Musharraf Signs "Peace Treaty" With Pro-Taliban Militants

September 08, 2006

Mushy our "friendly" neighbourhood dictator never ceases to entertain. I have been laughing ever since I heard this bit of news. If only all "peace treaties" were as entertaining as this one history classes would have been more interesting.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingTo add to the mirth, the dumb Americans and the "International Community" seem to have fallen for this rope-a-dope trick hook, line and sinker.

The White House also defended the deal, saying Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf's government 'has been very cooperative in helping track down members of al-Qaeda'. "There's been an implication that somehow this throws open the border area to al-Qaeda. That does not make sense for the government of Pakistan," White House spokesman Tony Snow said, responding to reporters' questions in Washington. "We don't believe it is the case," he said. "And I think what's happened is, as quite often happens, people try to connect dots that aren't there."

Critics have called the treaty a 'total capitulation' by Islamabad.

The dimwits don't seem to get it do they? Pakistan or Mushy is not capitulating to anything. The Pakistan Army is perfectly capable of hunting mountain rats. The Murder of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti is proof positive of that.

Let's see what the terms of this so called "Peace treaty" are and what they really mean.

  1. The Utmanzai tribe of North Waziristan Agency has committed to not attacking personnel of the army and law enforcing agencies, and state properties - [read Pakistan rangers and border guards "guarding" the Pak-Afghan border to prevent the NATO forces from crossing over the border to attack Al-Qaeda in Waziristan. Hmmmm.... I think AQ & Co will "respect" this term]
  2. No target killing shall be carried out [Ha ha. They are terrorists. They mostly kill indiscriminately]
  3. No parallel administration will be established in the area. [Then who are you signing a "peace treaty" with? Are you not recognising them as a "parallel" administration already?]
  4. No cross border movement to Afghanistan for militant activities will be carried out and no ingress in settled areas adjacent to North Waziristan Agency will take place [Translation - NATO forces will not be allowed inside Waziristan]
  5. Similarly they have resolved that all foreigners in North Waziristan will leave Pakistan [Al Qaeda get out!], although those who are unable to do so for certain genuine reasons [Wait! Wait! On second thoughts please stay back and enjoy our "hospitality"] shall respect law of the land and abide by all conditions of the agreement. They shall not disturb the peace and tranquility of the area.

An eminent American blogger called Marc Schulman has this to say about the "treaty".

One possibility-the most hopeful possibility-is that, with the withdrawal of Pakistani troops from the North Waziristan, it would be easier for our troops to cross the Pakistani border in search of bin Laden without raising the ire of Pakistanis living in government-controlled areas.

Yes, of course. Just like Mushy has provided access to AQ khan he will let you have AQ Laden too.

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September 8, 2006
02:15 PM

This is a tragedy - I read somewhere that the world has traded Afghanistan for Waziristan, and I personally believe the cancer may now metastize, spreading deeper into Pakistan, and undoing whatever good efforts they may have made

September 8, 2006
04:04 PM

this is typical carrot-stick posture by the occupying army and could be interpreted as a strategic retreat

this juggling act will last as long as he has US support...everybody is in it knowingly

selig says:

But this argument does not hold up against mounting evidence that, as an ally, Musharraf has been an opportunist from the start who has continued to help the Taliban (just as he had done before 9/11 ) and who has gone after Al Qaeda cells in Pakistan only to the extent necessary to fend off U.S. and British pressure.-- selig s harrison

September 8, 2006
04:59 PM

"everybody is in it knowingly"

What is the American game here? Are they planning to put bin laden on the back burner while they sort out another thug in a cheap suit and a big mouth slightly to the west?

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