Mumbai Chronicles, Part 1

October 01, 2008

Finally, I am here. I am in Mumbai, the capital of 'spirits', 'fast life', 'high rentals', 'hype', sensex and Bollywood. It is inevitable that anybody who moves to Mumbai comes here with pre-conceived notions. There is just too much information around. To be honest, I hate Mumbai to the core. Yes, hate is the word. However, God has myriad ways of testing us and as circumstances turned out, me and wifey landed her last week. Both of us have taken up tough roles and hopefully we will do well. It has been a week since we moved here and already I have a decent summary to write about.

We landed here on Monday night with the intention of moving to a service apartment that is apparently value for money. They claim to be a 'perfect' replacement to a stay at an expensive hotel. An ideal 'home away from home'. The reality is that the apartment itself was half constructed, the bathroom smelt of urine, there was no telephone or wireless. Anyway, we decided that we had to logout and we did that first thing in the morning. While we were upset we agreed that it was pointless brooding over this. We evaluated our situation and decided to move to a hotel, recommended by our friends. While it was almost twice the cost of the apartment, it was a pleasant stay.

With an inauspicious start, we wanted to get on with the most critical part of Week 1 - Searching for an apartment to move into. A few calls to property agents and we had appointments for the day. The thing about property agents is that they always have somethingt to how. The experienced ones take an educated guess after meeting with you as to what they should show you and the not so experienced ones take you through the whole rigmarole.

Chandra is a marketing consultant based out of Mumbai
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Deepa Krishnan
October 4, 2008
05:31 AM

Is this article incomplete, Chandra?

October 4, 2008
08:50 AM

Part 2 has already been published on Desicritics, Deepa, stay tuned for more.

Deepa Krishnan
October 4, 2008
10:07 AM

I'm aware it is in parts, Aaman, my intention was to point out that this is a very bald, bad way to end any article.

October 4, 2008
09:02 PM


You are right. Please attribute the incomplete ending being printed to miscommunication. Part-2 hopefully ends logically.

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