Media Watch: Snowstorms, Obama, Clinton, & Cables

February 02, 2008

As I sip tea, the choice is clear. Go out and clear the snow from the entrance, drive way and the sidewalk or read the news.

Environment Canada predicted anywhere from 20 to 30 centimetres of snow would fall throughout Friday in the region as the storm rolls eastward.

Most areas in the storm zone were told to expect to be pelted with freezing rain and ice pellets on top of the snow as the day progresses.

More than 200 arrivals and departures at Toronto's Pearson International Airport were cancelled or delayed in anticipation of the storm.

Here is another report from the Toronto Star (do check out the video there.) It has not stopped snowing, so news gets the preference.

And in the news there is reports of snow havoc in China:

Xinhua said 400,000 people were stranded at Guangzhou Railway Station on Friday, down about half from the height of the crisis.

The winter storm — China's worst in 50 years — has already been blamed for at least 63 deaths around the country, including at least 25 when a bus plunged off a slippery mountain road in the southwestern Guizhou province. The government has reported $7.5 billion in damage from the storm.

Last night’s Hollywood debate between Republican contenders Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama is front page material all over. Rory O’Connor has summed it up well

Clinton won by not losing and Obama lost by not winning.

Barack Obama earned a great endorsement: Anti-war grouping supports Obama. But William J. Kole would have us believe that the whole World (is) captivated by US presidential race.   I think it is only true of North America. If you watch, listen or read the media here, the interest in the ongoing primaries takes precedence over the weather, riots in Kenya, the internet cable repairs and how it affected services in Qatar, UAE, India.


On the medical front Lauran Neergaard writes about how Scientists study how HIV hides in body. I did mention it here also Maharashtra Plans Mandatory Pre-Marital HIV Testing.

The Fiber Optic Cable Link is now reportedly broken in three places. It is a scary thought - wasn't www was designed at Pentagon's behest to remain in touch in case of a nuclear holocaust? Of course there is the staellite option available in case of catastrophe but even that can be tempered with.

The first cable - the Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe (FLAG) - was cut at 0800 on 30 January, the firm said.

cable infographic
1 Polyethylene cover
2,4 Stranded steel armour wires
3,5 Tar-soaked nylon yarn
6 Polycarbonate insulator
7 Copper sheath
8 Protective core
9 Optical fibres
Not to scale

A second cable thought to lie alongside it - SEA-ME-WE 4, or the South East Asia-Middle East-West Europe 4 cable - was also split.

FLAG is a 28,000km (17,400 mile) long submarine communications cable that links Australia and Japan with Europe via India and the Middle East.

SEA-ME-WE 4 is a submarine cable linking South East Asia to Europe via the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East.

NEW DELHI (AP) — Internet access in India improved Friday as international service providers shifted their Internet traffic to cables under the Pacific Ocean to bypass two undersea cables damaged earlier this week.

Repairs, however, will take longer.  By MUNEEZA NAQVI

98 Killed in Iraq. Reports indicated the two women strapped with bombs were deranged. It is sad. The deranged cuckoos are using mentally unstable for their aims. So much for the "surge."


Alright, won't mention the loss yesterday. But this from DNA made me gruntchuckle:

Just to keep the conversation going, one passenger asked him what he doesn’t know about cricket. “The meaning of Maa Ki,” pat came the reply. Anyone to enlighten him?
In Lahore the lawyers are still protesting. With elections 17 days away, should they not be focusing on it? Do we really live in time wraps?

Some tips from Oprah.  And some tips on buying a used car.

And yet one more report of a peace deal: Kenya rivals agree peace deal.

This after destroying countryside, killing, mayhem - dividing people
against people and creating rivalries that will take years to die down.

Peace (sometimes i think) is bad for big business. (And M cleared the snow as I was writing this.)

love people who are in awe of words. words are the sole arbiter and the final survivor. desicritic editor, slave and slave-driver.
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