Music Review: Rabba Luck Barsa

August 01, 2010

Rabba Lak Barsa is a nice song with soothing music and fresh Hindi lyrics from Sameer. I have huge huge huge respect for him. His legacy ranging from 'ladki badi anjaani, ghoonghat ki aad, chane ke khet, chali chali, dhak dhak, to lagan lagan' is unbelievably refreshing. Surfing through FM channels on my cell phone, I was subjected to a repetition of APKGK songs with international music and equally international lyrics, an unparallel composition of 'dil to bachcha hai' and a more than acceptable 'rabba lak barsa'. Indian music and lyrics form the soul of both the latter songs. At least I thought so.

With this backdrop of Sameer's legacy and a pride in my knowledge of Hindi language, I tried to interpret the word lak and failed miserably for a week. I thought it might mean rains, petals, snow or any other goodie to welcome Mahiya. But it did not sound convincing enough. Then I was showered with lak and realized that it is the sole English word in the otherwise non-English lyrics and is spelled luck and not transliterated lak!

The magic waned away in nano seconds. I was heart broken to learn that someone of Sameer's stature failed to find a suitable Hindi/Urdu word for this song. 'Crazy kiya re' belongs to an entirely different genre and is perfectly acceptable. Wish more luck was showered on the great man for 'Rabba luck barsa'.

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