Photo Essay: Harris Hawks in London

May 30, 2010
Dr Bhaskar Dasgupta

While rushing to an appointment, I spotted this amazing sight, which is not a common one, I have to admit, but to see a falconer standing there with a Harris Hawk on his arm surprised me. It was raining and they were sheltering under a building as you can see from the dry pavement. Harris Hawks are used in the city of London to chase away those bloody feathered rats aka pigeons.
Harris Hawk,London
I requested permission to take photographs and then got these absolutely great photographs of this regal beautiful dignified creature. They speak for themselves, don't they?

Harris Hawk,London
Just look at the shape of the head and the expression on those fierce eyes.
Harris Hawk,London
A frontal shot. You just know that if those unblinking eyes fixate on you, then you are dead.

Harris Hawk,London
Checking his six.

Harris Hawk,London
The falconer got him to fly to the other side of the road.
Harris Hawk,London
And then he flew back.

Harris Hawk,London
Landing on the glove

Harris Hawk,London
Ready for action. Here’s the slide show with bigger resolutions. Here’s a video of this kind of a bird in action:

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Photo Essay: Harris Hawks in London


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Author: Dr Bhaskar Dasgupta


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