4 Top Best Movie Streaming Apps for Hot Download to Kill Boredom in 2017

Sometimes, we want to watch movies, but we don’t want to go the cinema; the best way to watch top movies without leaving your doorstep is to download them.

You must be wondering that you haven’t seen any good free movie streaming app, that is why we put together this article, it’s just for you. Here we will discuss some free movie streaming apps that are very nice for you.


PlayBox HD

I love the PlayBox HD and I hope you will too. The PlayBox HD app is an excellent movie streaming app; with it, you can watch latest movies, TV shows and serials just as the Movie HD App and the ShowBox app.

It also comprises of nice new features like free TV shows, new movies, and TV serials. The PlayBox HD new version is even more astonishing so you should get the CinemaBox right now for cooler movies.

PlayBox HD is also available for all operating system. If you are an Android user you can download the PlayBox HD APK, and then install it on your Android devices. For IOS users you should download the PlayBox HD for IOS. The PlayBox App is also available for Windows and Mac computers.

Movie HD App

Movie HD App is a very nice video streaming app. With it, you can watch many TV shows, latest movie and TV serials free of charge.

Movie HD App has all the excellent and latest movies, serials and TV shows and it is available for all operating systems; isn’t that cool! You can also download it one your Android device and PC.


ShowBox HD is very popular; guess you’ve heard about it too, well if you have not heard about it, Showbox is a movie streaming app where you can watch latest TV shows, serials, and movies. The App also allows you download videos and watch them offline on your phone.

This app is not yet made available on the Google play store, but you can download it from its website. You can find it for Android and IOS devices; it can be downloaded for watching on your PC either Windows or Mac


Kodi TV is an app for movie streaming, though, it’s not very popular, but it is a very nice video streaming app.

This app has beautiful and excellent features. Those features include high-quality videos, frequent update of content and good interface. Its content is systematically arranged according to the diverse genre. The Kodi TV app is available on Android, Windows store and IOS.


Improvement in technology is changing the world in better ways, don’t you agree with me? With these free Apps, you can watch unlimitedly with your smartphones, isn’t that just too great.

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