Fiction: Love you Forever!

May 05, 2008
Kiran Dhanwada

She was distraught.

Everything had been wonderful two years ago. They had met through a common friend and the chemistry was instantaneous. Both of them loved similar books, movies and cuisines. They had long phone chats, often late into the night. The occasional touch had turned into a hug and then a kiss. He loved and adored her.

She loved him with all his heart. She cared for him and not an hour passed where she didn’t think of him. She felt very secure in his arms. The days at the office passed in a jiffy and both eagerly awaited the night - day after day, talking to each other throughout, unmindful of food or sleep.

One year later, things slowly began to fall apart. He had changed jobs and his new job took him to different countries each month. They were no longer spending as much time together. She could not reconcile herself to the fact that some nights would pass without speaking to him. However, he called, and called often. He told her about new experiences in different countries, the ugly and the beautiful and how he wished she was with him. He would bring her gifts from each country he visited. Their happiness knew no bounds when they saw each other at the airport each time. They were very much in love.

Love, however, has a tendency to fade - or that is what they say. One year since he changed jobs; she observed, much to her chagrin, that he had also changed. She wondered why the look for her in his eyes was so different, the warmth in his voice was missing and the tenderness of his touch had vanished. She couldn’t take the drastic changes that had happened in this relationship - she was totally distraught.

She couldn’t believe what she was going through. He made lame excuses whenever she wanted to meet him. Phone calls turned from often to periodic to seldom. He had hardly spared time for her over the past 6 months. She felt like a nobody. Sometime back, she had asked him ‘Are you going around with someone else?’. The question had freaked him. He shot back ‘Are you insane? What makes you think so?’.

She couldn’t bring herself to doubt him. Yet, he seemed so distant. She loved him - like no other, very deeply and passionately. She came back from the office every day and read the long and lovely letters he had written to her, e-mails and SMSes he had sent her - crying late into the night over them. Every word, every feeling resonated in her mind before she went off to sleep, only to be troubled by nightmares of him leaving her. She hadn’t slept properly for months now.

Deep depression, mental collapse - she had heard these terms in various books. Now, she was experiencing it. She missed him, when alone as well in the crowd. She also feared that she was getting paranoid about him. Maybe he was too busy with his work. Maybe the good times would be back again. Or, she shuddered to think - have I lost him forever?

Today, she had called him. She desperately wanted to meet him at her house. He readily agreed - not only to meet her, but have a candle-lit dinner too. She was on cloud nine. Again, everything seemed rosy and the air was brimming with life. She cleaned her house, her room, scented the whole house with the freshener he had got for her from Australia. She dressed in her best clothes and waited for him to knock the door.

As expected, he knocked on the door at 6' o clock. There he stood, with the same innocent smile and a twinkle in his eye that she had seen two years back. She was overjoyed. She hugged him and invited him into the house. She closed the door and hugged him again, whispering softly in his ears ‘You are mine, my love, forever mine’.

She was ecstatic. He was on her lap. She was rocking him like a cradle - to and fro, singing the songs he loved. He was staring intently at her large, round eyes - seemingly lost forever. She loved that look - his stare with his deep eyes into her. The smile on his face looked so calm and peaceful, but the only question he seemed to ask non-verbally was ‘Why?’ She smiled back at him and said ‘Now, I will love you forever’ - and smugly smiled at the blood-stained knife with which she had stabbed him to death.

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May 5, 2008
01:35 AM chilling love story, that! Too many people falling in desperation rather than love out there.

Varun P
May 5, 2008
04:00 AM

What a twist! Can a woman in love be this dangerous and possessive?

Anand Hingway
May 5, 2008
05:06 AM

Great end! I am personally fond of the same genre, as you can check out at my blog link (

Keep writing!

May 5, 2008
07:21 AM

not sure if this is love or obssession; perhaps both are not that distinct? have you seen the Japanese movie _In the realm of the senses_? a dramatic ending there too, but focused on the tool of the person....

May 5, 2008
09:38 AM

@Ideasmith - They first fall in love, graduate to obsession and then do a Ph.D in desperation :)

@Varun - Women in love can be dangerous, possessive, evil and criminal; underestimation would only lead to 'murder'ous results!

@Anand - Thanks Anand! You have a nice blog going up there!

@commonsense - Yep, not that distinct after all! Nope, I have not watched the movie - will try to watch it!

May 6, 2008
03:18 AM

@ Kiran: Heh. But it isn't just women in love, it's anybody in love. Too many chemicals messing up one's head can lead to accidents and all sorts of perilous actions.

Temple Stark
May 6, 2008
10:32 PM

The writing was very good. The ending was really not, to me at least. It was a twist for the sake of a twist and had no premise in the rest of the story.

A thought or two somewhere in the telling from the man, along the lines of him telling a friend he was worried about his girlfriend would have carried the ending.

As is, it was an ending with no purpose. It would have been the same if she spread feces or shot elastic bands or something on him; a shock but nothing more than a shock and it did not resonate.

Let me repeat, up until then it was a story very well told. I like how it is "fiction" as well.

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