Renuka Chowdhury Accused of Fudging "Dowry Deaths" Statistics

March 16, 2008

Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) spokesperson Swarup Sarkar has accused WCD Minister Renuka Chowdhury of fudging the statistics on "dowry deaths". According to Mr.Sarkar, Minister Renuka Chowdhury only talked about the reported dowry death cases and deliberately avoided mentioning the actual convictions in "dowry death trials" after false cases are dismissed in the courts.

Minister Renuka Chowdhury had referred to "registered dowry death cases" in Parliament.


"More than 6,000 dowry-related cases are registered on an average annually, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the Lok Sabha has been informed."

According to Mr.Sarkar, 65% of dowry death cases are reportedly false. Interestingly, he refers to the same National Crime Records Bureau Data that Renuka Chowdhury also referred in her statement. According to this data, the trial of 5428 cases were completed in year 2006 and only in 1830 dowry death cases, the courts convicted the accused. So, the conviction rate is 33% and Mr.Sarkar says that all other cases are false as conviction could not take place.

According to Mr.Sarkar, it is misleading to include false/acquitted cases in "Dowry Deaths statistics". The cases registered include both the real ones and the fake ones, which result in acquittal. Mr.Sarkar wants only the "convicted cases" to be used in media as actual dowry deaths. According to Mr.Sarkar, often false cases can blow up the statistics and mislead the society. "Hence to have clarity it is important to use the number of convictions (ie 1830) as the actual number of dowry deaths", he said.

One can wonder, who is telling the truth. Is Mr.Sarkar telling the truth or is Minister Renuka Chowdhury telling the truth?

It is to be noted that as per definition of dowry death, any unnatural death of married Indian woman within 7 years of marriage can be investigated as dowry death. This kind of relaxed definition results in classifications of deaths of women due to road accidents, disease, suicides or any unnatural circumstances like drowning etc, without involvement of husband or relatives as dowry deaths. This blows up the dowry deaths data and in 2006, the number of such cases registered was 7618. Firstly, it is ridiculous to consider every death of woman within 7 years of marriage as a death caused by her husband or in-laws. Now, the National Commission for Women wants to remove this 7 years limit in the definition of dowry deaths. If implemented, the death of any woman at any point of her lifetime due to any reasons even without involvement of husband or relatives can be investigated as a dowry death. That will simply blow up the dowry deaths statistics to many million deaths as even the death of a woman due to old age would get classified as a dowry death.

In the meanwhile, seeing the huge blown up false figures of dowry deaths, more and more alarmed parents will abort the "girl child" without realizing that actual dowry deaths are just 1830 in a year for a country with a population of 1.13 billion people.

One just wonders, if Minister Renuka Chowdhury is solving the problems of the society or is herself a part of the problem. Creating panic in the society with a blown up figure of dowry deaths will certainly lead to more "female foeticide" as parents start thinking that, it is better to kill the girl in womb than allowing her to get killed for dowry." According to Mr.Sarkar, the dowry death figures of 1830 are so low that there is no reason for the society or girls' parents to feel alarmed. He urged the Minister Renuka Chowdhury to stop creating panic in the society as alarmism and resultant panic can lead to more female foeticide, which she herself is gearing up to fight against.

From another perspective, if Mr.Swarup Sarkar is correct, then it is good news for Indian society. If the actual dowry deaths are only 1830 in a year, then the situation of woman in India is better than situation of women in US, where about 1200 women get murdered by husbands or relatives every year (population of the US is 25% of population of India).

One just wonders, how justified it is to constantly degrade a culture and a civilization by misrepresenting facts and statistics. If the murder of women by husbands or relatives in India is less than similar murders in US, then Indians will soon ask serious questions about the negative publicity that the nation gets worldwide. It is not surprising for one to see that some western nations take pride in degrading other cultures and civilizations just to divert attention from their own social problems of drugs addiction, teen pregnancies and shootings in high schools. Some of these countries also heavily fund biased sociological studies.

It is also surprising to see lack of questioning by Indian intellectuals for decades about these facts or statistics. One also wonders, if the 1830 dowry deaths are really dowry deaths or are they just deaths due to domestic violence and battering?

The relevant National Crime Records Bureau Data:

Detailed Statistics on dowry deaths in year 2006

Number of Cases where conviction took place: 1830 (Real Cases)

Cases that are Acquitted Or Discharged (Total): 3598 (False Cases)

Total cases disposed = 5428 (Real+False Cases)

Total cases pending in beginning of year: 29713
Total cases pending in end of year: 24183

Total cases registered in year 2006: 7618 (which include both real and false cases).

Sumanth is specialist in Soft-Computing. He is also a researcher in the area of Cognitive Science, Complex Dynamical Systems, and computational sociology. He manages software projects for enterprise printers in an MNC firm. He blogs at SIF website.
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March 16, 2008
04:40 PM

No doubt that politics of divide and rule is ready to exploit the opportunity based on gender in a big way now!!! This is going to be a big agenda for the parties going forward as they have not done any thing substantial in their tenure to show to the people.

Falsely degrading of Indian culture outside for Big Grants also works well but its nothing but selling your soul which the politicians and NGOs have mastered!!!


March 16, 2008
08:28 PM

Elections are near, They have to do something. Alas, they are not depending on development but Divide and rule policy. But, they forgot it or ignored it, in India people do not vote for these. They only vote based on their cast, their religion, and sops given to them. congress need to grow-up.

March 16, 2008
08:57 PM

A Woman tortures a man to suicide.


But that is ok. Its no big deal. It is only reversal of roles. I am surprised that TOI considered it newsworthy.

March 16, 2008
09:48 PM


The best thing happened here is only, that person mentioned the reason in his suicide note. other wise it is also goes under, "SUICIDE DUE TO FINANCIAL PROBLEMS".If the same thing happened to women,then these papers like to mention and highlight DV or dowry harassment with statistics in NCRB, that too just registered, not proved.

March 16, 2008
09:53 PM

Politics is all about "DIVIDE AND RULE"
Divide the world into countries and Rule
Divide the people into Color
Religion,caste,creed, Language and Rule
Divide the people into haves and have nots and Rule


So its all about lust for POWER

March 16, 2008
11:38 PM

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March 17, 2008
12:22 AM


i am not quibbling over numbers but read this carefully...even if one lady dies - it is one death too many

and here is news report from DNA:

MUMBAI: The number of dowry-related cases being reported in Mumbai has almost doubled in the past five years. Around 368 dowry cases were registered in Mumbai in 2007 compared with 193 in 2003.

For a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai, the increase in the number of dowry-related offences comes as a surprise. And the reason cited most often is that more women are now refusing to tolerate harassment for dowry by in-laws and spouses.
for the rest CLICK HERE

March 17, 2008
12:27 AM


What is considered 'generic' link? Does what I posted in #3 qualify as generic link? Please clarify so I don't violate it in future.

March 17, 2008
12:59 AM

kerty, I didn't specifically pick on anyone - consider it a pre-emptive strike.

March 17, 2008
01:02 AM

kerty - I didn't pick on anyone specifically - consider it a pre-emptive strike:)

March 17, 2008
01:18 AM



Your post still does not clarify what is considered 'generic' link and what is not considered generic link. I can understand that external links should not be used in the post but is it allowed as part of the comments by others in a thread?

March 17, 2008
02:25 AM


!!!even if one lady dies - it is one death too many!!!

True, but can you extend your that philosophy to men. Even single misuse of such case, there by harassment of entire family which includes children, pregnant women, and age old fathers, last but not least husband.

March 17, 2008
02:33 AM


i wrote ...even if one lady dies - it is one death too many in response to this:

Renuka Chowdhury Accused of Fudging "Dowry Deaths" Statistics

March 17, 2008
04:21 AM


If you want a perfectly idealistic state with no crime and a low figure of deaths of women. Then, the best way is to break the country into 50 pieces, then you will get low figures.

Indian is a big country and it has huge population. So, the figures look huge. When the figures are put in deaths per million, India is better than most countries in the world.

What Mr.Swarup says is that if a cause is noble, is it fine to indulge in lying, fudging data and misleading a society?

"Satyameva Jayate"(Truth only wins) Thats what we Indians swear every day.

Is Renuka Chowdhury going to win what she is taking on with her lies (Asatya) and with lack of integrity?

We want her to win. If she has to win in solving problems of female foeticide or dowry, then she has to stick to truth first. She is a Union Minister and she is not supposed to lie or misrepresent data.

At present, she has no integrity and she is talking big about solving serious problems. Can someone create transformation in society without a bare minimum levels of integrity?

She already lied in Gujarat about non-implementation of domestic violence act there during election and had to run for cover when she was threatened of a lawsuit for lying.

It is fine for any bra burning street feminist to lie or burn bras in public.

One expects character from a union minister of India.

More than 100,000 women were arrested without evidence in the UPA rule in last 4 years even as molestors and rapists do not get arrested or get bail in police stations. According to UPA government, these 1 lac women are more dangerous to society than the thieves, rapists and molestors. So UPA Govt wanted these women to be in jail to prevent them from committing further crimes.

What kind of nonsense is it?

UPA, Sonia and Rahul have to answer many more questions in coming elections. Arrest of 100,000 women without evidence is not a small issue.

March 17, 2008
04:36 AM

My dear temporal , the question is why Ranuka repeatedly mislead the people and get away , let it be , trust condom do not trust your men comment, or in Gujrat domestic violence act no implemented ( which is a big lie) , is the question and your desprate attempet to save grud her , is the question.
do you know what is the difference between the murder law and dowry death law? Why only one, any death can be prosecuted through murder law... Does any one stop that my dear? Why you need the biased law like dowry death, where the verbal statement of a wife's family to be found true? Are they all born in Raja Harish Chandra family? (Never Line)
Do you know more than 56000 Husbands also end their life in unnatural death as per crime bure report and 3400 men burnt alive also? And surprisingly not a single wife hand been questioned.. Why?
So , if we go through your logic, then why not make the dowry death law gender equal?
You think killing the husbands is called social service in this country?
The pain of a mother is less- when she lost a son, than girls ?
We want make any law that should be gender equal , then only the loop hole will be plugged, but assumption based law is dangerous for all.
At the end, when law says, till the time a person not found guilty is innocent, why the same not followed here?
Rest, up to you to decide to promotion of legal terrorism and at the end it is the common people will suffer, not the law makers, just see the case of Arjun Singh...!!
At the end , we as a Indian men love to see the arrogent, bad mouthed women as ministry and they get more than 7200 corres ruppes in the name of women well fare , but ironey is more than 3.3 corres widow in this country still have to beg for a dignified life and more than 90000 women send behind the bar in last 3 years and ho one have guts any concern .. that is great Indian Men of this country.

March 17, 2008
08:45 AM

Renuka Chowdhury is not true to her electorate. It was a heartening thing to define that dowry rates are low. but here she wants to create the unique fear syndrome. How long can the country be hostage to the bias of falsehood under the grab of the Union minister who estentially is the protector of the female virtues.

March 17, 2008
08:59 AM


Even in that case also, my request in the #12 is considerable. If any single women's death due to dowry is not tolerable, then how it is o.k for them to jail 2 or 3 women, children and old parents with this biased law. some people are committing to suicide because of this harassment. Are only the women in the role of wives are human beings, others are not?

It is true that, feminists and their supporters accuse men for stereotyping women and treat men as rigid who can't change themselves according to the change in the society. But what they are doing, they are also stereotyping women (but relatives of men), and not accepting the truth that women are also harassing men and their families. In fact nowadays feminists are more rigid than men.

March 17, 2008
11:45 AM

One has to think, is Social Transformation possible without integrity?

Swami Agnivesh of Arya Samaj also does not care about some basic level of integrity. He makes an outrageous claim that there are 25000 dowry deaths in India.
Here is the Link

March 17, 2008
03:25 PM


I would not call him a swami, but an imposter, a left-wing loony who thinks his political views and causes would gain more credibility and legitimacy among hindus by calling himself a moony and donning swami garb - he epitomizes classical hood-winker, Dhongi guru, charltan. Not even Arya Samajists want him. His audiences come from psecular ranks and anti-India NGOs.

March 17, 2008
03:50 PM

"Ideology is like bad-breath...we are only aware of the ideology of others..."

(re: terms like "left-wing", "psecular" etc.)

Joan Robinson, economist

March 17, 2008
04:04 PM


Much like Thekedari, no?

March 18, 2008
12:36 AM

A little about Mr Sarkar..

Let me refresh everyones memory here ( more so the oldest DC readers)...he is the same chap that called everyone out here Uncle, Aunty and used phrases like "seal the whole" and not to forget each and every lady a "supranaka" and every man a "ravan".

so much for his credibility. Boooooo

And per the editors of DC, he was banned including his name.

Therefore this explains Mr Sumanth referring Mr Swarup as Mr Sarkar. What to do that word "Swarup" is still banned. Mr Swarup Sarkar is still banned.

Oh Sumanth....loved your helplessness. boooo

March 18, 2008
12:38 AM

all other cases are false as conviction could not take place.
what fucking logic is that?

Even the murderor of Jessica Lal was set scott free... so does that make him innocent.

March 18, 2008
12:52 AM


At what point accused becomes guilty? I assume that person is considered innocent until proven guilty. If a person gets off inspite of damning evidence, there is no law to prevent appeals or charging the guy again like in case of Jessica Lal. If a person is not convicted, he is deemed innocent, no? That is the accepted logic under any system of law.

March 18, 2008
12:55 AM

Kerty...oh Mr Kerty,

Innocent...do you even know what that means?

but I am sure you know what Dowry means no?

What is no?

March 18, 2008
02:46 AM

"the situation of woman in India is better than situation of women in US, where about 1200 women get murdered by husbands or relatives every year"

Where did you get this figure of 1200 ?

March 18, 2008
02:46 AM

"the situation of woman in India is better than situation of women in US, where about 1200 women get murdered by husbands or relatives every year"

Where did you get this figure of 1200 ?

Is it registered cases or convictions ?

March 18, 2008
04:20 AM


Here are link to US department of Justice. Data is up to 2005.

Murders by intimates


Murders by husbands and ex-husbands


Roop Rai
March 18, 2008
09:46 AM

why are the ladies not commenting on this topic?

Roop Rai
March 18, 2008
09:46 AM

why are the ladies not commenting on this topic?

March 18, 2008
09:54 AM

Because they are getting burnt...

... with envy ofcourse !!!

March 18, 2008
10:37 AM


Because who wants to comment on liars? Sumanth is a self proclaimed lair.

Mr Swarup has never paid a single penny on child support even after the court has ordered him several times.

Whereas in USA every single man is liable to pay child support and it gets attached to his SS#. There is no way out.

But thanks to the loop holes in the indian law, men like Mr Swarup and his likes never do shamelesly. They pretend that they want their child back but the truth of the matter is they don't and at the same time evade child support.

And now to get some mileage he wants to ride on Ms Renuka's success. Such is the poor apathy state of the sniffers..just like the dobhi's dog.

March 18, 2008
10:59 AM


did you observe Mr.Swarup more than any other or you just pretending like that, as far as me you are just pretending. You know nothing.

But you are right, some people must say,thanks to the loop holes in laws in india. where only men are punishable under DV act like biased laws. where as in america it is, at least, applicable for both. Thanks to the loop holes in india law, where the brothers of wifes are getting free money by provoking their sisters.

But a big joke is your statement on Ms. renuka's success. When did she succeeded? every time false statistics are exposed, this time by swarup sarkar.

March 18, 2008
11:02 AM


!!!Even the murderor of Jessica Lal was set scott free... so does that make him innocent.!!!

of course not, but after any terrorist activity police will take many people into custody, does it make all of them criminals?

March 18, 2008
11:10 AM

!!!I assume that person is considered innocent until proven guilty. !!!

your assumption is 100% wrong when it comes to dowry cases or most of the women related cases. they guilty until proven. so you can't compare these dowry cases with jassica lal case.

If there is no evidence to prove him as a criminal, still he is sent to jail by just a single word from wife and denied bail is ridiculous, it is much acceptable logic, isn't it?

March 18, 2008
04:37 PM

Hi to ravi who is in Mars.

March 18, 2008
05:08 PM

Indians have to go a long way in developing some individuality.

It was a pathetic experience for me since school days as the students are taught not to question.

The same continues even now as the grown ups rarely question.

Progressivists are are saying, "how come there are so few dowry deaths? The figures should be much higher."

Its like someone's relative is in ICU and when doctor says, "She is out of danger" and then gets a response from her relatives, "how can it be possible? She should have been in coma for 15 days."

People fail to understand that every single family, which has a daughter-in-law can potentially face a false dowry death case in case of any accident of the woman anywhere in the world. The result is imprisonment of whole family for 6 months at least without trial as police picks up the family as the terrified children cry.


Someone asks me the data of murder of women in US without realising that data is readily available in Internet in all official websites.

In US, there are about 1200 murders only. The 1830 convicted dowry death cases include suicides as well, where as the US data does not contain abetment to suicide data.

Looks like the tables are suddenly turned on US which seems to have a worst record of atrocities against women compared to India. That is very difficult to digest for many McCauley's children and mercenaries hell bent on creating nuisance in Asia.

March 18, 2008
05:45 PM


""That is very difficult to digest for many McCauley's children and mercenaries hell bent ""

Macaulay (not McCauley) it seems had a lot of kids!

March 18, 2008
06:58 PM

oh how I missed Sumanth and his creative use of information (not)

March 18, 2008
09:48 PM

Sort of like we missed SS's snippy comments - Not!

At least Sumanth presents information.

March 19, 2008
03:19 AM


Give a damn to all those who think all those who are accused of dowry deaths really took dowry.

Renuka's own daughter has accused her FIL. Worst she got him arrested. If conviction was true, he must be jailed for 3 years, why does the most powerful lady not have the guts to punish her daughter's FIL and husband.

She meekly gave up as the word "evidence" was not on her side. This means she was on the side of wrong or falsehood.

So Mr. reader, are you on the side of truth or false. I presume you want to love Renuka as the person who protects woman rights.

Mercy to your beliefs and contradictions. Live in the real world , a world where you will find your own mothers accused of crime they never did. Ask my own mother. Do you have a real life experience. No right.

Then please see case number CRL.P 973/2008 in Karnataka high court. The website is karjudiciary.nic.in. Go and ask the judicial system on what basis this case was admitted.

Simply the answer would be on the falsehood of Indian wife.

March 19, 2008
03:32 AM


When did Swarup have a child? It seems you think everyone in India have children?

Please check what you write. Please don't behave like Renuka.

March 19, 2008
04:12 AM


!!!Hi to ravi who is in Mars.!!!

I don't know, how would i know? But If you want to share your experience, you are welcome.

March 19, 2008
08:51 AM


Oh! sorry my dear Anon, how are you, is every thing o.k in your ward? I hope soon you will be alright, and your mental condition will be fine.
get well soon.

March 19, 2008
10:56 PM


Guess you are short of knowledge. Please go read up Swarup's website....and then come back. And I will behave like Renuka...so stop wishing and begging me by telling me "not to". Evidently you are scared.

ravi...once again...who is talking to you and why do you butt in? Ms Renuka is a very successful lady and minister. She got the DV act in place. Is that not enough? Or do you want more spanks...

March 20, 2008
03:48 AM


Did swarup talked to you? why did you butt in? the same reason. DV enacted successfully, so renuka is successful, how funny? Even she is also not claiming any credit for that, but you are. If it is spank for me, so to you also. Tell me reader do you need more spanks...?

March 20, 2008
10:41 AM

If India had a population same as population of US, then the number of deaths due to battering and dowry harassment would have been only 450 in a year.

If India had a population same as that of population of Sweden, then the number of dowry deaths and battering would have been 15 in a year.

Please note, more than half of these two numbers are suicides.

So, if India had a population of US or Sweden respectively, then the dowry death+DV battering murders (not suicides) would have been 225 and 7 respectively.

By the way, in Sweden in 2002, total homicides (male+female) reported were 223 and the actual homicides were 99.

Interestingly, many claim that Sweden has an extremely low homicide rate. This is certainly not true. Had Sweden's population being same as that of India, the total homicides "reported" per year would have been a huge 27390 which is not very far from 32481 "reported" homicides in India.

The number of Homicides in US in 2005 are 16,692. If US had a population same as that of India, then the homicides there would have been a whopping 62873.

Yet, we were told time and again about criminality in India in the streets and inside the family, without realising that the "strong family" system in India is in fact the very reason for lower crime rate in India if you take into account the poverty, illiteracy, daily struggle for Indians compared to people in US or Sweden.

US Data:

What I fail to understand is that how can the sociologists, people in UN and journalists who write can be so much mathematically dumb that they make claims without taking the population size of a country into account.

So far as Indian pseudo-intellectuals are concerned, they never lose every single opportunity available out of lie in newspapers to indulge in bashing up this ancient country and culture.

Bashing up an ancient culture is much heinous than the thugs who bash up the media and pseudo-intellectuals who lie and mis-represent the data and statistics and betray the trust people of this country show to them.

Is there a way one can stop the pseudo-intellectuals and their criminals ways of defaming and bashing the nation?

No. One can not do anything to these Intellectual Thugs in blogosphere or in Media as they systematically go on bashing up anything India and yet consider themselves to be the creators of next set of "MORALs" for the society.

Now, I think the right wing extremists are doing a good job in thrashing pseudo-intellectuals and their mindless followers.

It is the Indian spirituality, wisdom, culture and traditions which have kept the normalised homicide rates low compared to US, in spite of the poverty and struggles that common Indians face daily. Please note, we even have corrupt law enforcement system and a dysfunctional judiciary.

In 2005, Suketu Mehta, an author made a false claim in India Today Conclave, that every year 7000 women are burnt for dowry in India. This is what Pseudo-intellectuals do to sell a few copies of their books and to gain attention.

March 20, 2008
11:00 AM

UNICEF Lies and Defames India

Statement of UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman on International Women's Day
WASHINGTON, D.C., 8 March 2006 - Good afternoon. Thank you, Anita, for that kind and generous introduction.........

In Turkey, it is estimated that about half of the women who are killed by family members are victims of honor killings, while in Pakistan, an estimated 1,000 such crimes occur every year.

A related form of violence is often referred to as "dowry crimes." In some societies, it is not unusual for a woman to be viciously attacked when there is a dispute between the bride and the groom's family about the payment of dowry.

In India, an estimated 25,000 brides are killed or maimed every year in such crimes. In 2000, the United Nations reported that five women per day die in India in supposedly "accidental" kitchen fires that follow dowry disputes.

The Radical Feminist have hijacked United Nations and are Running a Rumour Mill from its Head Quarters.

5 women dying in kitchen fire (read bride burning), lead to a figure of 1825 "bride burnings" per year. When total "dowry+battering deaths+suicides" in India is 2006 is 1830, how come there are 1825 "kitchen fire" deaths?

The UNICEF chief forgetting about children's issues, has come down to radical feminist causes of hatred and rumour mongering, and makes outrageous claims.

People worldwide trust United Nations and any statement emanating from UN is considered as a divine truth.

By lying UN and UNICEF have betrayed the trust of billions of people. Will they appologize? They need not. It is their duty to tell the truth the way it is. The earlier they do it the better it is for them.

In 6 months, we will create a political party in India. The goal is not to win elections. But, the create enough protests outside United Nations and its anti-Indian activities. When ugly protests against United Nation rage across India by a political party, we will see what United Nations and world will be behave.

Now, I understand why Shiv Sena sort of political parties are needed.

Its time, people come down to streets and call United Nations unleashingh social and cyber warfare on India by spreading lies and rumours.

March 20, 2008
01:40 PM

...how are you doing in mars? :) LOL

March 20, 2008
02:01 PM

I often wonder what is the stand of moderate feminists about the radicals who are leading feminism in a wrong path by lies, hatred and extremism.

I do not understand why feminists are tolerating them. Naomi Wolf and Gloria Steinem did lie and misrepresent facts in their books and articles in US. Now, Hillary is on the verge of losing the race to white house.

One can only sense silence from feminists now. That somehow gives us a feeling that there is no one called a "moderate or balanced feminist".

It is all a set up by patriarchal forces. They promote the radical elements in women's movement so that the entire movement can be discredited.

Why do feminists fail to see such simple design?

March 20, 2008
02:43 PM



(just a reminder .. past a link and spare bandwidth abuse)


March 20, 2008
02:52 PM

read paste for past - typo:)

Gope Lalwani
March 20, 2008
02:54 PM

"NCW" Feminists are supporting Child Prostitution.

Will the feminists take the high moral ground and resign after
reading the tehelka.com article?

[Paste a link not the whole article, ed]

Gope Lalwani
March 20, 2008
02:55 PM

"NCW" Feminists are supporting Child Prostitution.

Will the feminists take the high moral ground and resign after
reading the tehelka.com article?
Will the Child Welfare Minister Renuka Chodhury and Tourism Minister
Ambika Soni leave the office?
Will Sonias feminist fanatics in Delhi resign too?

Report in TEHLKA!!!!!!

Sin in Paradise

A five-month undercover investigation conducted by Tehelka has
revealed that hundreds of
Europeans, British, Germans, Dutch, French, Swiss and Swedish visit
Goa to seek children for
sexual gratification.

They come to Goa because it is easy, and cheap, to sexually abuse a
child here. On the run after
crackdowns on cheap child-sex tourism in Thailand and Sri Lanka, the
paedophile bus has rolled
into Goa. And turned the picture-postcard tourism destination into
an arena of perversity and of
horrors. Goa has made an alarming transition from being a laid-back
resort to a paedophile's paradise.

The government, despite knowledge of this debased crime, despite
alerts from international agencies, chooses to look the other way. A
report by VK Shashikumar

European paedophiles have virtually kick started a cottage industry
of child sex abuse in Goa wherein
poor parents, an uncaring society, a callous bureaucracy, a corrupt
police and an insensitive government look the other way to facilitate
the sexual exploitation of children. Goa beckons preferential child
sex abusers, otherwise known as paedophiles, who travel in order to
sexually abuse children because such crimes are tolerated in India
and hardly ever lead to conviction.

One estimate by Child Relief and You (cry) indicates that over 10,000
paedophiles visit Goa every year. Another assessment by Children's
Rights in Goa (crg) says that at any given point there are at least
100 paedophiles on the prowl in Goa. According to field data
collected by national and international child rights organisations, a
paedophile in Goa sexually exploits at least 20 children during his
or her visit.

This expose is a startling revelation of Chief Minister Manohar
Parrikar's passive connivance in
turning Goa into a sex tourism destination. As paedophiles roam the
streets of Goa, the state
government has looked the other way in its quest for more tourism
revenues. Parrikar has been
sitting tight on an explosive report on child-related sex crimes
perpetrated by foreigners since 2001.
He has buried the report because he does not want the report to
affect the state's tourism revenues.
The latest government statistics show that 3,21,399 foreign tourists
visited Goa between April 2003
to March 2004 and the state earned Rs 3,000 crore in foreign exchange.

Goa is a popular destination among Europeans. Of the 1,20,653 foreign
tourists that visited Goa by chartered flights last year, the British
comprised 78,000, which is almost 65 percent of the total.
The Russians were second highest with 18,987, Swedes 7,732, Germans
5,439 and Finns 4,032.
According to Goa's Tourism Minister, Mathany Saldanha, "The
government is trying its best to
attract high-spending tourists by participating in different marts,
organising road shows, etc. abroad".
In 2001, the UK government commissioned a top-notch former police
investigator, Ric Wood, to map
the extent of tourism-related paedophilia in Goa. Wood, an expert on
obtaining information from
witnesses to serious crimes, has worked closely with police in Italy,
Ireland, Turkey and India to
develop their witness interviewing skills.

March 20, 2008
06:13 PM

and every last one of those pedophiles is a MAN. chew on that one.....

March 21, 2008
12:23 AM

Hey Gopeeee

100% agreed to what you said.

But Prostitution only comes into existence when desperate sex starved abusive dowry taking sniffer men become clients/buyers.

Tell your folks to stop being clients, the rest will fizzle out by itself and die it natural death.

So what is your action plan?

March 21, 2008
12:48 AM


I am afraid of none. not even you.
so get the facts right. please let me know swarup's website and show the facts!

don't lie. In this country we don't fear jails. Even krishna was born in a jail. who are you to initimate me. Get real. show me your identity and then speak.I have given my own case and I ask you to defeat me in my case. USe all your talk and you wont win !


March 21, 2008
12:54 AM


ask your folks -> spitzer not to spend on prostitutes.

ask the new blind man governer not to do infidelity?

which nation you want to teach, what morals? your folks in US have enough morals? ask hillary clinton who was in swearing in cermony of the high profile clients!

March 21, 2008
12:56 AM

reader and SS

so what is your action plan for US.
We will soon come to US.

Renuka is touring China for 8 days for your information.

March 21, 2008
01:03 AM


March 21, 2008
01:09 AM

SS and reader

all the pedophiles are not dowry taking people.
They are white skinned people calling themselves westerners.

other than being pedophiles, they do other crime as well.
Look at Charles Sobraj....what business he has to come to this part of world and commit crime.

So it is a man, but a white man. Don't accuse an Indian husband. We take care of our wives and love them well.

The laws that are there in the country accuse us of dowry. That is the problem we are fighting. Don't simply blame for the sake of blaming.
All pedophiles are white man!

Only 2% of the 498a cases are ever convicted! We are shouting because we care for the woman, elders who are accused falsely and have to face jails.

Please be sensitive! and understand that a false dowry accusation is much worse than a murder!

March 21, 2008
01:43 AM

[Please stick with one nick]

March 21, 2008
01:06 PM

Calm down vardhan..uuf SFF

I am not going to give you any damn links. I know swarup oops mr swarup very well. Period.

so keep jumping around and fearing. no one asked you for any explanations but thanks any way. Loved it.

And you mean INTIMIDATE and not initimate. Not to worry ..it happens sometimes when in stress or a panick state. My work is done and i feel like a winner already.

March 21, 2008
09:03 PM


!!!My work is done and i feel like a winner already.!!!
Every body here feeling the same.

March 21, 2008
09:47 PM

Speak for yourself?
Did you get the dowry law modified?

Why do you always copy and imitate.
If someone takes the initiative to send you to Mars , you counter back with the same.
If someone asks you to not to butt in, you counter back with the same.
If someone offers correct statistics, you get all apologetic.
And if someone says they are winners, then you say "everyone is winner" SPeak for yourself and something original. Dont just sit there DO SOMETHING.

Go get the dowry law modified. I give you 35 years. Is that enough time?

March 21, 2008
10:27 PM


March 21, 2008
10:32 PM


March 21, 2008
10:38 PM

IP Banned

March 22, 2008
02:20 AM

IP banned. and I did not say anything wrong?

March 22, 2008
05:55 PM


I am doing my job. I am not doing anything wrong.
Someone has took initiative to send me to mars it's their fault because actually they are the people who deserve it. Every thing that is not fair will be backfired. that's it.

Who offered correct statistics, if they offer correct statistics i will definitely agree, i oppose only biased statistics.

35 years OMG!!, that is too much. If the current days trend goes like this (where misuse is very high) 5 to 6 years are more than enough to modify that law. Do you remember or not, now a days some MP's are asking questions about this law in parliament which is a taboo in 3 or 4 years back.

March 23, 2008
12:27 AM

We'll see. It is no ones fault if they decided to send you to mars. It is the best thing that can happen to you.
Cut the crap and get some work done. Sitting in the West and bloating, will not fetch you any brownies!

March 23, 2008
01:05 AM


It is just their (who say like that and believe that) fault, because they are all from local mental hospital, taking treatment for serious mental disorder. So what i can say to them is , "get well soon dear".

February 19, 2009
02:31 AM

"Those who live by the sword die by the sword."


Now, the law catches up with law maker.
She has escaped after allegedly slapping a police man a decade earlier. She also escaped after lying in Gujarat.

It is up to a court to decide whether she committed crime or not (irrespective of provocation). If convicted, she will be in jail for 3 years.

Now, we will also nail the people who termed Bangalore as "Bride Burning Capital".

MANGALORE: A local court on Wednesday directed the police to register an FIR against union minister for women and child welfare Renuka Chowdhury for her reported remark that "Mangalore has been Talibanised" in the wake of the attack on women at a pub here on January 24 by Sri Ram Sene activists.

Third judicial magistrate (first class) directed the police to register the FIR under section 153 A (Promoting enmity between different groups) and B (Imputations, assertions prejudicial to national integration) and 505 (Statements conducive to public mischief) IPC and also to submit the investigation report before March 20, Padma Prasad Hegde, representing the BJP-led Mangalore corporation mayor Ganesh Hosabettu and others, said.

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