Pakistan and India - The Short End of the Stick

June 01, 2008
Harish C

I am sure this post will stir a hornet’s nest and I have rethought quite a bit before I decided to put into words what I feel. The pro-nationalist media and the politicos have always spread the opinion across our mindscape that it is Pakistan who is the perpetrator and we, the nation of peace-loving people with ahimsa as one of the cornerstones of our philosophy have been at the receiving end.

In light of the insurgency in Kashmir, terror attacks across our land and the sanctuaries our most-wanted criminals have found in Pakistan, I too was prepared to believe so. Indeed, there has been overt evidence of all the nefarious activities that Pakistan has been involved in against India.

Now let me analyze the last line. Did I say Pakistan? The Sovereign Nation of Pakistan consists of its Government, The Bureaucratic Machinery, The Armed Forces and above all, The People. Though I have been fast and firm in condemning them all for the violations against my land, is it really true? Haven’t impartial and probably veracious analysis shown that it may be the work of a state inside the state and not the qaum as a whole? This may not be true but if we sift it we may find some grains of truth in it.

So we have hypothetically absolved the nation of wrong doings and regard the caucus of Right wing Mullahs, Wahhabi fanatics, ISI and profit mongers as responsible for it and a part of the uneducated populace provides the fodder for this machine of hate. Actually, this hypothesis becomes resilient when we take into account the recent measures of goodwill that the real “Pakistan” has come up with. Release of Kashmiri Singh included (Lets also keep in mind the fact that the so called innocent civilian promptly announced that he was a spy after reaching India)

Now let us see how We, as a nation state have reciprocated. By refusing entry to one of the champions of human rights in Pakistan? By returning the dead body of a Pakistani cricket fan with marks of torture? Or ensuring that the Pakistani prisoners are kept in worst possible conditions in our jails?

Taking into light the nature of perpetrators on both sides of the border and considering only the sovereign states of India and Pakistan, I would say that it is they, who have been at the short end of the stick.

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June 1, 2008
03:26 PM

Harish, these decisions for refusing entry, etc were taken by the LEFT-WING CONGRESS PARTY, which you are not taking into account. Following your false logic, then the chastisement of Tasleema Nasreen out of India should also be blamed on assorted "nationalists", which is a lie.

Our LEFT-WING CONGRESS PARTY and its similarly LEFT-WING COMRADES have decided to appease Pakistan by refusing entry to activists deported from Pakistan. These LEFTISTS are worried about doing anything that will offend their PAKISTANI ALLIES.

June 1, 2008
03:32 PM

I did not bring party politics into picture. I do not believe that the decision to deport would have been different if the control was with the right wing.

June 1, 2008
09:47 PM

"I would say that it is they, who have been at the short end of the stick."

Perhaps you are right. But there is not enough there (for a person like me who knows very little about what is going on there) to support your conclusion. I doubt whether this will open any hornet's nest. May be I am wrong.

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