Mangalore: Special Insider's Report by PM, Head of the SRSena

January 29, 2009

A report on our heroic actions in Protecting Indian culture

What, you are tired of reading about our sanskriti? How unpatriotic of you! I do not accept that. Unless you want me to send our Moral Sena to your house, kindly do not speak against Indian sanskriti. Do you not know that we have the oldest, the most holy, the most family-oriented sanskriti in the world? We - my friends and I - will defend our sanskriti against all such pseudo-secular people as you; we are not scared even if you are girls. We will deal with all who threaten Indian culture. I think the majority of people on Desicritics will need to be dealt with. Some are all alright, we will spare them.

Yes, so let me describe to you our heroic feat in Mangalore. We understood from some time that immoral activities were going on in this pub. You say it was a lounge bar? I do not understand what is a lounge; we were told it is a pub. We do not want all these pubs; imagine men and women mixing together shamelessly, drinking foreign liquor, and the girls wearing short skirts, and lipstick. This is not Bharatiya sanskriti. Only toddy should be drunk, and only men can drink. And no mixing. If you want to see girls, go and see a Bollywood movie. They wear short skirts also, and lipstick; there's no need to see real girls.

And dancing! We heard there was dancing going on there sometimes also. That was when we decided to take action. How can we permit such goings-on? You want to dance, go to a wedding, go with the barat. Or go to a religious festival, and dance with the procession. Or go and see a Bollywood movie, where there are so many nice dances. Even Tollywood will do. But to go to a pub, and dance, boys and girls together. That is not permitted in Indian sanskriti.

So we went to the pub, thirty of us. There were some guys with cameras who came with us, I don't know why. They said they wanted to get photos; I thought OK, since if our brave effort is aired on TV, more people would be warned about how dangerous these things are for Indian culture, and also our party leaders would be pleased, and they would know I am the right guy to lead our area shakha. Also, I had left another party which also carries out such activities, and it is always good to let the competition know your capability.

You should have seen those girls. Sitting and standing there so shamelessly, pretending to be so innocent. Pretending that they were just having lunch! They were wearing jeans and shirts, imagine. I gave the order to get them out. Two of the pub employees tried to stop us, huge fellows, but we were able to deal with them. Then the girls started running, but good thing, we were so many they were no match for us. Two of us caught one girl, she had a fancy bob cut, we slapped her so hard she started crying. It is better she cries now, than later, right? One fell down, and we pushed her out. Another had her hair all down her back, long hair, the shameless hussy. We beat her, too. She didn't dare show her face to us, just ran. I told you, they were no match for our brave volunteers.

Molesting? What molesting? We did not molest anyone. When the Hindu said we groped a girl, it is all lies by these pseudo-secular newspapers. We had to hold them tightly to force them to get out of the place, that's all. By God, it was all in a brotherly way.

I am really glad I have done my bit for Indian sanskriti. I do not mind if I have to go to jail. No cost is too high for keeping our sanskriti pure. What is our next project? Good question. I am thinking of getting together some volunteers and stopping the karate classes being held in the convent school near our shakha. It is shameful the way they are teaching karate to our children. Violence is not part of our sanskriti.

I love reading, writing, watching humans and birds ....
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Mangalore: Special Insider's Report by PM, Head of the SRSena


Author: annamma


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January 29, 2009
06:19 PM

Here comes the Kaangress Propaganda Club, to put the spin on the incident they created.

Kaangress has rented a mob to become 'Hindu Taliban' just before the elections, to scare the voters into the arms of the waiting Kaangressmen.
This is electoral theft.

The party which has blocked TADA and POTA, and failed to protect public safety during the Mumbai terror attacks, has now staged some incidents which will allow it to portray itself as the new Defender of Law and Order. From Zero to Hero! Right before the elections! This is electoral theft.

And of course the salivating Kaangress supporters will eagerly and gleefully rush to maximize the electoral theft, by aggressively moving in to spin the event to maximum benefit.

The use of this Rent-a-Mob to further Kaangress interests is to me a sign that Congress has every intention of hanging onto power by all means, whether by hook or by crook.

It's becoming increasingly obvious to me that after the signing of the 123 Nuclear Deal -- which incidentally, I supported -- the Congress intends to rule a US-backed Banana Republic, like Hosni Mubarak's Egypt, or Pakistan under Musharraf, where they will stay in power uninterruptedly for the next few decades at least.

In service of this, the Congress crooks will be staging 'Hindu Taliban' incidents with clockwork regularity, synchronized to the election schedule.
After all, you can't waste your goon money on renting mobs when they aren't needed -- you have to rent them right before the elections, when their antics will have the greatest impact.

The Congress Party is increasingly showing that it will lie, cheat, steal, and even murder, to hang onto power at all costs. We're going to end up with multi-decade Congress rule at the Centre.
Mubarak too likes to claim his dictatorship is legitimate, because it's "fighting religious fundamentalism". Even Musharraf claimed the same thing. I can see that Congress is now looking to play the same game.

This is perverse, and seeing how the fact of what's happening is completely lost upon people like annamma, makes it even more perverse to watch.

January 29, 2009
06:58 PM

Those who don't cherish their democracy, and instead tolerate games being played with it, will soon lose that democracy, and their freedoms with it. Then they'll only have themselves to blame.

I'm surrounded by IDIOTS.

"So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."
-Princess Padmé Amidala,
Star Wars III: The Revenge of the Sith

January 29, 2009
07:45 PM

hey Sanjay, you might want to stop it with the daft political arguments and take note that no matter if you are BJP or Congress, your life is in danger of being hijacked by a bunch of assholes.

It does not matter who is behind it. They ARE behaving like the Hindu Taliban.

January 29, 2009
08:05 PM

When they're being organized by the Congress, they're the Congress Taliban.

This is what's called a "false flag operation".

January 29, 2009
10:02 PM

Agree with you, Sanjay, in that we ought not to tolerate games being played with our freedom - the freedom to go eat or drink any place we want, and the freedom to be ourselves, whether that means wearing jeans or whatever.

And I agree with SS. It doesn't matter which party it is.

January 29, 2009
10:49 PM

Annamma, you need to figure out the most immediate and pressing fact -- that the Congress Party has rented a mob to frame the other side.

It shows that Congress has now crossed a psychological threshold, whereby they are committed to not allowing power to slip from their greedy grasp by any means, whether by hook or by crook. They seem to have now put themselves onto a slippery slope, whereby they will use any means available to keep themselves in power at the Centre. They're on the MacBeth road.

The fact is that Congress has no natural constituency in India, nor any particular ideals. They're simply a party of graft. I totally disagree with you that all parties are the same. If you feel that way, then you might as well be claiming that democracy itself is pointless.

I feel that such claims by you are simply a subterfuge, to deflect from having to scrutinize the tactics of those whom you tacitly support.

I'm a guy who goes to pubs all the time, and I'm not averse to chatting up ladies I meet there. The purpose of these attacks was not to make women frightened of going to pubs. The purpose of these attacks was to make voters think that someone is trying to take away their freedom to go to pubs. The purpose of these attacks was to scare the voters into the arms of the waiting Congressmen. That's why they've happened right before the elections. That's why the news camera crews were informed and placed there ahead of time.

As usual, I'm surrounded by idiots who emit much heat, but little light. Yes, that means you.

January 30, 2009
04:22 AM

I am afraid that the insane media may start harassing these girls and their parents for interviews and they may also take some serious action like Padmapriya, wife of Udupi MLA.

January 30, 2009
09:01 AM


How lonely to have your genius so misunderstood by all the idiots who surround you :-). Thats what usually happens to those who believe in conspiracy theories, though.

Anonymous, yes, the media may try to trace the girls. I wish they would come forward on their own and identify the heroes of the action, though, so that the police can throw the book at them.

January 30, 2009
09:09 AM

This was a convenient way for those sick people to molest women for the greater cause of 'Indian sanskriti'. Let's face it, most Indian metros are extremely unsafe for women and most Indian women who travel through public transport have horror stories of total strangers taking advantage of the crowded buses and trains to brush against them and 'feel' them up. Molestation happens often but cases never get reported because they fear harrasment from the police as well as the perpetrators and also because accepting that soemthing like that happened to you is considered shameful. I'm sure there are many incidents like this happening all over India, the only difference, they never get reported the way the Managlore incident was. Stems from the basic fact that there is no respect for women here.

January 30, 2009
10:22 AM

why do girls need protection? Who are the protectors and who are they protecting them from?

why dont we even say a single word for those boys who came to protect these girls. were these men not bashed up too?

As long as girls remain the social issue, and not a generic issue, we can no longer have justice.

if girls are harassed, they must take laws in their own hands and seek justice? who are these Taliban to give justice to society? who is this NCW? What have they done in every case they have taken up since 2005?

There are laws and there are criminals. The criminals unfortunately the laws and as long there are criminals in system, justice needs to be self fought and hard way. Women must not shy from seeking justice and justice is not superfast what NCW promises.

It takes 5 years to get a rapist under bars in India. It takes 15 years for a false allegation to be put aside in India. To hope that crime will cease to happen is a hope. Plan that ur life is under threat and then one will be better prepared.

January 30, 2009
10:46 AM

"why do girls need protection?"
Coz they're humans, like you and me. All individuals should be protected from harassment regardless of their sex. Here the plight of women has been highlighted because they were the primary targets.

"Plan that ur life is under threat and then one will be better prepared."

What do you want women to do? Where burqa all the time?

January 30, 2009
11:03 AM

Half a dozen men and women are bashed in Mangalore by various goons each day. who will highlight their plight.

By highlighting women as victims and ignoring that same incident also bashed boys who were with them , you are ignoring the basic things. Justice is more for girls than boys? or is media more worrisome for women than men.

What about so many Indians whose plight is unnoticed? Thats why I say be better prepared. No need to wear a burqa, wear a tight miniskirt, but know your laws, know that police is corrupt, know NCW promises is a hogwash, know media seeks TRP for its viewers, just learn these, learn good books of god so that u have strength to overcome, do some social justice, stop being overgreedy, just be happy. Thats the only way we can win by being strong and giving a tough judicial fight. Other people can't then touch or exploit you.

January 30, 2009
12:09 PM

Gujarat is a dry state which has spawned an underground liquor trafficking mafia whose corruption has profited congress. Modi has been trying to liberalize the prohibition so that the industry can be decriminalized and controlled but the opposition has come from Congress citing Gandhi's opposition to alcohol, and ill-effects of alcohol on families and poors. The boogie of pub and drug culture is raised and congress have taken out Gandhian rallies against Modi's initiatives to liberalize prohibition.

Gandhi used to organize the women agitators to picket the suspected alcohol 'pubs' in those days. Congress has adopted a stand regarding alcohol in Gujarat - 'not in Gandhi's Gujarat'. But the same Gandhian congress, when outside Gujarat, as if Gandhi did not belong to rest of India, wears a different agitational hat, and is actively promoting and championing pub and drug and sex and vice culture in the name of freedom. From women picketing the pubs to women fighting to enjoy the pubs, congress and country has come a long way.

The problem with the blanket policies on cultural and social matters is that they do not recognize that India is made of up zillion different communities and localities and what may be good enough in downtown Mumbai or in one rural community, may not not be good enough in many urban and non-urban areas. When local community standards are not respected or disallowed, people from local communities would take up agitations to assert them, and such agitations are routinely demonized by the media as overreaching to impose them on whole nation, when they are merely asserted to be had at the local community level. Some people may not mind pubs but not in their backyard. So it is not cut and dried. These local issues can be sorted out by zoning regulations that allow local bodies to frame their own rules. But ideologies and their media who are engaged in cultural war have no use of practical and sane approaches. They want war and victims - because that sells their agenda and ideologies.

January 30, 2009
12:41 PM

Sounds like missionaries are pissed at Ram Sena for thrashing that Ram Sena gave to them in Manglore. Ram Sena itself is a MNS-like outlaws without laws, and rebels without a cause - politically orphaned, but available for hire for hatchet job jobs, and they seem to working overtime to splinter the political base of BJP and Shiv Sena for upcoming elections. Karnataka is a BJP-ruled state. So one has to expect congress to resort to hatchet jobs. All it has to do is to have its own constituencies or hired hands rake up issues in a way that throws eggs on BJP's face, that puts BJP on the defensive and preempts it from going anywhere near those issues during election season while congress runs with these issues to make hay out of them. Congress desperately needs the debate on terrorism to include Hindutva's agitations - Terrorism is one plank on which BJP has advantage and Congress is seen as a running dog of Jehadi, missionary, and Maoist/naxalite terrorism. We will lot more of election season staged self-righteousness in coming months.

January 31, 2009
05:34 AM

Slime (??),

In the article I did point out the men who came forward to protect the girls. Of course, I could have looked at it purely from that point of view, but I surely have the freedom to highlight what struck ME as ridiculous - which is thirty-forty men gate-crashing a place to violently throw out girls having a time out. They did not go there to throw men out. The guys who intervened are certainly brave and we salute them, but they were not the point at stake there. That women can dare to go to a pub was the issue, and I wanted to point out that forcing them out violently is an infringement of the rights of Indian citizens.

However, the article is not bashing men at all, so please do not make it into a male vs. female issue. It is satirising the mindset (shared by these regressive men as well as women) that sees heroism in "protecting" and "purifying" India and that too, violently, from non-existent threats to a culture which is great, but has never been simplistically "pure".

February 3, 2009
01:44 PM

How can two women , the strongest in the country come with two reports?

Can someone file a RTI?

"Who is she to be satisfied? There cannot be a second enquiry by the Centre," she responded

"I do not know what prompted Nirmala Venkatesh to make such a statement and I had never questioned the authority of the NCW," reported Times Now quoting Renuka Choudhary.

"I am the Union Minister and I have the authority."

"I am concerned about the situation developing there," added the minister.

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