Inaction of State Governments is a Great Concern for Civil Liberty

February 10, 2009
Madhu Chandra

Be it the post-Godhra episode in Gujarat 2002 or the ethnic cleansing of Christians in Orissa 2008 or the Mangalore Pub attack on women, the inaction of the ruling state government in dealing with fanatic outfits is a grave concern for Indian secularism.

The BJP Karnataka Government’s home minister making a decision to wait and watch the Sri Ram Sene outfit to carry out their diktat on "couples celebrating Valentine’s Day will be forced to marry in temples" is the clear sign of inaction of the state government.

Attacks on civil society carried out by religious fanatics of Hindutva brigades appear in mushrooming of their outfits. The Sri Ram Sene is the latest version and chose the mode of communalism to promote and propagate their outfit.

Sri Ram Sene’s chief Pramod Muthalik with multiple criminal records, who led the propaganda of promoting his organization through attacking the individual rights and the response of the Government allowing him to have an open press conference and uttering diktats on any couple found celebrating Valentine's Day will be forced to marry is the repetition of what has witnessed by the nation and the world in BJP-ruled Gujarat and Orissa, where massacres of religious minorities allegedly took place.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express one’s love to loved ones or family members, it brings a smile on their faces. What is wrong with expressing one’s love with one’s lover or family members in the manner one likes? It can be done in Indian ways, or in the way of a love affair between Laila-Majnu or Romeo & Juliet! It is the right of every individual.

The open declaration over the Mangalore pub attack as victory and as a means to increase publicity of the Sri Ram Sene outfit and choosing the mode to promote their propaganda is very apprehensive. The modes of promoting one’s organization through propaganda like the Mangalore pub attack is a serious concern. 

Communalism erupts in almost every state of India but how they are tackled is the difference. One recalls the communal genocide of post-Godhra, the one-sidedness of the Modi government to curb the riots and the Naveen Patnaik Government’s inactive response to anti-Christian violence in Orissa, where in the previous case, thousands of innocent Muslims were massacred and in the latter, over 50,000 innocent tribal Christians were forced homeless.

Surprisingly, Hindutva’s brigade did not stop there, but moves to attacking the innocent civil societies. Today they are targeting the youngsters in the name of Indian culture. Tomorrow, nobody knows, but could happen to those of you who see everything but keep mum.

The selection of the right time to carry out the communal attacks by these outfits has always a connection with upcoming elections, either for a state assembly or for the Parliament. The political leaders, particularly of those parties who sympathize with Hindutva outfits would keep quiet and watch until the matter worsens because that helps them gain political mileage.

Hindutva taking root in the southern part of the country through the gateway of Karnataka is another signpost of the attack on Indian secularism and is a grave concern for every Indian citizen. Open acclaim in the cities like Mangalore and the way the accused are left free, gives similar outfits the expectation that they can carry out such acts anywhere and at any time.

The Hindutva hatred has almost spread to every nook and corner of the country. In Western India, beginning from Gujarat to the east up to the North= east frontier, from Jammu and Kashmir in north to Kanyakumari in south, the social fabrics of society are targeted to break through communalism among different religious, ethnic, caste and linguistic groups.

What matters the most is the responsibility of the concerned state government whenever any form of communalism erupts. The inactive responsibility of the Hindutva-sympathetic governments to curb communalism is very unpleasant for civil societies!

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Inaction of State Governments is a Great Concern for Civil Liberty


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February 10, 2009
03:45 PM

Talibanization of Pakistan did not happen overnight. Zia-ul-Haq started a campaign of planitng madrassas all over Pakistan in the late seventies which sowed the seeds for the present day frankenstein that country is facing. Sharia law was activley encouraged and all voices of reason were steadily drowned out.

A similar trend is emerging in India with militants coming out of the parivar shakas and kalyan ashrams enforcing there own moral codes.This cannot happen without active support from key elements in the government - both central and state. If these obnoxious organizations are not banned and strictly dealt with, we will be going down the slippery slope to where pakistan is currently placed - a failed state on the brink of collapse.

February 10, 2009
04:17 PM

Dude, it is a master stroke. The whole elections will be won in urban India and entire poll will be based on Mangalore attack.

Terrorism issue, Indian citizens know , current politicians cant solve. So they create this Mangalore incident monster bigger than Terrorism. Morality is not always good. Morals provoke people and sometimes entire country shifts its direction.

Classic examples are Iran on religious freedom, and now Obama calling bonus culture as amoral.

February 11, 2009
06:06 AM

What is wrong, if India gets Talibanised ?

That was long over due.

People are being tortured, extorted and killed by Govt, vested interests and influential.

Let there be freedom for everyone, or there should be freedom for no one.

February 11, 2009
09:31 AM

"People are being tortured, extorted and killed by Govt, vested interests and influential."

You believe no one having Freedom is the answer? That's quite a sadist view to take!

So, how many nights do you go hungry? There's a lot of people going hungry in the country and the world. There are a lot of homeless folks in the country. Do you stay out on the streets too? Seriously, that's such a illogical and sadistic view to take!

February 11, 2009
12:33 PM


No one should have freedom, till all people have freedom.

Freedom for ALL or for NONE.


I completely agree:

Homes for all, or Homes for None.

That's what is ultimate test of Integrity.

Either everyone wins or no one wins.

Then, only people will start caring for others.

Otherwise, some people demand care and rights, while violating rights of other people carelessly or even justify it.


February 11, 2009
01:26 PM

So, are you staying out in the streets and going hungry every night? Are you following up on what you believe in?

I wonder why you are using a computer to type all the rant here....there are millions without even power, forget about a computer. Maybe you should stop using a computer to show your solidarity!! Have you passed the ultimate test of integrity or are just all talk??

If anybody wants to help the underprivileged, that person first needs to be the privileged. The person needs to be in a position to help others. The basic instinct of humans as in an being, is self preservation.

You said
Either everyone wins or no one wins.

Then, only people will start caring for others.

Otherwise, some people demand care and rights, while violating rights of other people carelessly or even justify it"

If everybody is hungry, there'll be a lot of competition for food to satisfy your hunger. If everyone's homeless, there's immense competition to get some safe place to sleep at night. Your all or nothing philosophy, where people start caring for others while everybody's deprived of their needs, falls flat the instant it happens. That's human instinct!

Same way, be free first, in your thoughts, in your thinking as well as free from any unwanted control. Only then will you be able to talk about helping those whose freedoms have been stifled!

Btw, a few readings of Ayn Rand might help you.

February 11, 2009
09:33 PM

It is people like Madhu Chandra who are a danger to society. His Govt manipulates the Election commission, manipulates the CBI (Supreme court) and all he can come up with is Mangalore.

Also, to correct, Orissa was not ethnic cleansing. Stop pretending to be a saint.

February 11, 2009
11:23 PM

Chandra, I agree. The more and more I keep reading about the Mangalore controversy, the more I am convinced that the Cong is up to some dirty games here.

I hope this backfires on them. Remember what happened in Gujarat?

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