Michael Jordan - The Buzzer Beater

March 31, 2010

Why is Michael Jordan called the buzzer beater? Well, he is the only one in the history of NBA, or for that matter, in the history of all the basketball games in the world to have beaten the buzzer to get a shot and actually win the game for his team more than ten times. If you go to YouTube and search for his name, you will find videos depicting the top ten buzzer beaters by Michael Jordan and these are just the top ten, there have been more. He is the man who never choked up. He always got the job done.

I remember, when I was a kid, back in a small town, I used to watch the NBA games early in the morning. That was the time when we all were into basketball, and we used to play the game day and night. We were obsessed with it. And fortunately, it was the Jordan era. I don't remember missing a Chicago Bulls game those couple of years. I was not a fan of the team; I was a fan of Michael Jordan. And it was then when he got the most buzzer beaters. Just the feeling of him making the basket at the very last second used to give me such a rush and an inspiration, I used to jump up in joy screaming, ultimately waking up everyone in my family. It really made a huge impact on my life.

One of them in particular has been described on the Wikipedia page for Michael Jordan, and a perfect description it is:

The Bulls returned to Utah for game 6 on June 14, 1998 leading the series 3-2. In Game 6, Jordan executed a series of plays, considered to be one of the greatest clutch performances in NBA Finals history. With the Bulls trailing 86-83 with 40 seconds remaining, coach Jackson called a timeout. Jordan received the inbounds pass, drove to the basket, and hit a layup over several Jazz defenders. The Jazz brought the ball up court and passed the ball to forward Karl Malone, who was set up in the low post and was being guarded by Rodman. Malone jostled with Rodman and caught the pass, but Jordan cut behind him and swatted the ball out of his hands for a steal. Jordan then slowly dribbled up court and paused at the top of the key, eying his defender, Jazz guard Bryon Russell. With fewer than 10 seconds remaining, Jordan started to dribble right, then crossed over to his left, possibly pushing off Russell (I personally do not believe he did), although the officials did not call a foul. Jordan then released a shot that would be rebroadcast innumerable times in years to come. As the shot found the net, announcer Bob Costas shouted "Chicago with the lead!" After a desperation three-point shot by John Stockton missed, Jordan and the Bulls claimed their sixth NBA championship, and secured a second three-peat...

It still feels exhilarating when I even read about it. I was watching the game and when the shot was taken I was thrilled about it for weeks to come. That was all that I could talk or think about. It’s the kind of stuff movies are made of, only in this case, it wasn't a movie, it was for real. The above description says John Stockton (named as one of the top 50 NBA players ever, so is Jordan, but that is obvious) took a shot after Jordan did, but missed. How many people know him now? Jordan hit, Stockton missed, and Chicago won. Jordan who was already projected to greatness, rose a few feet higher. Isn't that the main reason he was projected as one of the greatest? Isn't that where everyone wants to be? Sachin is definitely the God in Cricket (and hence in India), but people who have ever seen Jordan play basketball (fastest game played on feet) would surely start worshiping him as well.

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Michael Jordan - The Buzzer Beater


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