Rajasthan Royals Humble Kolkata Knight Riders

May 01, 2008
Varun P

When the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, launched his cricket franchise, the Kolkata Knight Riders, in glittering style a few weeks along with a couple of heartwarming taglines, he could never have imagined that a few days later he would be mouthing one of those phrases after the third consecutive defeat in the IPL tournament — Be scared, be shit scared!

Though the Knight Riders began their campaign in style, winning two matches in a row, the fire seems to have died in their bellies ever since they have returned from the six-day break!

Or maybe, the fire was not there in the first place! I mean take away Brendon's dreamy, breezy, surrealistic, out-of-this-world innings in the first match, a shocker of a pitch in the second and a couple of breezy knocks from Shukla and you are left staring at a batting line up that has failed to fire in any of the matches! Sure, the bowling looks good, especially with Ishant running in and cleaning up the left handers, but the overall standard of the Riders has left a lot to be desired.

Where is the fire, guys? What happened to all that aggression? Are you lacking any sense of purpose or a reason to perform? Or all you are concerned about is pocketing your fat pay cheque? If the Knight Riders do not get their act together in the coming days, then they may find themselves contesting for the top 4 position in the IPL championship — from the bottom!

Nothing should be taken away from Rajasthan Royals, who have relied on local talent and the sheer presence of their captain, Shane Warne, to cause as many as four upsets. For a team labeled as underdogs, they sure have done wonderfully well to have 4 wins under their belt from the 5 matches they have played so far.

The same can't be said of the other, more fanciful and overpaid, franchises. The battle for the Top Spot in the IPL championship promises to be a captivating one and in my heart, I believe it's just a matter of one win — yes, just 1 win, 1 moment of inspiration — to set the Knight Riders back on track! So, keep cheering SRK, Kolkata, All the King's Men!

A passion for reading translates itself into a passion for writing .. Or you may say, that beacuse of loading too much of what I read onto my brain, I constantly need to pen it down to help my brain cope with the craziness floating around in my head!
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Rajasthan Royals Humble Kolkata Knight Riders


Author: Varun P


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