman issue.

You does not seems to have any problem with that.

Even DC, you do not have any problems with articles (by feminists) on date rape, on dowry, on Sati, so called confused males and what not.

You do not consider all those misandrist rants as spam. Indian blogosphere sucks, because people compare want to discuss things through indian media prism.

Please understand, world is not a one way street. If we are not in picture, then someone else will.

People who are supporting feminists blindly are responsible for the great suffering of old and sick people in India.

In NBA movement( led by Medha Patkar), the issue is about 50,000 people. In Bar girls issue, it is about 3500 girls. But, we are working for "25 lac" people who are abused, threatened and tortured. These 25 lac people have nowhere to go. Nobody hears their side of story because of continuous SPAM(false propaganda) by feminazies.

I have a simple question, why any woman who drives her husband to suicide is not arrested and put to trial in India?

Does not that mean a man's life is cheap?
Society has evaded these issues since ages. Today, men 21st Century men refuse to be "unpaid" risk taking bodyguards and die for feeding the family.

This is just the beginning.....

May 1, 2006
12:15 AM

See another perspective of Nischol's case, just to speculate as the media has been doing till now.

May 1, 2006
12:25 AM

found this on the home page of the one who is writing under name of Righta

"We are the Support Group for Dowry and Dowry Law [ IPC 498A ] Victims.

We are Band of Brothers and Sisters of India, united under the movement called Save Indian Family."

So whenever the band leader Sumanth writes his trash the whole band of brothers and sisters is going to descend on us!!!

This is like termites attacking with the first one coming in..

Wonder what is the pest control measure applicable here

May 1, 2006
03:53 AM

Sumanth Uncle,I am little confused , what do we mean by a woman?
As per my dadi, women means , a mother, a sister, a daughter and focourse a wife.

But little confused from the comments, women means only a wife.
Sumanth Uncle, would you please explain?

May 1, 2006
04:10 AM


This is for your Info; i`m the Admin for "Righta" URL and None of the "Righta" posts are mine.

We do not have Band Leader, as all of us are Victims of Misuse of Law.

We do not attack others; we are just support group for these Victims.

We are not against Any system of Law, but we are protesting against misuse of Law.

Your can check our POLL and most of the people says about these LAws.

We are not asking system to make men favorables laws,but we are asking Equality and not partiality.

My only Question is.




May 1, 2006
04:30 AM

Very Interesting Question:-



I think , my answer will be a Big "No".

Don't know about good english writters and Sumanth Uncle.....

May 1, 2006
04:44 AM

Laws are made to Punish criminals and prevent crime from society. Same Laws are amended as time
changes or when people started to misuse it, if there are bugs in it. Or same laws are no longer
serving the purpose. But in India there are some Barbarian and Stone Age time laws still exist, one
of such law is Dowry Prohibition act of 1961. It is also called IPC 498A.

Under this law, one word of a wife against her husband can land him in jail, send his old
age parents behind bars, or anyone whoever she name in her complaint, even husband married pregnant
sisters along with her breast fed small children. Wife's one word and some crocodile tears will
enough to lock them up for months; without any investigation or enquiry. This 498A of IPC is non
bailable and non compoundable, so these innocent victims are harassed for long for sure.

The Law Authority of India, knows about this misuse, Even Supreme court of India called it
"Legal Terrorism" - Dowry law no license to settle scores: SC.

And this law no longer serves any purpose, nor it's solving any problem of women.
Show me single family live together after 498A;
Show me single Family Solved its problem after 498A;
Show me Single Daughter-In-Law live happily after her false 498A dumped her husband family in jail.
Show me single family / Marriage is not ended after husband arrested under 498A.

I can show 1000 Plus Families harassed by this Law [ - 498A Victims Stories]

If its not serve the purpose,
If its not solve the Family / Marital Problem.
If its not stop menace of dowry System.
If its used as tool to blackmail husband family;
If its used to harass innocent old age people;
If its breaking Families;
If it's a Marriage Splitter;
If its give way to single parent system.

Then why this law still exists...?

Not only this law, there are many other laws to protect women Interest but none for Men, who are victimised;

IPC 376 - Rape Law; Even women had consensual sex still she can charge man with RAPE; When someone caught her red handed, with her Pre marital or Extra marital sex, she can charge man with RAPE;

Domestic Violence (Prevention) Bill, 2000
- Under this Law man has no right to talk also, women can charge husband with mental harassment;but man cann`t charge her with same WHY?

And Recent Supreme Court verdict;
- No sex can be lead to Divorce; but if women without sex for no reason man cann`t have sex with his wife, coz she can charge him with rape or Beastality, if he had sex. If women withhold sex thats ok with Law.

Under Child Custody
- there are only few Chances for men to get his child;Even Man is Perfect and women is Prostitute, still law gives child custody to women; even Father is natural guardian.

Show me Single Law which Support Indian men,Husband and Father.

By: 498A_Crusader
I`m writing this as a Victim of this Law; Why i`m still harassed by this law, Even she has not
came for a single court date for 7 long years, still judge is not ready to drop this case. So
there is no need to give any more examples than this, that this law is misused than used correctly and not all women are victims they are villains too.

May 1, 2006
06:02 AM


Navin very often stayed with his second wife in mahim. Its an expensive flat and in the prime location of mahim and it belongs to his wife.

Some months back he had a dispute with his brother over his property. Brother threw him out of the house with his second wife.

to gove him shelter his second wife got him to her HER house.

During his frstration he use to hit her, abuse her. Though in the previous interviews she covered up, thinking it will be over someday but the family disputes got worst.

The building people will vouch for that.

Maybe you should go and find it out. The people around do not have nice things to say.

Its an ideal case of how woman was tortured.

2 men fought of property and woman has to suffer(die). History repeats itself.

May 1, 2006
06:03 AM

SO what Navin was a man of few words??? does that mean he naver had a dispute wiht hisown brother few moenths back.?

You people are a man of ALOT of strong words. So what does that mean

May 1, 2006
06:10 AM

Check out what people have to say baout him too. Not good.

You do not like the media, you do not like what police did, her jewellry is missing? He had fights with his own so called blood brother. what more?

A man who can fight with his own brother over money(howmuch money can a person have ) , can you imagine what he must do with his own wife?

Am sure he suffered from inferiority complex about the fact that she provided him shelter.

As you say she stayed alone. He was a man of few words. Then why did she suicide, why did she suicde only after his fight with his borhter.

She was lead to suicide by him

May 1, 2006
06:13 AM

2) Navin used to stay in Pune. Then, how the hell he was torturing her?

Thats exactly who he tourtured her too. Making her stay alone.

Btw, he has been living in Mahim since the past many months. Ask your sif people who are clever in giving statistics, to find out. They do groud work right??

I have done mine. He has been staying with her since the past few months.

May 1, 2006
07:53 AM

Women u mean to say if he stay with her also, u blame him for torturing her; if not also u r blaming him that he deserted her.

then one thing is clear whatever goes wrong, then man is per you.

In indian (women)legal term, if man have sex with his wife, she can say her husband was raping her(law and women orgs support this)

if he do`nt have sex or have less, he is not satisfying his wife, so wife can find satisfaction somewhere per recent judgement they support women on this so she can get divorce too.

May 1, 2006
08:12 AM

"Am sure he suffered from inferiority complex about the fact that she provided him shelter"

I am 'sure', he could not take the nagging and mental torture of his wife.


Wait for the truth to come out.

May 1, 2006
02:53 PM


"Thats exactly who he tourtured her too. Making her stay alone."

So, you mean if a man stays away from his wife, then it is torture?

I want all sane people to answer this question?

When things do not go the way a woman wants, then it is termed as torture and the man a terrorist. Wah....Wah.....

May be the guy was staying alone not being able to face harassment from her. Even then, you will term it as torture.

This exactly how women file false cases. They torture men first. When he runs away (not being able to tolerate), he is accused of torturing the woman.

"A husband is not staying with his wife"
= "Torture of the wife"

Is yes, then I am happy that I am insane (as accused by many sane people in DC) and I will remain like that way.

Next, why a person commits suicide?

People, who are perfectionists and people who have very high expectations from life commit suicides (la Maya Mem Saheb). Unfortunately, had that movie been shot today, we would have seen the character played by "Farooq Sheikh" behind the bars for suicide of Maya.

Women make lifestyle demands even when the man is in pretty bad shape (financially, psychologically). They drive them to suicide with these demands. If the man escapes, they accuse him of torturing her.

SIF exists, not to fight against 498a. It exists to challenge the exist misandrist, judgemental attitudes which is harming the society.

May 1, 2006
02:57 PM

if two people can't get along, they shouldn't stay together

May 1, 2006
03:09 PM

That was a taste of your own medicine.

If a husband commits suicide, then blame the women,

If the women commits suicide, yet blame her!!!


You say if 2 people donot get along well they should stay seperately, well.. sometime back Sakshi wrote about a cous bro, how in a diginified way they parted ways!

Yet, these sif clones had trouble with that too.
Soo...their basic problem is women's happiness.

And sumanth

SIF exists to give refuge to people who take dowry.

Why dont yuo send some of your sif volunteers to victim's mahim house , its 2 minutes away from the station, if you cant do that, watch the aaktak and samay news epiosdes of last week, when the people from the victim's building were talking against the actor.

Since you the whole world is against men, then rather send your sif clones out there. I can privide you with the address.

May 1, 2006
03:38 PM


The truth is that every married Indian Man and his family must get a mandatory visit to jail 2 days before the marriage ceremony. That way, at least they will not die of shock, when they are led to jail in false cases.

As per your advice I watched AajTak news.

In that news, Navin's Friends are saying:

1) Navin is not an alcoholic. His consumption was as much as someone who is normal.

2) Navin used to get along with everyone (including wife) well and he has never troubled anyone in his life.

The AajTak reporter is saying,"as Navin used to stay in Pune, the case gets weak."

If the female's neighbours are correct (I assume), then I will assume that Navin's friends are also correct.

This post is about a simple question:

If Navin had committed suicide (in similar circumstances), will anyone recommend arrest and 7 day judicial remand of his wife and his mother-in-law?

Till now, I find the answer is "NO".

We are talking about social double standards which keep men the way they are. The same double standards keep women also the way they are.

As a result all the efforts for Gender Equality goes for a toss. Feminists consider gender equality as a free lunch. So, in US women are slowly returning back to home and hearth.

If Patriarchy has to go, then men must also get freedom from patriarchy which considers men's life as cheap.

Even in Navin's case, his wife was quite rich and she could always get a portion of property of her mother (as she has same right as that of her brother).

May 1, 2006
03:53 PM

To Woman,
SIF will certainly make sure following:

1) All ill-educated women(but acting as educated) who are using education for greedy purpose inside marriage and not working, TO MAKE THEM WORK.

2)Indian women organisations gets all fund cutoff internationally (politician and their own share stops).

3)Removes the societal thoughts & views on women as of present day (dumb thoughts & dumb values).

4)All ill-educated women to work similar to educated men and women below poverty line.

5)Will make sure participation of ill-educated women to write blogs/attending women orgs/ forums etc., only after coming from office. Make sure they don't sit at home watching TV and simply browzing internet and writing here and there for fashion.

6)Make sure to replace stickers in city buses from "respecting women is our culture" to "respecting individual is our culture"

So, don't worry. It is highly possible that you may loose your job(if you are working for them).

I challenge you and with everyone, none can stop us from doing this in INDIA.

your plan of sending SIF to andaman islands from doing above, then you should contact your self depression.

In another 2 years we will BEST educate every young individual in India to come out of this average mental attitude reading ill-educate women and separating them from hardworking women.

In one word, we will make sure where surpanakha and sita can stand upon their own values. Beware.

May 1, 2006
03:56 PM


The dowry hype is meaningless when we do not take into account the lifestyle demands by wife. The demands of wife and her parents of an apartment, a car, money for her sister's marriage are more severe than dowry harassment(if any).

In one European country, I had first hand experience of seeing how a young Indian Woman can "harass" the landlord for lifestyle demands. He said, "Das ist sehr schlecht"(Thats too bad).

The elderly Landlord told his plight to me (in broken English) accusing Indians of being greedy (based on the harassment he faced from this woman) and he correlated it with famous Nisha Sharma story. It seems this great Indian "Home Maker" visited every apartment in neighbourhood and made an "exhaustive" list of furnishings and appliances provided in every house (occupied by Indian Families). Then, she started making demands so that her house will have the superset of all the appliances in the neighbourhood. She even demanded a dvd player saying, her 5 year old son can not go to sleep if he does not watch DVDs.....(what an excuse!!).

Had it been India, she may even have threatened the landlord of even torturing him....

May 1, 2006
04:04 PM

Sumanth, in the US most apartments do come fitted with certain appliances especially kitchen appliances such as your gas cooker, dish washer, microwave oven and some even have washer and driers in house.

While the dvd demand was too much and I think an exaggeration on the part of the landlord but if other landlords did provide those items for the same rent then that lady had a valid point.

In America these things are transparent and uniform but in European landlords seem to be as shrewd as the Indian landlords where they dont seem to lift a finger till told to do so, atleast that is the impression i got from your narration

May 1, 2006
04:31 PM


The point is, every house had basic appliances promised (including a washing machine). All these houses belonged to the same landlord. This lady made a list of "extras" (complementary stuff) in different houses and wanted a superset. Finally, she got nothing extra, as it is not easy to negotiate with Germans and that too using dirty tricks.

So far as DVD story is concerned, I have never seen today's Germans inventing such silly stories. In fact, that whole nation is not good in story telling at all and remains serious most of the time.

May 1, 2006
06:02 PM

"If Navin had committed suicide (in similar circumstances), will anyone recommend arrest and 7 day judicial remand of his wife and his mother-in-law?"

The answer is YES. You people are there at SIF to make everyones life hell, hang everyone to death, and call everyone modern supranaka and nodern ravana.

May 2, 2006
12:37 AM

As per Rita/women/uzi;

whatever women do is right; men always at fault.

In india, i know how women harass thier husbands;

As soon as they get marry they tell husband to kick out his parents; but she is happy if her parents and all her siblings saty with her.and this is happening in every home. mostly women family members always visit.

if husband family members come to visit she know very well how to stop them coming back second time;
she will not cook for husband family members / guests
she will not talk
she grumble and shout if they do somehting.
insult husband in front of them;
deliberatly delay some things;
harass them;
Even after they left with all these memories;
she will withhold sex with husband to make him remember, his family member came.

if you tell this, no one tell she is harassing her husband,and leagly(in india only) its not harassment.

if husband says he will take her next day to movie or somewhere,where he promised her because he has headache or some other problem; she will say he did it deliberatly and its harassment.when women tell this with her Crocodile tears, everyone beleive; if same thing man sais with pain no one believe.

This is my 1st hand Experience.

May 2, 2006
12:42 AM

corret crisader.
now close the deal.
these days no bakra on SIF site or wta.
coiing here.
bored of ur boring clones.

May 2, 2006
04:28 AM

tried 498A_Crusader's url, doesn't seem to work.

if there is an overstepping of the media what has this got to do with husbands and wives ,etc. ?

May 2, 2006
06:36 AM

Remember there are two sucides in the story.

The question is shouldn;t naveen get the same treatment as got by Rekha?

May 2, 2006
07:02 AM

5000 men are being committed to jail when their wifes do the suicde

there is a differential of 23000 married men commuiting sucide. Show me the evidence that there are 23000 women being charged under section 306

Then I will believe that man's suicde equally seriously

Anyways if you go to my blog you will see the story of SIF member , Lady judge and the letter . Its about a warning and advice gven by SIF member and the consequence of not following SIF advice .

May 2, 2006
09:15 AM

Dadi, "that is the reason it is boring,"
as the jailling of age old parents, sister and samll child gives, a lot of happiness to some people, and like to see a lot at DC also.

We know DC are getting a lot of pressure to stop this SIF voice.

So dadi , please tell us some story of jailling age old parents and sister behind the bar without any investigation, as some people want happy news instead of boring News.

May 3, 2006
02:09 PM

Update:(not to be judged)

My wife was torturing me: Navin Nischol

It says:

The application also clarifies that the flat in Khar was taken on rent by Pravin and not owned by Navin as media reports had suggested.

It is argued that Gitanjali was suffering from depression and was prescribed medication.

She was also given to extreme mood swings and "displayed aggression on many occasions".

Denying that he and Gitanjali were harassed and thrown out of their own flat by his younger brother Pravin,Navin says he was forced to live separately due to 'extreme mood swings' in his wife’s behaviour which led to tensions within the extended family.

May 3, 2006
02:20 PM

If he can't deal with a woman's mood swings, he shouldn't have got married - that's part of the deal, I thought:)

May 4, 2006
12:56 AM

There is huge difference between 'normal mood swings' and 'abnormal mood swings'. Nobody man/woman bargains for 'abnomal mood swings'... its not part of any deal.

May 4, 2006
01:14 AM

I know at least 2 victims in SIF who have left their home because they could not cope up with 'abnormal mood swings' of their wife.

May 4, 2006
01:16 AM

I had first predicted that guitly men always like to call their wife mad in the end.

Its a case of sour grapes.

Its a trait, defense, desperate attempt. ANd this trait is very common in men who commit serious crimes against women.

Go to police station you will find navin himself given reports that his brother had thrown him out. They will come out toooo.

Both brothers are now trying to cover up their act.

May 4, 2006
01:22 AM


What will you call men who use mulitple names to prove a point and keep their own people unaware of their other existence.

Like how sumanth and gorky are?
like how kush and swarup are?
like how present india and mihir are?
like how mihir and rebel are?
like how swarup and anjali are?

and wasif i know atleast 200 women who have left their husbands coz of split personality disorder and these men are now in sif. seriously beleive me.

May 4, 2006
01:32 AM

"Actor Navin Nischol, arrested on charges of abetting wife Gitanjali's suicide, has done a turnaround."

Typical bail applications of 498a criminals. All bail applications of 498a criminals have std format and defense. They all their wife mad. Their feeble attempt to escape.

He gets married to a woman when he is 50plus, wants to enjoy with her and thinks he will get things like her flat for free.

May 4, 2006
01:36 AM

mood swings to the extent of blaming and threatening to commit sucide sorry that is not a package deal

May 4, 2006
01:40 AM

Typical of women ! want to get a flat earned by someone elses earnign and not want to do a dhela of work

May 4, 2006
01:44 AM

"dhela of work"....finally got a reaction of you.
loved it. It is so easy to rag you.

You are even easier than swarup.

May 4, 2006
02:07 AM

Recently I had got a call from a Husband in distress, he is an advanced Blood cancer patient and his wife had filed false 498a against him when she knew that the guy is not going to be of any use to her, rather going to be a lot of obligation.

He is made to run between mumbai and delhi, draining him emotionally, physically and economically. Sometimes I feel like guys like this should just be blessed with a swift death. The courts in Delhi(he is fighting a maintanence case and 498a case there, a divorce case in Mumbai) are promptly saying that the Guy is faking the Blood Cancer- that helps a lot!.

Yes that woman is doing a lot of work(a lawyer herself) for her family, that too without consideration.

May 4, 2006
02:32 AM

as laws become more and more "perfect", the "criminals" seem to increase in all variety.

asha dhody
May 4, 2006
02:48 AM

I think Navin is being victimized for an act of temporary madness,frustration on the part of an individual,be it a murderer or a person who takes his own life.
One has heard of several incidents like Navin but certainly not the kind of treatment given to him by the police,specially since nothing concrete has been proved against him.i am a woman but I certainly feel the manner he is being treated so far is purely because he is paying the price of being a celebrity once.
Cheers to his friend in Pune for giving him the emotional support he needs at this point.
I thought as per law 10 years was the time limit for any inlaw/husband being held responsible if a wife passed away under unnatural circumstances .
Today laws are mostly in favour of women,but are we not holding men to ransom because of this right? I know of men running away from marriage at times not knowing if the union is for the money or the alimony he might have to give.
Thank God the youth of today have the option of a pre nuptial agreement.

May 4, 2006
02:59 AM

Ms.Dhody, The youth of today has no where to run, but to stay in a coccoon(no date, no romance, no marriage-since all of these are risks, and can get a false case against them). Virtual Reality adult/family games could be a way out, me thinks.

Times report
May 4, 2006
03:13 AM

My wife was torturing me: Navin Nischol
[ Wednesday, May 03, 2006 08:30:47 pmTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]
MUMBAI: Actor Navin Nischol, arrested on charges of abetting wife Gitanjali's
suicide, has done a turnaround.

Denying that he and Gitanjali were harassed and thrown out of their own flat by
his younger brother Pravin,Navin says he was forced to live separately due to
'extreme mood swings' in his wife's behaviour which led to tensions within the
extended family.

Filing for bail in a sessions court, Nischol's plea said his wife had ended her
life "in a fit of depression".

His brother Pravin, who's been arrested on the same charges, has also sought

Pravin's application says his success as the CEO of a film production house,
Entertainment One, had made Gitanjali jealous of him.

Navin has pleaded that he was living with his mother and Pravin at a flat in
Khar since 1996 but was forced to move out in 2000 because Gitanjali had orced
him to do so.

The application also clarifies that the flat in Khar was taken on rent by Pravin
and not owned by Navin as media reports had suggested.

Navin has also stated that Gitanjali was never happy with his family and used
"to constantly engage in futile arguments" with his mother.

It is argued that Gitanjali was suffering from depression and was prescribed

She was also given to extreme mood swings and "displayed aggression on many

Speaking of her brother, Manmohan Shukul, the bail plea says he had met
Gitanjali only on three or four occasions since her marriage to Nischol in 1996.

May 4, 2006
03:28 AM

Sush auntie
Woman, A woman, rita, neha, sakshi,swarup,kush,bharti,amman,deepti,sumanth,
indu,kushi,wasif,asha...etc all are same and they are Indian and you will find in every where in your society, all are same, same red blood.

We know very well what type of game you are playing by hiding the indentity.

Swarup had allready invited you to delhi court, still hiding, yes criminal hide thier indentity, not a Innocent.
Just wait and watch, every thing have a limit.

May 4, 2006
03:33 AM

Woman, A woman, rita, neha, sakshi,swarup,kush,bharti,amman,deepti,sumanth,
indu,kushi,wasif,asha...etc all are same and they are Indian and you will find in every where in your society, all are same, same red blood.

We know very well what type of game you are playing by hiding the indentity.

Swarup had allready invited you to delhi court, still hiding, yes criminal hide thier indentity, not a Innocent.
Just wait and watch, every thing have a limit.

deepti lamba
May 4, 2006
05:51 AM

as usual, huh?

May 4, 2006
06:17 AM

Yes auntie,"as usual, huh?" only nothing more..
- Sucide No 1. vs. Sucide No.2- Naveen Vs. Rekha


May 4, 2006
07:03 AM

in todays national papers, there is report of how navin nischol has asked for enhanced illumination in his prison cell to avoid ...

Wa sif
May 4, 2006
08:14 AM

I am yet to see a single vicitm who has filed his bail application claiming his wife to be mad. Specifically when she is not. If your representation in SIF is thinking on these lines, I can only have sympathy for him, for the deep shit he may end up landing into.

"and wasif i know atleast 200 women who have left their husbands coz of split personality disorder and these men are now in sif. seriously beleive me."

Even I know, why these women have left, their husbands could not meet their abnormal demands, believe me.

Crux of the matter is,if there is any mishap (god forbid) to any of these men, would the concerned wife be meted with the same treatment as Navin Nischol. If no, why not and if yes, then how.

Wa(h) sif
May 4, 2006
08:19 AM

I don't see any Gorky here.
I don't see any Mihir here.
I am dying to meet Kush, the jester.

BTW, what is your identity ?

May 4, 2006
08:31 AM

Just take a round in your own house area , you will find a lot of KUSH.
About others, come any time to delhi court, they will not send you in the hand of Police or will start asking dowry form you, Provided you are not a criminal, who prefers to earn the money by legal terrorism instead of doing the same by hard work.

May 4, 2006
10:10 AM


May 4, 2006
10:20 AM

Waht is your identity?
No, No, you can't be sush....She is a brave girl not a hiding criminal.

May 4, 2006
10:34 AM

posting other parties plea on this suicide:

May 5, 2006
04:02 AM

Comment # 67 is not my comment

May 5, 2006
05:11 AM

Are you Sure?
As DC Moderator claim, no post under multiple name are allowed....

nachiket vilatkar
May 8, 2006
10:32 AM

but multilple people with single name allowed

May 8, 2006
10:35 AM

Yes, we can't help schizophrenics here

May 8, 2006
11:40 PM

everyone is going mad here.

May 9, 2006
12:19 AM

I think no one going to be mad, all are trying to showing thier Great Human attitude, that a Husabnd like a Bakra..Vhaaa..Vhaaaa...
Let a wife be a prostitutes, be a drug Smaggler, be a child killer.. that does not grantee that a Husabnd will not be behind the bar along with relatives, if she sucide, on the other hand when a husabnd sucide, let he be a Raja Harish Chandra, no one should ask a question to her, why her husabnd sucide!!!
if any one dare to do that, he/she will be termed as Anti-women!!!

A Indian Husbands
August 19, 2006
08:40 AM

It happens only In India!!!!

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