Photo Essay: British Museum Part 5a, The Famous Greek Men

April 21, 2010
Dr Bhaskar Dasgupta

I was going to just do one largish Greek Galleries but after running through the list of photographs and being brutal, still was left with about 100 photographs, so have decided to explode it a bit more. Apologies. The first one relates to the Famous Greek Men.

 Greece,Sculpture,British Museum,London

Where else to start but with Pericles, perhaps one of the men to whom Western Civilisation owes a very large debt. And a great public speaker to boot. And a cool picture with his helmet pushed back on his head. Neat, eh? This is a 2nd century AD copy of an older Greek original of around 440-430 BC.

Greece,Sculpture,British Museum,London

A bronze of Alexander

Greece,Sculpture,British Museum,London Greece,Sculpture,British Museum,London

Marble busts of Alexander. 

Greece,Sculpture,British Museum,London

Old man Socrates said to be from Alexandria.

Greece,Sculpture,British Museum,London

From the left, you have Socrates, the founder of Greek philosophy, then Antisthenes, founder of the Cynic school of philosophy, Chrysippos founder of the Stoic School of Philosophy and then Epikouros, founder of the Epicurean School of Philosophy. Between these four gentlemen, you can pretty much encapsulate the majority of western (broadly speaking) thought. Perhaps one day I will get a chance to read more into these.

Greece,Sculpture,British Museum,London

Homer the composer of Iliad and Odyssey. He looks a bit miserable, no? well, so would I be if I was blind and forced to recite long poems for my food.

Greece,Sculpture,British Museum,London

Menander a dramatist.

After taking all these pictures, I stood there and gazed at the faces of these (and very many more busts) of the Greek statesmen and philosophers. Its quite interesting to see how these ancient men produced ideas and actions that directly influence how we live and work. The power of an idea, eh? Next essay looks at the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Here is the full slide show.

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Photo Essay: British Museum Part 5a, The Famous Greek Men


Author: Dr Bhaskar Dasgupta


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