Valentine's Day: Love Expressed On Desicritics

February 12, 2009
Deepti Lamba

Valentine's Day is close by and we are already swimming in pink undies, pink sarees, listening to passionate calls for and against the celebrations but what is going unheard is the silent love that beats deep within our hearts. No matter how cliched it may sound Love deserves to be aired out like fresh sheets in sunny breeze and we'd run through our memories and those expressed by others like children enjoying nothing more than the carefree moment lived and forgotten within the darkened recesses of our hearts.

Love makes us pause and smell the roses, enjoy the caress or maybe for once realize that we have much to be grateful for no matter how hard life may get. Love heals wounds, love gives hope and more than anything love makes us want to be better than we are.hug.jpg

Its all about love and its being painted pink. Pink is not the color of love. Its rich red like the blood flowing in our veins. It lives within us and flows through a touch, a glance or a word. Express what deserves to be aired. Anger and hatred cloud our horizon but love barely scratches the grime reality we live.

Its time to express what makes us human and its called Love.

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Deepti Lamba is a writer, an editor for Desicritics. She can be found at Things That Bang
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February 12, 2009
04:43 PM


wonder about the majority of those who are very vocal here against celebrating the v-day...

wonder about their marital status and sexual orientation

February 12, 2009
06:28 PM

Its time to express what makes us human and its called Love.....

....right on cue with Hallmark and Godiva Chocolates calling the tune (and filling their coffers). ;)

My love and its expression is not a captive of these capitalist nautankis and their religious drivel, enabled by useful idiots.

February 13, 2009
02:03 AM

Dee, love is a very loaded term, and doesn't just heal wounds or give us hope, but also break hearts and lead to crimes of passion.

Love doesn't always follow from real empathy and caring feelings for the other person, but more out of lust, ego and possessiveness. Many a woman has had acid poured on her face because some dude "loved" her. You may argue that this isn't love at all, but guess what? - Many of the Valentines day gifts made to women are expressions of this particular variety of love. Those same dudes will run after other girls the moment their interest wanes in a particular girl.

And what if one's spouse finds "love" in a co-worker? I bet he/she wouldn't be in agreement with your post. The concept of "love" would suddenly become like a bitter pill.

Your post has overly idealistic tones, like a M&B novel. Of course, it is to the advantage of companies that benefit from V-Day to portray this rosy picture. But mature people should know better.

Deepti Lamba
February 13, 2009
03:33 AM

Ledzuis, there are people who give their sick 'needs' and mental problems the name of love.

Obsession is not love and yes selfish, egoistical, shallow people too fall in love but then they do not feel the pure depths of the emotion and that's their loss. Ignorance is bliss but the potential to love deeply is always there if they realize their folly.

This is one aspect of love. There is love for family, friends, pets etc There is unrequited love and I do feel it's better to let the person go if he/she happen to be in love with someone else.

One cannot imprison love and despite all the heart wrenching grief it causes no one would like to live without love in their lives.

The bitterest individual who lives a cynical disillusioned life is never happy. There is always that (forgive me for saying it) hole in the heart.

Most festivals are commercialized even birthdays are. Its all about personal preferences, those who want to celebrate it materialistically should be allowed to and those who don't can choose some other day to do it. But they must express their love for people in their lives through words or deeds since life is short and who knows when we may kick the bucket;)

February 13, 2009
11:41 AM

Some people find loudspeakers at a temple irksome and criticize that aspect of the society, while others find the constant bombardment of loud ads and jingles in the media around V-day creating and emphasizing the insecurity and offering a ready-made commercial solution, and blog posts by modern-day pundits "celebrating" love and defending the temples of commercialism irksome and criticize it. To each their own.

Deepti Lamna
February 14, 2009
01:17 AM

Till eleven in the night noise pollution in all its forms is legal:) Yup , carry on jaani;)

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