MTV Roadies - Hell Began In India

January 16, 2009
Deepti Lamba

I used to consider TV game shows to be below my dignity. Yeah, add your idol frenzy to it or that damn dance Nach Baliye type of crap till one fine day my husband made me see two bald men take the trip of goonks who had come to audition for MTV Roadies - Hell Down Under. (I woke up to the show on the sixth season; shame on me)

I watched them fuck around with people who could best be classified as losers (of course there were exceptions) with dreams of being the next Roadie in their eyes. Raghu and Rajiv, the two bald twin brothers had this strange synergy between them that only twins apparently have. They picked up each others' conversation as if they knew what the other was thinking and they ripped apart the participants' self esteem within a matter of few minutes and that too in classic Hindi vulgarity that I so love.

Some left with tears in their eyes. Yeah, well, they had been warned. The two brothers weren't there to make social chit chat but to select people who had nerves of steel and sadly the one who truly was Roadie material in my books was voted out in the first episode itself- Sufi.

It was obvious why Sufi had been voted out. The man had the makings of a Bollywood hero. He had camera presence, seemed to be a man of stable character and integrity. When he was voted out he said he wanted to use the money to help build his parent's business. His words seemed genuine and I felt bad watching him go.

But a man like Sufi seems to have the will to make it big and I sure hope to see him make it big in Bollywood.

There are three other people I have taken a liking for - Bobby, Roop and baby faced Sandeep.

Bobby and Roop seem to be the only girls with intelligence in the show and I especially liked the way Roop took Gurmeet's trip.

Gurmeet tried her best to project herself to be a hip girl with a devil may care attitude but she turned out to be a chicken shit babe unable to deal with criticism when it came at her headlong from Roop. At the truth or dare game she tried to put Roop in a spot but when Roop turned tables on her she pulled the - 'I don't want to play this game' shit and had the other contestants guffaw.

The less said about Gurmeet the better. Actually the less she shows of herself the better for the viewers. Her bulky curves in tight t-shirts and thunder thighs in tiny shorts are complete eye sore. But the one person who beats Gurmeet hollow is Paulami.

Paulami thinks she is da bomb! Wait! she thinks she is a Bipasha look alike and thinks she is the best dressed and hottest babe amongst the Roadies. Fact is anyone who meets Paulami would die to ask her if her plastic surgeon had botched her face.

The woman looks like witch out of one those horror Ramsay brother flicks but even witches are allowed to think they are hot- its a matter of self esteem and who am I to disabuse them of these notions.

The women of substance on this show are Roop and Booby. They are witty and can easily take the other women up and shred them into bits and on Roadies cat fights are always hot especially when the air headed 'I am so hot' babes gets slammed by the real street smart goddesses.

The men become insignificant at that point. But the men I am rooting for are Sandeep and for Pradeep.

Pradeep is a street smart surd and knows how to manipulate his way through the game. He understands its better to have a wise enemy than a foolish friend. He sidelined Gurmeet when he backed up Roop. Gurmeet, he seemed to have realized was nothing more than a dumb babe with a loud mouth and he didn't want to be seen siding with her. Clever dude.

Sandeep till now has stayed out of controversy but been yakking a lot in front of the camera. I know this baby faced dude with thick Delhi-ite accent would not last on Roadies Down Hell Under but then again it would be fun to see how a gentle giant handles himself amongst poisonous snakes.

The other Roadies wanna be players are insignificant in my mind since they have not done much to get my attention. And for those who want to read up more on them there is stuff about them on the main site but it would do them good to get a bit more in the limelight because the audience doesn't care much for wall flowers no matter how pretty (yeah like Suzanne with her hooked nose) may be.

The behind the scene peek was also fun to watch and Ragu's departure was indeed a loss to the show but these people are weird enough to keep us entertained in Hell Down And Under for an entire season.

Deepti Lamba is a writer, an editor for Desicritics. She can be found at Things That Bang
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January 22, 2009
01:47 PM

I feel ur right... I had not seen such a weird casting in any of the reality show..... I had seen roadies 3.0 but missed the 4th one.... and this is the only reality show tht i believe to be real.... and its really hard to make a real reality show....... but certainly raghu and rajiv had choosen some of the fandu people from India..... but honestly i dont like ball bearing task..... its reallyattyachar on poor guys..... for the lack of general knowledge of those silly gals....

January 22, 2009
03:03 PM

Ball bursting exercise is just a reflection of "emotional castration" that society subjects on boys from childhood since ages.

That is also a reflection of the hatred that chauvinistic alpha males like Raghu have got for the men, who are in weaker position.

Men like to kick other men in balls, in presence of women.

What people do not get is that in society, men who get kicks on their balls turn to crime and sometimes become rapists.

A male dominated society is not symmetrical for men. The 1% alpha males control 99% of power and they kick the weaker men in balls.

So, even though most judges and police are men, they discriminate men as they want to show that they are alpha males and females should fall for them and not for the guys whose balls get the kick.

Recently another chauvinistic alpha male Sanjay Dutt woke up to shock. In stead of accusing his feminist sister to lay off and reminding her infringement on his "choice", he took chauvinistic line.

The alpha males like Raghu often disguise themselves as male feminists with utterances like society is not fair to women etc etc. But, the platform from where they make these utterances are "women are weak".

Deepti Lamba
January 23, 2009
08:51 AM

No one put the gun to their heads. They could have left the game anytime that they wanted.

In real life we all have to fight our battles alone.

BTW- On the Roadies the crew plays the tasks before the players are handed over the tasks and the director himself had his balls wacked twice.

January 23, 2009
10:25 AM


No one puts gun on the head of a small boy, when he is conditioned to suppress emotions and stop crying, which results in emotional castration.

No one puts a gun on the head of a 12 year old boy cleaning plates in a road side restaurant.

No one puts a gun on the head of the NSG commando to go inside Taj, when people are running out for life.

Yet, I believe there was no choice for them even though it appears otherwise.

Its subtle. The choices are taken away in a subtle way. It is the society and men, who enforce an identity for men to live a choiceless life and take on dangerous risks and violence.

Men unlike women are not yet in a space to question their traditional behaviours. They still believe a man has to be brave.

Men are conditioned that way. I am challenging that very conditioning.

The social construct "male identity" has to be questioned, just the way the female identity forced by society is being questioned. It is necessary to take the society to next level.

I am just talking about "choice" for men.

and it is men, who themselves do not want to even think about it as it threatens their identity.

If men are stuck to their traditional identity, then the changes in gender relationships will follow as equation of "diminishing returns".

By the way, the "choice" or "Free will" is very different from what we automatically do from social conditioning.

Once, some one asked me,"if you have balls, come in front of me....."

My male identity urged me to fight back,"let me show my....".

However, I took a back seat, called up on my "free will", unconstrained by my male identity and wrote:

"Well, I do not have balls and I am a coward. Please do what you want to do."

As I interact with so many men is distress, I find that they not being able to give up or shift traditional male identity is one of the biggest reason of their stress or trauma and resultant consequences.

They all falsely tend to believe they have got balls of steel.

We had initiated a debate in orkut just on this issue to collect data about behaviour of men regarding this ball bursting exercise in roadies.

How appropriate is it to trivialize pain of men? Will it help the society or even women?

When we see men take on and tolerate pain due to violence, we do not look at the fact that this very conditioning can also be the root cause of violence by men.

When we want violence by men to stop, we have to take away incentives from violence or pain seeking behaviour of men (whether roadies, or its crew or any other males).

Subjecting violence on oneself is same as subjecting others to violence.

This is where I have a problem with feminists.

They somehow do not give a damn about "choices" to men even though they promise that a non-patriarchal society is helpful for everyone.

If feminists want a better society, they have to make sure that the concepts that they used for themselves should also be extended to men so that men also can be free from their traditional identity.

In stead of that what we see is a blame game with men-women dividing line and increase of dissatisfaction of feminists with each victory that they get.

January 23, 2009
11:17 AM

Can't believe someone would actually post a review of this crap, let alone watch it..

Aditi N
January 23, 2009
01:55 PM

#5: "Can't believe someone would actually post a review of this crap, let alone watch it"

If this is true then only a complete fool with such a low opinion of the show would actually comment on a thread of the review.

January 23, 2009
02:02 PM

aditi... furthermore, the sentiments he expressed are generally the same ones I have after reading his comments! how ironic!

January 23, 2009
02:03 PM


"Can't believe someone would actually post a review of this crap, let alone watch it.."

while we are all quite impressed by your shameless exhibiting of your own good taste, can't believe that you would actually take the trouble to read the review of "this crap" and then actually bother to comment. Blowing your own trumpet again?

January 23, 2009
10:14 PM

I haven't watched the show neither have I gone through this post.

I say, all these American-style moronic reality shows are for losers.

Such shows maybe okay in a far off continent with different cultures and mores, but surely we Indians don't need these.

Participants who cry in these shows as well as the viewers who do the same while watching these should be compulsorily sterilized.

Deepti Lamba
January 24, 2009
01:04 AM

Participants who cry in these shows as well as the viewers who do the same while watching these should be compulsorily sterilized.

Thankfully we Indians have better things to do than to break into peoples' homes with the intent to sterilize them for what they do with their free t.v time.

January 31, 2009
06:35 AM

So much for sex-equality, if you really believe in that shit, why not ask the girls to do a strip dance..

January 31, 2009
06:35 AM

So much for sex-equality, if you really believe in that shit, why not ask the girls to do a strip dance..

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