Afghan Court Drops Case Against Abdul Rahman

March 26, 2006
Aaman Lamba

Abdul Rahman, who has been hearing voices, according to his warden, could be free as early as Monday, after an Afghan Court dismissed the case against him for converting to Christianity, citing a lack of evidence.

His relatives testified he was mentally unstable, and there was some earlier question as to whether he would be ruled mentally unfit - this might have played some role in the court's decision. There was also some question as to his citizenship. The court's decision makes that a moot point, and will likely anger Afghan clerics, who had called for an enforcement of the country's laws against apostasy.

Free Image Hosting at"There will be big protests across Afghanistan," said Faiez Mohammed, a Sunni Muslim leader in the northern city of Kunduz. "This has shamed Afghanistan in the eyes of other Muslim countries."

International pressure had been brought to bear on the Afghan Government, from the Pope to President Bush stressing that religious freedom is a vital element of democracy. Of course, in the court of international opinion, the Afghan Government was found guilty even before it acted, and the fledgling democracy deemed failed.

It is expected he may move to another country. The question is raised that in a country where his actions have made his existence a crime, does he have freedom despite being a free man?

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Afghan Court Drops Case Against Abdul Rahman


Author: Aaman Lamba


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March 26, 2006
06:02 PM

Aaman, the question here is of a philosophical basis. It is a clash of philosophies.

First, Islam has its own philosophy, which may not be structured to have a very different constitution than the West or the Indian constitution.

Second, In your philosophy a free man has the right to choose another religion, or to choose no religion. But that may not be the case in Islamic constitution. So u are aplying YOUR laws to something that has a totally different set of laws.

Its like a man looking at a fish and wondering why it cant breathe air like he can. In short its a totally different world out there.

I must say that I am ignorant of Islamic Laws. I prefer to remain ignorant. This i say sitting in the comfortable area of the West.

March 26, 2006
06:07 PM

Lakshmikanth, I'm not sure if you are aware that the Afghan constitution is a unique political animal, enshrining both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as Islamic Law. This was perhaps it's first test, and unfortunately, avoided rather than faced up to.

March 26, 2006
06:09 PM


First, Islam has its own philosophy, which may not be structured to have a very different constitution than the West or the Indian constitution.

I meant to say this:
As far as my highly limited knowledge of Islamic laws/constitution goes, it might be structured very very different from that of the west, which is largely based on Greek Philosophy (Aristotle and Plato). All the things that u (and the west) say about a free man, are almost derived from the philosophies of Aristotle(Nicomachean Ethics for example) or from Plato(The Republic). Which are so much different from that of Islamic philsophy... they are soo soo different.

March 26, 2006
06:13 PM

This is what we should be scared of.

A country based on contradictory philosophy.. for examples if the preamble/assumptions/fundamental rights are from greek philosophy and the other parts of the constitution are islamic then we can have very funny situations and a lot of loop-holes. Because the constitution is inherently contradictory

It will soon turn out into a big disaster.

March 26, 2006
09:06 PM

Lakshmikanthan, you are attempting to de-base universal human rights by reducing them to a mere "philosophy" -- perhaps you'll next be calling them a pastime or hobby. Your validating the apostasy sentence on the grounds that the Afghan Constitution may compel it, is itself not compelling at all. Big deal -- in Pakistan, Ahmadi Muslims cannot even call themselves Muslims, on legal penalty. Muslims who try to defend any predatory act by hiding behind Sharia, are simply destroying the credibility of Sharia. This is why Islamic Law's credibility is so low. This cannot be rectified by public relations activism, lobbying, writing self-exculpatory articles, and other hijinks. The Muslim community can only reform their image by changing to meet universal standards of peaceful co-existence. Anything less is just a whitewash and will be seen as such.

March 26, 2006
09:36 PM

First, my name is Lakshmikanth and not Lakshmikanthan.

Second, The way I define philosophy and the way u define philosophy may be entirely different. So i cannot see that i am 'de-basing' anything.

Philosophy is the supremum of the ideals of any organization, group, country which act out of rational/irrational self interests. It is not merely 'a thing' but it is 'THE' thing.

It is a set of principles and one of the most important requirements of any set of principles is that they should be logically consistent.

And when u mix greek philosophy (which is the basis for the mordern free societies) and the Islamic Sharia.. u get a set of contradictory values. People will neverthless be confused on what exactly to follow... and it will be a funny situation as this one.

For example the usage "universal standards of peaceful co-existence" by you shows the kind of philosophy/principles that u follow.

U can call it by any name man, philosophy, principles, standards... it all means the same


March 26, 2006
09:39 PM

Just to add

perhaps you'll next be calling them a pastime or hobby

I think that falls in the things that i call "none of ur business". I think it borders on something called an Ad-Hominem attack, if u know what i mean.


March 27, 2006
01:06 PM

Isn't the real irony that a man is avoiding excecution for apostasy on the basis of his "hearing voices" -- and that would mean he was apostate from the religion of one man who heard voices ... and a convert to the religion of another, slightly earlier fellow who heard voices.

March 28, 2006
12:41 AM

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