Wing Commander G.R. Mulky, 'Wingco', Founder, KQA, Passes Away

February 04, 2006
Aaman Lamba

Tragic news on a fine person, one I have looked up to most of my life. I was a quizzer for a long long time, and the Karnataka Quiz Association my hunting grounds.

The Karnataka Quiz Association (KQA) was founded in 1983 by Wg Cdr (retd) Mulky, Deepak Murdeshwar, Rajeev Gowda, Thomas Uthup, K.N.Mahabala, Tribhuvan Kumar, P.Raju and Jagadish Raja. Quizzing is hugely popular across the sub-continent today, and Bangalore the pre-eminent center for quizzing enthusiasts, thanks in no small part to Wingco.

Wing Commander G.R. Mulky, 'Wingco' to all Bangalore quizzers, passed away early this morning. He was 82.

He had had a bad fall in December, suffering several rib-fractures. Complications brought on by his age kept him bedridden for the last few weeks, a cruel restriction for someone of his energy and independence. He slipped into a coma earlier this week and was granted rest today.

Those familiar with the quizzing scene in Bangalore will remember that Wingco had founded the Karnataka Quiz Association in 1983 in partnership with other enthusiasts and ran its affairs with great determination till the year 2000. He was similarly involved with the founding of Sursagar, a society devoted to promoting Indian Classical Music. Wingco was also actively involved in counselling activities for the old in association with the voluntary organisation Vishwas.

Wingco gave quizzing in this city the character that defines it to this day. We will miss him in more ways than are possible to name. When Ochintya and I visited him last, he managed enough lucidity in the midst of terrible pain to utter the words "Wherever we are, we will be together." That moment, as well as several others, go today into the making of an evergreen memory.

Wingco's funeral will take place tomorrow at 10 a.m.

The quizzes announced for tomorrow will be held as originally scheduled. The first question will be asked at 10 a.m — we can think of no tribute more fitting.


Arul Mani
Vice President
Karnataka Quiz Association

Quiz On, Wingco.

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Wing Commander G.R. Mulky, 'Wingco', Founder, KQA, Passes Away


Author: Aaman Lamba


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February 5, 2006
12:04 AM

Very sad news. I knew him from the time he was actively associated with Sursagar. A real gentleman, we will miss him.

February 5, 2006
12:45 AM

Indeed, WingCo was always a true gentleman.

sonali savakoor
February 5, 2006
10:54 AM

A powerhouse-positive thinking-Has made differences to & touched so many lives.A karmayogi in real sense.

Alka Murdeshwar
February 5, 2006
10:48 PM

Wingco to everyone else........... and 'PAPA' to me. A Man so well loved, respected and revered. A Man whose innumerable achievements left an indelible mark in the lives of the people he touched. A motivator, an excellent father, and above all a selfless human being. I am truly blessed to be his daughter.

February 5, 2006
11:01 PM

Our deepest condolences to you - Bangalore will never quite be the same. His quizzing heritage alone is enough to remember him, and every personal interaction one had was of the highest calibre.

Alka Murdeshwar
February 5, 2006
11:02 PM

Thank you Arul Mani for keeping all of Papa's dreams for KQA alive! Wish you all the best.

Pradeep Nadkarni
February 6, 2006
12:08 AM

We all, our entire Society will miss him very dearly.

His noble mind, his strength of conviction and selfless living were his greatest qualities. He served society selflessly, promoting quizzes, promoting Sursagar, managing Canara Union, writing, editing, giving free tuitions, counselling, etc. He has touched the lives of several people & institutions by his painstaking efforts & contributions!

Guruji-maam, as we fondly addressed him, was a shining example of a true Karma Yogi, a noble soul we all must emulate in our daily life!

gourang kodical
February 6, 2006
09:27 AM

He was the founder President of Sursagar, a premier music organization in Bangalore. Thus, apart from being his nephew, as the founder secretary of Sursagar, I was very fortunate to be intimately associated with Guruji-maam.

In the 20+ years that we ran the Sabha, we had to meet and interact almost every day of the week. Could I ask for anything better? He was my friend, philosopher, guide and I can never forget the values I have learnt from him in the course of our long association.

He was a colossus. I firmly believe in the words he uttered to Arul Mani - "Wherever we are, we will be together"

Maitreyi Savur
February 6, 2006
09:45 PM

It was very sad news indeed. Guruji Bappa(as we called him since childhood) was a mentor and guide to me. He was a great source of strength and sound advice whenever I needed it. I will miss him immensely, just as the millions whose lives he touched, will.
I pray God to give the family and the rest of us courage and strength to bear the great loss.

February 6, 2006
09:51 PM

Alka, my family joins me in expressing my deepest condolences to you and the rest of your family. We've known Wg. Cmdr. Mulky since the early 80s when my dad passed on his quizzing bug to myself and my brother. Wg. Cmdr. Mulky was very supportive and encouraging of our school and college teams. He even putting down a small note in the KAQ newsletter when I sent him my wedding invitation. He was one of the first people I called to get back in touch with when I got back to India. He was just that kind of a person. Truly an inspiration both for his personal demeanor and his passion for quizzing.

Aaman, thank you for putting up this post here.

Ashwin Amladi
February 11, 2006
02:06 AM

My earliest memories of Wingco were in the early 1980's when he went door to door to generate interest for his Sursagar. My parents took me along to every possible programme and I always found myself sitting right next to the stage. I even got a sweet from a renowned artiste for sitting in the front row and intently enjoying the music.

On one of Wingco's visits, I all of 12 years old, asked him about the KQA. This was 1983, and I soon after attended one of the first few KQA quizzes with my older brother and his friend. We were called "harmony" (Supernova won). I was in 7th Standard at St Josephs. I attended a few more school level quizzes, finishing third once and soon after graduating with a none too distingushed quizzing career. I spoke with Wingco and he encouraged me to wait till I reached college.

A few years later at SJCC, a classmate of mine, RS Naman encouraged me to start quizzing again. We started as the "scratch team" for St Josephs College of Commerce with Myself (always first, always in Capitals), Naman and Rajsekar. On the side, we trained for the KQA Open Quizzes with a passion, founding a "secret" quiz group called Metaquizziks consisting of Myself, Naman, Rajsekar, Sundar Raman, Satish Chander, Turab and Arul Mani (Arul was "admitted" after extensive lobbying). Over a two year period, all of us excelled in the quiz world. Wingco knew about MQ and encouraged us all along. We attended every possible quiz, at least for practice and found ourselves in strange places such as Hanumanthanagar, Coimbatore, Pilani and Surathkal. Over a period of 5 years our team became the pre-eminent team on the KQA circuit.

Wingco was a beacon of encouragement. When I decided to go to the USA for higher studies he gave me a reference and encouraged me to follow my passion. Quiz to him was important, but not the only thing in life.

Wingco touched my life in several other ways. When my mother needed blood after chemotherapy, he organized donors. When my father joined a committee to build a seniors residence, Wingco participated actively on the Board. There are several other instances that I cannot name.

I met my wife through the KQA - of course, Wingco in true diplomatic style denied any knowledge until we got married. We met at what happened to be my first quiz as a quizmaster. Wingco gave me and Naman (we were inseperable) all of the materials and still showed up to support us. We conducted the quiz and who should win other than my future wife?? Merit of course.

I have never known a more complete individual than Wingco. Even in his seventies, he was a magnet for those of us in our twenties - an inspiration and an example. When there was no quizmaster available, he would do the quiz himself. If he asked younger people to conduct a quiz, he was always at the venue first, testing the speakers and the projectors. How embarrassing for those of us trying to do better in life!!

Wingco and the KQA were synonymous and will always be. The energy with which he led his life is an example to us all, be it the tuitions for deserving children, the patronage of quiz and music and god knows how many other causes that he immersed himself in. May his soul rest in peace! Above all, may his enthusiasm for life inspire all of us!!

Ashwin Amladi
Toronto, Canada
ashwinamladi at

February 11, 2006
03:06 AM

Hi Ashwin! What a lovely note about Wg. Cmdr. Mulky! I can echo all the things you've said about him.

Gosh! It's great to see this note from you. Do you remember who I am? We spoke a couple of times when you first came to the US and then lost touch. Looks like you've moved to Cananda now. Let me know how you are doing or if your memory needs prodding.

Take care,

February 11, 2006
08:40 AM

Wow - that's a great note - Metaquizziks has been an inspiration for hordes of quizzers, myself included, and WingCo's guidance to quizzing teams, noted and unknown, is what made it all possible.

Thanks Ashwin, and if you'd like to write for DC, do send me an e-mail.

Shantesh Row
June 2, 2006
05:20 AM

Dear Guruji bhaiyya, you will always be a strong part of my memories. May you rest in peace. Love.

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