On Narnia - The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

January 31, 2006
Vijayendra Mohanty

Let this be clear: I have not read the book. There, got that off my conscience. This is not a review. Call it the first impressions of a fantasy fan.

In the LOTR movies, they rode for days on horseback to get from Gondor to Quandor and from Quandor to Mordor. But I beg your pardon, Narnia is a world?

The far away palace/castle of the white witch seems next door to the good guys' camp. They frequently stroll over into each other's areas at night to rescue, fight, sacrifice themselves, and generally have some midnight fun.

Apart from this space issue I liked the movie. The initial discovery of the wardrobe part was long enough to effect the audience's surprise when the fantastical eventually starts. Chronicles of Narnia is a reasonably well made film that doesn't make any pretensions to lofty scope.

Things happen quickly and reasons are shown readily. Talking animals don't look ridiculous like the Grimm-tired might expect. Walt Disney's frenzied attempt at making their presence felt in the epic fantasy movie market doesn't disappoint.

Vijayendra Mohanty thinks positive thoughts, reads good books, and writes a great blog (even if he says so himself).
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Rohan Venkat
January 31, 2006
07:52 AM

Ah well, from what i remember of the books a long while ago, Narnia was one kingdom, not a world.

Like Rohan.

Phillip Winn
January 31, 2006
09:08 AM

Indeed, Archvenland is just south of Narnia, with Calormen south of that, and Ettinsmoor and the Wildland are to the north.

You can find maps of just Narnia, or maps of the whole sub-continent online. I used to have a poster of that second map on my wall as a young lad.

deepti lamba
January 31, 2006
09:16 AM

Give me Rings instead of dank Closets any day ;)

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