Movie Review: Iron Man Packs a Punch!

May 03, 2008
Varun P

To tell the simple truth, I simply went ga-ga over Iron Man! Yes, the Other Man of Steel, yet another comic book hero (this time from the Marvel stable), made his on-screen debut worldwide on May 2. And what a debut it was!

Though the climax felt a bit underdone compared to other superhero movies, the most likable part of the movie was the way the director essayed the making of Iron Man. I simply loved this part and I am sure those of you going to watch the movie are going to come out of the hall smiling! Paisa Vasool guys!

Before I move into the details, let me draw a brief sketch for those of you who have not grown up on a staple diet of such superhero comics.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), a.k.a. Iron Man, is the owner of Stark Industries, the leading manufacturers of weapons and a major supplier to the U.S. Army! In Afghanistan to show off his latest missile system, the convoy carrying Tony is attacked and he is kidnapped. His abductors want him to build the exact replica of the missile system he test fired for the US Army prior to his abduction. In return, they will set him free.

However, instead of building them a missile, he builds a powerful suit within which he stages his escape. Once back in the US, he decides to shut down his weapons manufacturing unit and instead concentrate on making the world a better, safer place by modifying the design and properties of the suit he built under captivity. Such things are easier said than done and the problems and adversities faced by Tony Stark in building the new suit is something that the viewers are surely going to enjoy!

While this was a superhero movie, the movie still had a real feel to it — something similar to what I experienced when I first watched Batman Begins (2005). I mean, the characters are more real, especially the SUPERHERO! T

hey have problems, like the rest of us mortal beings, and the depth in which both these movies chronicle the making of the superhero is something I quite enjoyed watching! If we relax the definition of superhero to include a super-agent, then we may also add Casino Royale (2006) to the mix as that movie gave a good rewind on how James Bond came to acquire his trademark signature moves.

With good, in fact rocking, background music and a running time of just under 2 hours, the movie is a real delight.

In addition to the crisp screenplay, I liked the subtle shades in the movie a lot. Special highlights in the movie are interactions between Tony and his secretary, Pepper Potts, and the conversations between Tony and his U.S. Defense friend, Rhodey. And of course, the gadgets and the technology will please all die-hard techies and gadget lovers! And to borrow a girlie expression, the robots were soooooooo cute! Yes, indeed I agree, the robots were intelligent, smart and humorous!

I hope in the years to come, we can see some good sequels of Iron Man, however, I do hope that the director makes the hero a bit more slimmer; a paunch on a superhero is not desirable. And, of course, some added depth and unpredictability to the characters would be great! Develop more suits, like they have done in the comics, maybe? At least a suit for everyone — that would be fun!

But that's then, this is now. Go watch Iron Man. It's a movie you should IRON out some time for!

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Movie Review: Iron Man Packs a Punch!


Author: Varun P


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May 4, 2008
11:22 PM

Robert Downey Jr will make a small cameo as Tony Stark in the upcoming movie The Incredible Hulk.

With a record boxoffice opening weekend, it seems like a sequel is assured. I'd like see Terence Howard get to play James Rhodes as War Machine, and hopefully we'll also get a glimpse of Stark's battle with alcoholism.

The mention of the Ten Rings also then alludes to the possibility of The Mandarin as supervillain. Other good villain candidates from the Iron Man universe include Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo.

Varun P
May 4, 2008
11:37 PM

Well, I am sure the sequel is on but the big question is if they can sustain the viewer's interest like it was the case in this movie? I mean, the climax wasn't so great -- the making however sure was!

Nonetheless, I am sure I'll queue up to catch teh sequel as soon as it's out! Hope the wait is not too long!

May 5, 2008
05:44 PM

Well, if you remember Richard Donner's Superman, it mainly dealt with the backstory and exposition of how the legend came to be. The reason they made Superman-II was to then show off Superman in a more action-packed way. So perhaps something similar would be done with Iron Man 2 -- which by the way, has just been officially announced today. So now we have a sequel to look forward to, in addition to a likely Avengers movie.

Another good movie coming up with RDJ in it, is the comedy Tropic Thunder, where he stars alongside Ben Stiller and Jack Black. It looks pretty hilarious too:

Varun P
May 6, 2008
05:11 AM

Well, you can also catch RDJ in action in the June 2008 release "The Hulk". With Marvel deciding to produce their own movies (quite a smart move) and not licensing its heroes to other production studios, we are likely to see more of these heroes appear in different, inter-related movies. A pretty smart move too, for I sure am gonna watch Hulk to catch a glimpse of RDJ. While Iron Man 2 is still 2 years (almost) away, at least we can still catch RDJ in other movies! And ya, Iron Man II should be a super-suit movie -- maybe they'll introduce War machine in there.

For the records, Iron Man has the best opening debut figures, second only to Spiderman.. The movie grosses $201.9 million worldwide in the first weekend.

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