Poessay: Rosary 25 - pink flamingos, yellow roses, dark clouds

February 14, 2009


 credit CSM


yeh din bhee achcha din hay

aankh khhuli tou dekha oosko

woh jaan leva muskurahat

labouN per khil ga’aee

gulabi jaRa,  pink winter nahin

indian summer ka din

her din say mukhtalif

her sheh, pyar maiN ghar’q



in the once lush vale, the clouds

carry hate to the desert

                    of expectations 

cowering children play

with expectant dogs and cats

it is a world of animals and

runny-nosed children, their parents

breathing, but long since dead/departed

in search of made to order gods

that can fight their demons



chandni chalakhty hay

m’gar in badliouN main

thandak nahiN, aag hay

ik ameer des maiN bani

aag, teesri duniya kay

baasiouN kay  liyaye

(moonlight cascades

through the fiery clouds

the benevolent fury

made in the first world

for the third)




over morning brew

she brought with that smile

we read about pink flamingos

                    and undies

political ploys and plays

and move to sports

while listening

for the traffic report


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Amitabh Mitra
February 14, 2009
12:06 PM

Wah ! Temporalji Kamaal kiya hai aapney

February 14, 2009
11:44 PM

thanks amitabh:

a friend send me badri raina's poem on mithalik

Good Man Muthalik

Good man Muthalik, patriot--
He downright honest man;
He do not like this dirtiness,
He clean up all he can.

One problem he is having, though,
That require CT Scan:
The dirtiness he thinks he see
Is all inside his brain.

Muthalik, he like Amreeka
For dollar and internet;
But for keeping mahila disciplined
Taliban are his pet.

Kama Sutra, Khajurahu--
Very spiritual are;
Naked sadhu maharaj jies
Spread that message far.

Mahila, she is not to act,
But to be acted upon;
Bharat ki naari tu tou hai
Very much mahan

But only when you do observe
Proper laaj and sharam;
And oblige without argument
When Muthalik is garam.
Between these poles resides the crux
Of your param dharma.

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