Fiction: A Trip To The Mall

July 07, 2010

The newly-wedded couple Priya and Santosh had just arrived at the home store in the mall looking for furnishings to deck up Santosh's newly bought apartment on the outskirts of Bangalore.

They had been seeing each other for the past year or so before they finally tied the knot three weeks ago. She would often visit his flat where they would make love on the rickety bed he had bought from his ex-neighbour at a throwaway price.

The rest of the apartment would have given away the fact that this was indeed a bachelor's den. Priya was yearning to get it furnished, and she certainly is an accomplished interior decorator, having done up many of her friends' places. But he wanted her to wait till they got married.

And so here they were, barely a week after their honeymoon in the Maldives.

The two had met through a matrimonial website, and ever since they got in touch, they took an instant liking to each other. She is a Tamil Iyer who worked for a well-known software company on the Ring Road as a HR Manager. He, a Telugu Reddy, was a Marketing Manager in a large construction company. Both were quite good looking and liked by many of their colleagues. The doe-eyed Priya was actually quite a stunner and had broken many a heart in her company when she announced that she was getting married.

As they were checking out the living-room furniture, Priya recognised her friends Ajay and Sukanya in the adjacent section looking at large floor-standing vases.

In a moment Sukanya saw Priya as well, and the girls proceeded to meet up, with the guys in tow.

"Nice to meet you two here, how's the home decor coming up?" Sukanya asked after shaking hands with Priya and Santosh.

"I guess we barely got started. It's been kinda hectic so far." said Priya. "So what are you guys doing here?"

"Oh, we had come to get a gift certificate for my cousin's birthday. But the vases here caught my attention. But they are too big for my living room, no?", Sukanya said with a shrug.

Priya had to agree. Sukanya and Priya had known each other since high-school and Priya would visit Sukanya's place quite often. In fact, it was Priya who introduced Sukanya to Ajay who is Priya's ex-colleague. Ajay had gone through a divorce and was looking out again. Priya's endeavour in that regard seemed to have succeeded since the two have been going steady for almost two years.

Santosh had met Ajay and Sukanya a few times even before his wedding. Now he suggested that all four go to the Coffee Day in the mall.

"That would be so nice, but unfortunately, we are in a hurry since it is already getting late for my cousin's party", Sukanya regretfully replied. "Hey, if you guys are free on Sunday, you can come home for lunch", she told him and Priya. Then she gave both of them a big parting hug. Soon thereafter, she and Ajay were gone.

"Such nice friends you have. You have told me they've been seeing each other for long. Any idea if they plan to get married soon?", Santosh asked inquisitively.

"Well, I don't know myself, but I think his parents are not very happy with her family background. You know how obstinate parents can sometimes be", Priya explained. "But I hope they get it sorted out soon."

As the two were about to leave the store to check out a few more places outside the mall, they came across a nice mannequin on the lower floor draped in an orange silk saree. "Hey, that really looks nice, maybe I should buy you a saree", Santosh told her.

"Uh, no, this is not the place for sarees. And I have enough of them anyway", Priya said in a dismissive tone. "We should first concentrate on the furniture and the drapes."

Santosh had always wanted to get a saree as a surprise birthday gift for her. But now he was having second thoughts.

As they came out of the store's main entrance into the atrium of the mall, Priya's mind went back to the mannequin. Not the one in the orange saree, but the one next to it in the dark blue one. For the saree was eerily similar to the one she had bought for her own wedding reception, but which she didn't wear in the end.

As they were walking towards the door to the basement car park on the other side of the atrium, they passed by the Coffee Day. Had her friends not been in such a hurry, she might have had to spend a long time with both Sukanya and Ajay. But it didn't happen. And she felt glad that it was that way.

Her mind went back to the time she and her mom had gone to Chennai to select sarees for her wedding. Nice Kancheepuram ones. In the end, they selected a blue and a magenta one, with dual tones and plenty of gold zari. The magenta one was her mom's selection. But she wanted to wear the blue one for the reception.

Back in Bangalore, a week before the wedding, Ajay called up Priya casually. She then told him about the sarees. Having been her friend for a long time, Ajay wanted to see her in the sarees.

"Come over this evening", she invited him.

Ajay arrived at her place at 6. She was in casuals when she opened the door.

"You see, my roomie is someone whose tastes in sarees are very good. Unfortunately for me she has gone back to Coimbatore for her vacation. So now I am left with having to ask for a guy's opinion!" she said teasingly.

She then showed him the two sarees. Ajay told her that both were awesome after she showed him the zari borders.

"Ok, let me wear the magenta one first!" she said and disappeared into her bedroom and closed the door behind her.

A few minutes later she emerged as an elegant lady in the magenta saree. The blouse had a satin finish and was deep maroon, almost black like a black rose. She was looking really gorgeous. "Well, the blouse for this saree is not yet back from the tailor. This is the only blouse I have that even comes close" she said in an apologetic tone. But Ajay who was stunned by the way she looked couldn't care less.

"You look absolutely gorgeous, I swear. Santosh is such a lucky guy to marry you!" he said.

"Thank you!", she said and almost blushed. "Ok, let me change now into what I am going to wear for the reception", she said and again disappeared into the bedroom.

In a few minutes, she again emerged from the bedroom in the blue saree with a glee. In a mischievous manner suggestive of models on catwalks, she then swayed side to side showing a part of her back to him. Her sleeveless blue blouse had a low cut at the back with strings running between the two sides like a shoelace.

When she had turned around fully to give him a long view of her back, she suddenly felt his hands grab hers. She was for a moment petrified. He then buried his face in her hair and drew a deep breath to enjoy the fragrance from her hair and body. Priya, in a quivering voice, said "Ajay, what are you doing?" He then let go of her hands and then they turned to face each other. They made immense eye contact for what seemed to be an eternity.

He then drew himself closer to her face. She didn't attempt to step back. Then he proceeded to kiss her rosy lips. At first she turned her face to one side to duck him. When he withdrew, she slowly turned face forward and started staring at him again with her doe eyes. Ajay was more determined this time and drew his lips closer to hers once again. This time she didn't turn away. But when his lips managed to make contact with hers, she had hers shut like a zipped purse for a while. After a few moments, his tongue literally pried them open. With that barrier broken, their lips and tongues were exploring each other's with a passion as strong as what their friendship had been.

His hands which were holding her chin then slowly worked their way down. He then laid his hands around the nape of her neck and then slid them down and cupped her breasts with his palms. He could feel her erect nipples through the blouse and bra.

In each other's embrace, they made their way into the bedroom together. Then he slowly proceeded to disrobe her by himself. She didn't speak a word till she was down to her panties. One half of the saree was now on the bed with the other half on the floor. He also unbuttoned the blouse for her. She was looking even lovelier now in the sheer black bra and white panties.

Suddenly she pushed him and asked him to stop. She told him this was a great mistake. Tears started streaming down her cheeks.

But he was in no mood to listen to her protests. He again kissed her and slowly pushed her towards her bed.

She again tried to push him away, but he didn't relent. Deep down in her mind, she didn't want him to.

In a few moments, both of them, completely naked, were on the bed together. The foreplay and lovemaking that followed were the best she had ever had. She hadn't experienced anything of this sort with Santosh, and it took a while for her to regain her composure.

"Where is our car? Are we on the right parking level?" Santosh asked her. Suddenly this question brought her back to reality. She had perspired quite a bit and her hands were quite clammy by then.

"Oh, I think it was B2, not B1" she said and held his hand.

As they made their way to the lower basement of the mall, Santosh asked why was sweating so much. She said that it was because the basement was quite warm. But Santosh found the temperature of the basement rather pleasant.

Sure enough, they found their Santro on the lower basement. When they got in and he started to pull out the car, she gripped his left palm with her right hand to make it appear that they were changing gears together. She didn't let go and Santosh found this to be a bit strange. She had never done this before.

When they emerged out of the mall, it was already dark. When they were on a residential street not far from their place, she asked him to pull over to the side of the road.

When he stopped, she told him "I love you Santosh, I love you!" and then proceeded to give him the deepest kiss she had ever given.

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Fiction: A Trip To The Mall


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