Earthquake Strikes Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Killing Thousands

January 13, 2010

At about 17:00 on 12 January, an earthquake measuring 7.0 struck Port-au-Prince, leveling thousands of homes and causing the second floor of the Presidential Palace to collapse. According to reports coming from the country, the president of Haiti is still alive. Thousands of Haitian ex-pats are now biting their nails with worry over their relatives back home.

Based on reports on YouTube from Sky News, and on reports from Arutz Sheva in Israel, the United Nations headquarters has been destroyed in Port-au-Prince, and United Nations personnel can be seen on the streets there attempting to help a stricken and scared populace. Original reports from Arutz Sheva indicated that thousands of bodies had been seen on the streets of the Haitian capital.

Today, Wednesday, United Nations personnel are scheduled to estimate the damage this quake has caused and how to repair it. Israeli officials will be part of the effort, with the Israeli ambassador to the countries of the Dominican Republic and Haiti driving into the country from his headquarters in the Dominican Republic today.

Haiti is home to about 200 Indians, most of whom are policemen deputed as part of the United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). According to reports from the Press Trust of India, there has been no word on their status. If the UN headquarters has been destroyed, as reports indicate, this does not bode well.

Do your part for relief in this terrible disaster.

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Earthquake Strikes Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Killing Thousands


Author: Ruvy


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