Photo Essay: Extraordinary Formations

August 02, 2010
Dr Bhaskar Dasgupta

While walking across Harrow on the Hill Tube Station, I happened to glance up and I noticed some amazing patterns on the plastic roof and the roof windows. Nothing much to say, but the patterns were eye catching. Take a look at the higher resolutions on the slideshow, the patterns are quite interesting, how the leaves, rivers and shapes are formed on the plastic roofs and the roof windows. Walk in. Looks like its melting, no? a charging bull to the left? a river forming a lake? flames? a river? A forest? There’s the window in question. I notice the weirdest of things. It's the window covers which have gone all old and manky, they are cracking. Shows how much maintenance is done, eh? And exiting from the other side.

Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta works in the city of London in various capacities in the financial sector. He has worked and travelled widely around the world. The articles in here relate to his current studies and are strictly his opinion and do not reflect the position of his past or current employer(s). If you do want to blame somebody, then blame my sister and editor, she is responsible for everything, the ideas, the writing, the quotes, the drive, the israeli-palestinian crisis, global warming, the ozone layer depletion and the argentinian debt crisis.
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Photo Essay: Extraordinary Formations


Author: Dr Bhaskar Dasgupta


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