Photo Essay: Moon Struck

February 13, 2010
Dr Bhaskar Dasgupta

I came back a bit earlier from work as I was not feeling well and on the way home from the tube station I happened to look up as it was quite bright. And it was a giant moon. Seriously large. After gaping at it, I raced home, grabbed the tripod and camera, went out into the green and started taking pictures. That moon was the biggest full moon of the year.
As usual, I tried to over-engineer the photo and tried to take a photo through the trees and failed miserably. So then I moved deeper into the green.


The moon was seriously bright, looked very nice. Never you mind that several neighbours were looking at me strangely and thinking that I am either a mad man or a perv or both. It was very cold.

Emerging from the clouds.

Moon Moon
Then an interesting cloud formation came along. On the left, you could almost make out a head with a snout above the moon, with the lower jaw under the moon and on the left, you can see an open mouth. There is an elephant shaped head. Then in the right photograph, the moon becomes an eye. Ok, I think I am now imagining things.

Then a corona type of formation formed around the moon. I suspect it was due to some very light cloud.

Then there were no clouds at all. Very clear, giant lantern in the sky, old woman in the moon..

The whiskery clouds came back and you could actually see moonbeams…very strange, never saw anything like this before. I also managed to capture Mars. (see that little white dot on the left of the photo?) And no, its not a problem with your pc monitor getting a bad pixel.


Finally, you see the moon, the moonbeams, the clouds, and the warm welcoming houses surrounding the green. Can you see the regular shadows on the green itself? It's a buried World War II air raid shelter there, unfortunately it cannot be accessed. A WW2 bomb had fallen 100 meters behind the house on the far left..

Full slide show here with a bigger resolution.

Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta works in the city of London in various capacities in the financial sector. He has worked and travelled widely around the world. The articles in here relate to his current studies and are strictly his opinion and do not reflect the position of his past or current employer(s). If you do want to blame somebody, then blame my sister and editor, she is responsible for everything, the ideas, the writing, the quotes, the drive, the israeli-palestinian crisis, global warming, the ozone layer depletion and the argentinian debt crisis.
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