Kilinochi - Images of the Victory Celebration

January 09, 2009
There is jubilation in Sri Lanka over the capture of Kilinochi - the symbolic capital of Tamil Eelam territory. The town which was under the control of Tamil rebels for nearly a decade finally came under government control.

"This was an unparalleled victory," the president, Mahinda Rajapakse, said in a televised speech from his office. "Kilinochchi was the capital of a state dreamed by a terrorist organization. It will no longer be available to them. We should pay the gratitude of the whole nation to those heroic soldiers who achieved that victory." 

"Kilinochchi's recapture is a big psychological boost for government forces," Jehan Perera, of the National Peace Council of Sri Lanka, said. The stock market gained few points on the first day to only fall again subsequently. 

Sri Lankan soldier dragging the body of a fallen female rebel.
M.S.M Ayub - a columnist for the Daily Mirror - The largest selling independent English daily in Sri Lanka writes: 

"As the Sinhala media represent the Sinhalese psyche with respect to the ethnic problem and the war, the Tamil media indicate the mindset of the Tamils. Even after the fall of LTTE strongholds in Wanni to the security forces like a pack of cards culminating in the capture of Kilinochchi by the troops with the dawn of the New Year, the Thinakkural, a Tamil daily published in Colombo in its "defence column" last week expressed hopes of the rebels bouncing back. The Indian news agency ANI too reported on Monday that "many Sri Lankan Tamils living in Tamil Nadu expressed disappointment on the fall of Tamil Tigers' de facto capital Kilinochchi but confident that Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) would bounce back." 

The Rajapakse government is making elaborate plans to emulate the integration process implemented in the east. However reports indicate that there are no civilians in the kilinochi town which pose a serious challenge to the government plans.

After the capture journalists were taken on a tour around Kilinochi town by the military. The reporters inform that the town appears literally empty with the exception of stray animals. The total population of about 250,000 have been reported to have moved out weeks ahead. The army did not capture any military hardware either. The town infrastructure such as power stations & water tanks were all seen destroyed - either by prior air strikes or deliberately destroyed by the rebels before they fled the town.

However the Sri Lankan soldiers did find interesting memorabilia to celebrate - Dead bodies of fallen female rebels stripped and captured in video. Vidoes of the bodies being stripped and mutilated were shot by soldiers using mobile phone and were sent to friends. One such video shows burning and mutilation of the private parts of the bodies of few female rebels by Sri Lankan soldiers. 

Sri Lankan soldier posing.

Copies of the video are circulating in the web and also known to have been forwarded to the UN office in New York by some Tamil activists. One may recall the photo that earned the coveted Pulitzer prize to photographer Huynh Cong Ut, known by his colleagues as Nick. The photo was that of nine-year old Kim Phuc running naked and severely burned on her back by a napalm atack. The photo epitomising the savagery and tragedy of the conflict became one of the most published photos of the Vietnam war.

We will be seeing more images of the war and celeberation from Sri Lanka in the coming days. But whether they will inspire joy or sorrow depends on your perspective of the war in general and the conflict in particular.
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January 9, 2009
08:00 AM

What I'm keenly interested in is the capture of Prabhakaran. Let's see if he's a devoted enough man to take the cyanide pill that he boastfully wears around his neck, which he has conned so many others into doing. If I'm right -- and I'm sure I am -- he will certainly never take his own life, as he loves his own life too dearly. Indeed, he loves it much more than the Eelam cause. Instead, he will surrender to the Sri Lankan forces and after being taken into custody, he will recant and renounce the Eelam movement.
Once the wider masses see this, then they will understand how they have been completely taken for a ride by this charlatan. This will then be the true death of Prabhakaran, as his image will be shattered in the eyes of the people, along with his movement.

The only possible way to avert this outcome, is if other senior LTTE leaders or cadres around Prabhakaran manage to assassinate him. By killing him themselves to ensure he doesn't betray the cause, then at least the surviving LTTE members can pin the blame on Sri Lankan forces, and paint Prabhakaran as a martyr to keep galvanizing support. This is the only possible way out, since he will never voluntarily give up his own life. But do these LTTE associates have the temerity to kill their Supreme Leader Prabhakaran? The personality cult of personal worship that he has cultivated for himself likely precludes this possibility.

Prabhakaran will instead be revealed to be what he always was.


January 13, 2009
01:35 AM

The original video has been released and can be downloaded here: SHOCKING VIDEO. NOTE: Not suitable for minors.

January 13, 2009
04:16 AM

Kalugu you are right. We have seen the photographs of the gory death of Rajiv Gandhi at Sriperumbudur. If your ilk wish to forget it and wishfully think that LTTE is a disciplined organisation with the most lofty ideals, you are at liberty to do so.

Don't every try to impose your controted views on all the Tamils or sane human beings.

January 29, 2009
11:02 PM

Good for the SLA. I am Indo-Canadian and hate all terrorists and separatist who fight against their fellow citizens. The SLA has every right to rape, kill or otherwise humiliate captured Tamil tigers, dead or alive ! Make them pay for what they have wrought, treat the civilians firmly but fairly (like Germans after WW II) and the problems will disappear in a decade. Nobody remembers Khalistan !

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