Sachin Tendulkar for Bharat Ratna?

January 18, 2008

Indian news channel CNN-IBN has kicked off a debate. Are there personalities that are worthy of being awarded the Bharat Ratna? India's highest award has eluded an Indian's grasp for the past seven years.

One of the names that cropped up was Sachin Tendulkar. Is Sachin worthy of Bharat Ratna? Though the awards have been conferred on people who are old and have long done India proud in the past, is it justified to give the award to someone as young as Sachin?

I think it's totally justified. If you've decided to give it to a sports personality, age is the last thing that anyone would worry about. So, the question is, "Is Sachin worthy?"

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is probably one of the very few Indians who is worthy of Bharat Ratna. He has been playing for the country for the past 18 years and even today, every Indian heart skips a beat when Sachin misses a delivery or misses a century. No other Indian batsman would command the amount of respect and admiration that Sachin commands from his fans.

For a long time it's been Sachin Tendulkar who has shouldered the responsibilities and pressure of the Indian cricket team. Cynics will argue about his match winning capabilities, his ability to bat under pressure etc. But I don't think it's wise to do so. Sachin has been the greatest thing that ever happened to Indian cricket. A lot of matches that have been within India's reach, irrespective of the outcome, have been so thanks only to Sachin. It is quite disgusting and depressing when many of us count his success in terms of what he has done for the team.

"Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting. They will go unnoticed because even the Lord is watching."

Thats what a banner read in the Sydney Cricket Ground when Sachin scored his 38th test century. In a country like Australia, where they play their cricket hard, only one man is loved and respected for what he has done. Long before a VVS Laxman, there was a little lad named Sachin Tendulkar who scored a brilliant century on the fastest track at Perth and captured the heart of Australians. The standing ovation he gets in overseas matches is something very few batsmen have managed. He has played more Test cricket abroad than home and has a fantastic record in both. What more, five people in my Google Talk list had the above quote as their status message. I haven't seen anything quite like it ever.

There is a saying in Tamil which goes "Pakathla irundha, arumai theriyadhu". It loosely translates to,"When something is close to you (or belongs to you), you fail to recognize its worth". It's something like that when it comes to Sachin Tendulkar and us Indians. Only the Bret Lees and McGraths of cricket will be able to appreciate a Sachin Tendulkar. It's quite sad on our part as Indians. But it's true. That's the reason there is no harm and no two ways about conferring Bharat Ratna on Sachin Tendulkar. He literally fits the award. He is indeed a Jewel of India.

Here is an article, on the same lines, that appeared in The Hindu in March 2004. It's an article by Nirmal Shekar. It is so articulate that it really moves you and makes you see what Sachin is all about. If you are a Sachin fan, you should read it. If you are a Sachin fan and living in Chennai, you should HAVE read it. If you are one of those cynics, you'll probably help yourself by reading it:

In my book or blog or anywhere for that matter, there is nothing as worthy of celebration in Indian sport as Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. 

Adithya is a graduate student of Computer Science in the United States. He did his Bachelor of Engineering in Madras, India and most of his schooling in Bombay, India. Adithya digs books, sports, movies and computers. In that order. He blogs, just about on everything, at http://gradwolf.wordpress.com
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Sachin Tendulkar for Bharat Ratna?


Author: Adithya


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Dilip Samuel
January 18, 2008
12:56 AM

Bharat Ratna for what? Evading duty tax when the Ferrari came in? Tell me, how many matches has Sachin won for India in his entire career?

January 18, 2008
09:15 AM

Dilip - Quite a number of them. It is just too long a career to notice probably. Try statsguru at cricinfo. But when you ask that question, the whole point of the article is missed!

Shrinivas Gosavi
January 19, 2008
12:42 AM

sachin has given his all to India, we exused him. no any cricketer has given help for children . we must give Bharat Ratna to SACHIN TENDULKAR>

January 19, 2008
04:32 AM

if playin fr a club deserves bharat Ratna. Then I deserve it too.

Give me a break guys, would u guys even support someone like vishy anand. Tats a more real genius if u are lookin fr tat.

Someone like leander paes is much better than sachin. Sachin has not even played one match winnin innings in his life. He has been disappointment in terms of crucial matches. Okk okkk forget abt sharjah 98 move on its ten full years.

Moreover he plays fr a club called BCCI and not fr country called India. His record is exemplary but it begs a question whether record came beacuse he played really well or he played only fr records.
I have been witness to almost all his tons and not once did he play fr team when he reached 90s. Once he reached 90's whether he was 16 yr old or 34 yr old he made sure tat he got his ton and not whether india win the match or not. We lost innumerable moments due to tat. A lil bit more unselfish attitude and we wud have won those moments.

Moreover his selfish attitude towards kambli. His vengeance with the one who helped him build his career (Azhar). He is a downright mumbailite with a ficklesome and cunny and a royal attitude.

Yaa Bradman invited him fr lunch. I wud use jeff thompson (australian) praise of bradman to praise sachin "BAST***". Refer cricinfo if u doubt Jeff Thompson (Australias tearaway fast bowler).

Both Bradman and Sachin played fr records. I am not sure of former and I dont even have a little bit of doubt about the later.

January 19, 2008
04:36 AM

Sachin is a continuation of Mumbai BA******** after Sunil Gavaskar. Both of them are nothing but money making machines fr their family and they played fr records and not fr the team. Thye shd be respected as same. I doubt whther sachin wud even play one match innings in test cricket ever in his life. He has been simply pathetic in terms of national patriotism.

January 19, 2008
04:44 AM

Also one more example of his (u know the word by now).
When Indian team was doing unbelievable well under Dada (the most succesful idnian captain. This fellow thinking as if he is holier than thou said to Dada " he will only play as opener in odi".

Is this how a top player responds to the best ever skipper. Ridiculous. If at all he had an iota of love fr the team he wud have played at no-4. When his chela (wall) asked to play at no-4. This nautanki obliged. Does he deserve even a place in the indian team after this? He is an outright loafer.

Well now its even proven beyond doubts tat all his odi record is a myth. If he had played at no-4 he wud have had this records.

400 matches
4000 runs
strike rate - 22.00

He wudnt even had half a career tat he has now. All bloody mumbai politics. I just hope dilip vengrasakr sees this.

My pick fr test cricket hero ever is Rahul Drvaid and VVS Laxman ( both of them deserve much better than sachin.

Azharuddin was a better test cricketr than sachin (if u want controversial statements)

January 19, 2008
11:21 AM


I agree with you only on the vishwanathan anand part.
on the rest, i can only smile at your ignorance and pedestrian attitude. :)

January 20, 2008
07:26 AM

i think sachin gets place after gandhi

January 20, 2008
02:10 PM

I don't think the Bharat Ratna ought to be trivialized by giving it to a 35 year old - whoever he may be. Tendulkar has been a sportsman and has been an exemplary one.

It is best that the award not be given at all if there is no candidate.

January 22, 2008
01:20 AM

In my book or blog or anywhere for that matter, there is nothing as worthy of celebration in Indian sport as Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Little modification here..

There is nothing as worthy of celebration in Indian sport or otherwise (arguably) as Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Period.

I won't beat about his records (wears me out everytime someone comes up with ques like 'how many matches he's won for India'.. Visit statsGuru or cricinfo, duh), his earnings (yeah rt :-/), inexplainable linkages drawn betw those two, trivial things like whether he paid taxes on ferrari (when his contribution to Children welfare and NGOs goes unnoticed coz the little man keeps it undercover most of the times) and what not..

All I want to say is that Bharat Ratna isn't given for doing or not doing all those things, it is given for a much bigger cause and subsequent effect and Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is more than just a cricketer. He's an inspiration, he's a phenomenon from which one can learn a million things, he is the personification of the very fact that 'if you marry an incredible work-ethic with the talent you're born with, then there's nethin you can achieve'. He doesn't deserve a 'Bharat Ranta' since for his contributions to 'Bharat', his dedication to the cause of keeping countrymen happy, his 7 hour vigils for nearly 18 years to give his countrymen a sweet night's sleep deserve somethin else.. A Maha-Bharat Ratna.

Sach is life. Period.

January 22, 2008
02:39 AM

cheat govt in crores and give 1000 rss to poor isnt exact way of charity my dear brother.

He earns thro restaurant and wat contribution and wat did he sacrifice fr country.

Abdul Kalam sacrificed USA life and NASA job fr his country. He doesnt utter a word against brahmin hypocrisy in DRDO. He doesnt utter a word againts the crappy BJP and its policies (makin him open painting of war criminal called veer savarkar (actually he shd be called porikki savarkar)).
A downright apervert lustful bast*** called savarkar is glorified by ur Bast*** party called BJP led by morons called modi and advani and u talk abt justice.

Sachin doesnt deserve bharat ratna ever and period period period.

Yaa he deserves knighthood and he can be slave to queen like ponting and take sir or wateva crappy titles tat witch hunting Loafer theif govt called british govt gives him.

I wonder does he visit queen house everytime he goes to england?

January 22, 2008
09:12 AM


The definition of public service has changed manifolds. I am not sure hot to explain to you because you fail to see you beyond your aversion for Sachin Tendulkar. You'll do yourself a favor by reading the following:


Thats^^ exactly my point..

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