Concert Review: Disney's Mickey's Magic Show, Bangalore

February 08, 2008
Deepti Lamba

Disney's Mickey Magic Show at Bangalore would have been a disaster yesterday if had not been for the quick thinking of a Disney organizer. People had bought tickets online and others picked them up from counters at Garuda and Amoeba.

Since the ticketpro site was down, I had to drive all the way to Garuda mall to get tickets for the show on Monday which itself was a pain. Most tickets were sold out, but I managed to get three tickets for us (the show is free for kids under the age of three) and could feel my son's bubbling excitement.

Yesterday evening we were in for a rude shock once we reached the Koromangala Indoor Stadium, the lines to exchange the e-tickets for vouchers were really long. People had been waiting for over 45 minutes. Everyone was grumbling, kids were antsy and the smell of sewage drove us all nuts. It made no sense that there would be such a process when we had printed, certified e-tickets.

The show was about to start and the lines barely moved. Aaman went and spoke to a Disney organizer who too seemed agitated with the Ticketpro and DNA Networks people who were managing the ticketing counters.

To be fair to those guys as well, the e-tickets required some kind of a government stamp, hence the delay but the show had to start on time. The organizer's mind ticked. He told Aaman if people had the stamp of ticketpro they could go in. We had it since we bought the tickets from Ticketpro's booth at the Garuda mall.

We took the lead, and others followed. There was the usual jumble looking for seats, and then within a few minutes the show started. The glitch was taken care of within a matter of minutes which bureaucratic Indian organizers would never have been able to grapple with.mickey.jpg The Disney organizer knew the kids' attention span was short, he knew Disney had an image to maintain and the show was so spectacular that most us parents forgave them the initial confusion we went through.

The show is worth the while. The production quality was awesome and though the magic tricks were the classic old fashioned ones but the kids absolutely loved them. Parents were congenial towards each other, no cell phones rang, there were no cameras and I even saw a couple of old couples watch the show.

Its a good thing that the Disney show came to Bangalore. There are many of us who will never get to visit Disneyland, so the much loved Disney characters visited us instead.

Apart from the regular Mickey and his entourage, we met Alice in Wonderland, Princess Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella , Snow White and two goofy guys whose names I couldn't catch over the kiddie squeals and screams.

However one must remember to carry cash. The Disney makeshift store does not accept credit cards and most of us returned to our seats disappointed that we couldn't partake of the goodies of consumerism. Some people grumbled over the prices of treats such as popcorns, ice creams, candies and other things like toys and since they weren't accepting cards, we all ran out of money pretty fast.

Apart from that, I give the show two thumbs up and hope all of you enjoy the show with your tots and make it a day to remember with Mickey, Minne, Goofy, Donald and Daisy.

Deepti Lamba is a writer, an editor for Desicritics. She can be found at Things That Bang
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Ashwini Rao
February 11, 2008
04:04 AM

Had been to the show on saturday and it was a complete disaster. The mike system was so bad that we could not hear anything. The kids got bored within half an hour and it was an effort not to get up in the middle and leave.

Deepti Lamba
February 11, 2008
04:39 AM

Ashwini, luckily we managed to get the Rs750 tickets and sat just behind the Rs1000 seats. I felt bad for those sitting right at the back and had been warned before hand not take the wing tickets by someone who had been to the Koromangala stadium before.

And yes their audio system was actually for a much smaller hall.

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