55 Word Nano Fiction - Ms. Rita's Starbucks in Ratanpur

March 26, 2006
Kush Tandon

Ms. Rita's Starbucks in Ratanpur

Ms. Rita, a fair and lovely coed from Cornell, originally from Ratanpur meets our Dablo at a dhaba. Dablo, a 10 year old waiter is a hopeless flirt.

Rita: Low-fat frappuccino, please. Grande.
Dablo: Madame, no frappuccino. Mother dairy chai, here.
Rita: Whatever.
Dablo: Apun ka chai, Amitabh Bachchan loves. Are you Miss India? Very pretty.

Inspiration: Sepia Mutiny


Who is Ms. Rita Chandraswamy?

More about Ms. Rita. Ms. Rita is a 100% fictional character in my writings. She is a young pretty Indian-American who was born in Ratanpur, India (a small village in North India) and spent her first 5 years there. Her parents immigrated to US both as medical doctors. Her father is Tamil (South Indian) and her mother is Punjabi (North Indian). Her extended family still lives in Delhi and she visits India very often. Through her, I sometimes highlight cultural contrasts between India and America, and the tight-rope walk for Asian-Americans for emotional cues. Currently (Spring 2006), she is around 20 years old and is a junior at Cornell University.

Her past adventure.

She is more relaxed than Jhumpa Lahiri. Then she has been center of attention always and therefore, she flaunts her Indian looks in America as an unique value added to her stock. Sometimes, she does act totally confused, funny, and retarded too. Who doesn't? Also, she is quite fluent in English, Spanish, German, Hindi, Punjabi, and Tamil. She does love Bollywood.

I will continue to write about her adventures and misadventures. I may even draw her - After all she is my creation.

One of these days……. be Mahatma Gandhi, Breaker Morant, Subramanian Chandrasekhar, George Harrison, Jack Sparrow, Richard Feynman, Ernest Hemingway, Robert Langdon, Hans Bethe, Pink Floyd, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Shackleton, Edmund Hillary, Shaft, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Neil Young, Han Solo, Bruce Lee, Denys Finch Hatton, Mark Knopfler, and Like My Father.
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55 Word Nano Fiction - Ms. Rita's Starbucks in Ratanpur


Author: Kush Tandon


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March 26, 2006
07:59 AM

Excellent idea. Rita has in my mind been etched by Rowling's potrayal of her scavenging reporter

Kush Tandon
March 26, 2006
10:29 AM

Thanks, Nandhu

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